Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Learn Tulu Kannada Online : Part 3 - Talking to your Tulu Speaking friend

This may be the most common situation you encounter - talking to your Tulu speaking friend. Well now, you can talk to him in his native tongue. Here is a list of sentences you may want to use in such a case. For more sentences/phrases, you can always leave a comment asking for the same. Also, please find below audio guide for this lesson.

English : Hello, how are you?
Kannada : namaskaara, hegideeya?
Tulu : namaskaara, enchulla?

English : I am fine.
Kannada : naanu chennagideeni.
Tulu : yaan usaarulle.

English : Are all well at home?
Kannada : manEli ella chennagidaara?
Tulu : illad maatha usaarullera?

English : Everyone is fine.
Kannada : ellru chennagidaare.
Tulu : maaterla usaaruller.

English : How is your work going on?
Kannada : ninna kelsa hege nadeetha ide?
Tulu : ninna bele encha nadattondunDu?

English : What did you have for tiffin today?
Kannada : ivattu tiffin ge enittu?
Tulu : ini tiffin g dada ittnD?

English : Anything else?
Kannada : mattenu vishya?
Tulu : buka daada vishaya?

English : How was the coffee?
Kannada : coffee hegittu?
Tulu : coffee encha ittnD?

English : Coffee was good.
Kannada : coffee chenngittu.
Tulu : coffee eDDe ittnd.

English : Where did you go on weekend?
Kannada : weekend ell hogidde?
Tulu : weekend oDe poditta?

English : This time I had gone to Bangalore.
Kannada : ee sali bengaloorige hogidde.
Tulu : ee sarti bangalore poditte.

English : How was your weekend?
Kannada : Weekend hegittu?
Tulu : weekend encha ittnD?

English : It was superb.
Kannada : tumba chennagittu.
Tulu : mast eDDe ittnD.

English : When did you come?
Kannada : yavaag bande?
Tulu : yepa battini?

English : I came yesterday.
Kannada : naanu ninne bande.
Tulu : yaan kODe battini.

English : Can you wait for me?
Kannada : nange kaayteeya?
Tulu : yenk kaapuvana?

English : Ok, I will wait.
Kannada : Ok, naanu kaayteeni.
Tulu : Ok, yaan kaapuve.

English : Can we meet today?
Kannada : ivattu naavu sigoNava?
Tulu : ini nama tikgana?

English : We will meet today at 4'o clock.
Kannada : naavu ivattu 4 gantege meet aagoNa.
Tulu : nama ini 4 ganteg meet aaka.

English : Can you come there?
Kannada : ninage alli barlikkagatta?
Tulu : nikk aDe barre aapunDa?

English : Yes, I can come there.
Kannada : sari, nange allige barakkagutte.
Tulu : sari, enk aDe baroli.

English : Is it so?
Kannada : idu heego?
Tulu : undu inchana?

English : Yes, man.
Kannada : howdu maaraya.
Tulu : and marre.

English : Did't you know?
Kannada : ninge gottirlillva?
Tulu : nikk gottijjaanDa?

English : Glad to meet you.
Kannada : ninnannu noDi tumba khushiyaaytu.
Tulu : ninan tood mast kusiyaanD.

English : This watch is beautiful.
Kannada : ee watchu tumba chennagide.
Tulu : ee watch bhaari sookunDu.

English : What to do now?
Kannada : eega yenu maaDodu?
Tulu : itte daada malpuni?

English : Can we talk now?
Kannada : naaveega maataaDoNava?
Tulu : nama itte paatergana?

English : Ok, see you next time.
Kannada : Ok, matte sigONa.
Tulu : Ok, bukka tikga.

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  1. hi,
    hey its really very helpfull to me to learn tulu.Can any body tell the link where i can learn complete tulu language.

    Thanks & Regards,

  2. hi,
    Thondare ijji.Can u plz put more sentences/phrases.


  3. Hi Sneha,

    Let me see what phrases can be useful. Suggestions from blog readers also welcome.


  4. I recenly found out that there are two types of tulu. What I see in most of the websites is different then what my friend speaks.

  5. Hi Sanskar,

    Though confined to 2 districts of Karnataka(Udupi and Dakshina Kannada) and 1 of Kerala(Kasaragod), Tulu has many dialects. As wiki points there are mainly 4 dialects of Tulu - Common, Brahmin(which has a strong influence of Sanskrit), Jain, Harijan. What I have mentioned here is the Common dialect. Also, this common dialect is subdivided into five groups. What you can see here is the one what they speak in Mangalore.

  6. Actually I don't know which dialect my friend speaks, but she says "see you later" as "nana oru sikkga" instead of "nanoru thikkga" what I learnt on the internet. So which dialect is that?
    I am a guy from delhi, I am doing my Btech here in bangalore, I am good in learning languages, and I have grasped kannada very much. before i leave this place i would love to learn tulu as well.

  7. Hi Sanskar,

    Sorry for responding late.

    And regarding the dialect you mentioned, I guess it is Brahmin dialect.

    Great to know that you are interested in learning Tulu. Surely, you will learn Tulu before going back to Delhi.


  8. Hi Sanskar,

    Brahmin dialect, is also called Shivalli Tulu as it is spoken by Shivalli Brahmins. For more info on Shivalli Tulu, please visit the following site - http://shivallibrahmins.com/lang/en/section/english/tulu-language/

    - Raveeesh

    1. hey,
      there's a mistake here...for-are all well at home, in tulu, it is ellad maanthaa usar ullerra

    2. I dont think there is any mistake in the sentence I have posted. For everyone is fine, I wrote maaterla usaaruller, which is perfectly fine

  9. hi,

    I want to learn Shivalli Tulu as it is spoken by Shivalli Brahmins..Plz help me;)


  10. Hi Sneha,

    I cannot help much as I know only common dialect of Tulu.


  11. Hi raveesh,
    i am swarna, i want to learn tulu beacause one of my frnd is from mangalore i wanna talk tulu with him pls help me

  12. Hi Avi and Swarna,

    You can start off learning Tulu by knowing sentences given here. To know more, you can suggest some more sentences to be translated to Tulu.


  13. Hi Raveesh hey can u tel wat to tel for all these you, me, our, your, more n more sentences, wanna talk in tulu pls pls pls help me out

  14. hi raveesh am intersted in learning tulu, as u suggested want more sentences /pharses so thatits easy for me to learn tulu fast, wanna speak with my frnd in tulu pls help me


  15. Hi Swarna,

    I have put the 4th part in Learn Tulu Online series. You can check that out here.

  16. Hey! I am Sunitha here…… It’s really very helpful & nice 2 learn tulu. So tank u very much. I think may be u need 2 take it 2 next level ……………….

  17. Thanks Sunitha. I will try to put more posts on Learn Tulu Series.

    1. Hi, can you put some conversations of kids...?

      By. Adarsh, Sakleshpur

    2. can you provide few examples which I can translate to Tulu?

  18. that will be great I support this. I have been following this blog for more than a year to learn more because i feel other sources on internet are not updating :) its a good place to learn or have an idea about tulu language :)

  19. What is the tulu word for "friend"? Onchi pandu koluvara?

  20. Hi Anand,

    Tulu word for friend is "Josthi"

  21. My ode to Tulunadu http://mylivingthought.blogspot.com/2009/11/pincess-of-tulunadu.html

  22. hi raveesh,
    this is monika shetty. i was a marwari (rajasthani) girl but nw i got married with a shetty boy.
    so please help me more to learn tulu lang. n please help me for conver. with my hubby.

    mrs. monika P. shetty

  23. Hi Monika,

    You can go through the Learn Tulu Online series in my blog and learn the language in few days.


  24. Please provide such lessons on you tube, where the sentence is first spoken very slowly and clearly giving meaning of each word in the sentence, and afterwards speaking the words in normal tempo.

    I insist that such lessons please be provided on you tube.

    I am ready to pay the tution fees.
    I have promised my friend that I will learning language before her daughter gets married.

    Hence please email me on pranali_vagal@yahoo.co.in
    whether it is possible for you to load such lessons on YOU TUBE because simply reading the text won't help.

  25. Hi Pranali,

    Thanks for the suggestion. That should be very effective in learning the language. Let me see if I can materialize. No need of tuition fee for that! :) I am posting these lessons only to spread and save Tulu language from extinction. The very reason for starting Tulu lessons was a UNESCO report where in it said Tulu language will be no more by 2050.

  26. Hey hi, I was searching on the internet about the Tulu Script, I was told that it has been lost. people believe that tulu script was derived from Malayalam but I learnt on reliable sources that it was other way round.. Malayalam derived script from Tulu. I also found Kannada to tulu and roman to tulu transliteration. Here I have also done the work of Devanagari to tulu.


  27. You are right Sanskar. Tulu has its own script and it is not borrowed from any other language. Check my post on Tulu script here.

  28. Hi Raveesh,
    Its very helpfull to learn tulu, now I speak tulu with my tulu friedns but adding some english words in between, when will you release Part 6, it should be questionaire in tulu, and if our is corrct should go to next level...

    thank you

  29. Hi Akaash,

    Do you mean questionaire for the readers of the blog. Ya, that would be a good idea.

    Thanks for commenting


  30. Hi Raveesh,

    Yenk tulu kalpodu maraya......
    Tuition korpana????

  31. friend = iste ,,,,,dosti kannada sabda,,, ,,tiffin = butti (butthi) brkfast = tindi tiniyare,, tinare,,,,,

  32. tulut kelav sabda tappu prayoga maladar ,,, udarneg ,,,,,, friend= iste,,,,,, tiffin = butti (butthi)

  33. ravik,

    yaan ee post du tulu ta authentic shabdolen prayoga malper try maltiji. Infact, yenke yeto Tulu authentic padakkulu gottijji. normal jana vovu use malpuver ayin use malpuve. bhashe kalper janakuleg dumbe gottittna shabdolen upayoga maltnda bhaashe kalper sulabha.

    Bukkonji, friend ge ishte pand d yaan itne mutta use maltiji. Buka dosti panpunavu Kannada pada la att - aitha origin Hindi. Anchene tiffin/butti da prayogala.

    ee blog post da mukhya uddesha tulu bhaashen kalpaad janakulu dostunakulnottugu paterre maatra.

  34. hi raveesh, its really great job from your side, but could u get some sentences , a lil complicated ones with plural forms, which would be more helpful.Pls reply......

  35. hi, pls make some sentences with different genders and also i request you to give a list of verbs, if possible, that wud really be helpful..

  36. Thanks raksha for your comments. Off late, I have been busy and was not able update these posts. So, please let me know specifics of the details you are asking like what kind of sentences you want? What are the verbs you require etc. Since that will make the posts more interactive and useful.

  37. Hi Raveesh, Thanks a lot..your part 1 of online series is very helpful to me to learn Tulu. Can you put audio version of all other parts of your series also? I am able to see audio version of only part 1.

  38. Thanks Avani for your compliments and sure, I will put audio guide for rest of the series too...

  39. Hi every one i am keyur. My wife is from mangalore and she message me this "yenke ee maste eshta" please tell me what does it mean in english? and also "nee nanage bahala eshta". Thank you for your time i do appreciate.

  40. Hi Keyur,

    "yenke ee maste eshta" means I like very much. "nee nanage bahala eshta" is same thing in Kannada


  41. How do I say 'I like you' in Tulu?

  42. Hai m tara I want to learn kannada..actuly m frm telgu background...nd my frnds told me kannada z familiar to telgu..nd I don't knw telgu much..so plz could you tell me hw cn I learn kannada to speak properly.

  43. Hi Tara,

    Did you go through the series of posts on learning Kannada including this one in this blog?

  44. Hello.. :) how do i say " give me one chance "

  45. Hi Anonymous,

    here is the translation - "Enk Onji Chance Korla"

  46. Hi,

    Please share if you have audio version of learning tulu as i want to know the correct pronunciation.


  47. Hi Chaya,

    I dont have the audio version right now. Will post once I create one.

  48. Hi Raveesh, can we have the audio files uploaded for all the tutorials please. I know Kannada well but Tulu pronunciation is difficult. So audio file should be helpful.
    Also, if can you teach me some swear words please :p My mates at the university rag me all the time and I dont get a thing they say.

  49. Hi Raveesh, I am Jnanamurthy From Nandini Layout, Bengalooru. I am very much interested to learn Tulu. Tell me how fast i can learn tulu with the help of kannada. I have good friends in and around south canara. Your blog is very useful to all those who are interested to learn tulu. Thankyou.Please if it is possible to paste pdf file tulu kalike to my email. My email ID is jnanamurthyunivers@gmail.com

  50. Hi Jnanamurthy, good to know your interest. To get the pdf file, there is a link after every post in blog saying "Print PDF". You can click on that to get the pdf of blog post.

  51. I am extremely happy to read Tulu language & its translation in English. It helps me very much to speak to my neighbours who are Tulu speaking Udupi Brahmins. Thank you Mr. Raveesh Kumar.

  52. How to wish a friend in Tulu?

    "Many More Happy Returns of the Day" ?

  53. Murali,

    The exact translation of "Many More Happy Returns of the Day" does not find use in conversing in Tulu. Alternatively, you can say "shubhaashayalu" (Wishes). So, if you are saying on birthday, It can be "Puttina dinata shubhaashayalu"(Happy Birthday).

  54. Thank you, Raveesh, for this wonderful Learn Tulu Online series. It is very helpful to learn Tulu, especially the pronunciation of the words.

    Is it somehow possible to download the audio files/your recordings? I would love to play them even when I don't have access to the internet...

    Anyway, edde beele, and keep up the good work :)

    A big thank you from Germany

  55. Thanks a lot Pauline! It's great to know that these lessons are helping people across continents! :)

    Regarding Downloads : Yes, you can download. To download, go to the sound clip above. There is a Downarrow button, click that and you will have the .wav file downloaded!

    You can also checkout the full series here - Learn Tulu Online Series

    1. Thanks, Raveesh. Sorry, I must have overlooked the download-button somehow.
      Anyway, I am coming to Mangalore soon, and I am excited to test my Tulu speaking skills :) I hope I will be understood despite my (probably very obvious German) accent :)

      Thanks again for your wonderful job!

    2. Not a problem! Great to know that you are coming to Mangalore and putting Tulu lessons learnt into practice! Welcome to Mangalore! Thanks again...

  56. Tulu sentence for "Wish you many many happy returns of the day. My god bless you?

    Thanks and regards

    1. The exact translation of "Many More Happy Returns of the Day" does not find use in conversing in Tulu. Alternatively, you can say "shubhaashayalu" (Wishes). So, if you are saying on birthday, It can be "Puttina dinata shubhaashayalu"(Happy Birthday).

      For "May god bless you", 'dever yedde manpad' or 'deverena aashirvada uppad'

  57. raveesh yaan tulu onthe onthe kalthondulle. iam a malayalee and iam interested in learning tulu, watched almost 3 movies till now and understand by regular communication i can excel in learning tulu. can you introduce me to someone who can be interested in teaching on regular intervals. Thanks for your friendly blog. Name Sibu George Place : Bangalore Email: sibu16@gmail.com

    1. hi Sibu George,
      Baari kusi aand eerna comment od d. But sorry, I don't know of anybody to introduce to you. Anyway, you can practice the lessons and learn quickly. Also, if you need more help, you can leave comment in my Tulu learning posts!


  58. naanu devendra maat aadtaiddini mumbai linta. nange tullu kaliyake bala ishta idde. nimma raveeshkumar.com blog nalli tullu online learning post hodkondu tumba santosha patte. nimma blog nange tullu kaliyake bala help aagtaidde sir.hello raveesh anna good afternoon,

    daivittu tullu learning kosra audio tutorial blog nalli upload madona sir, pronounciation madake help aagtaidde.

  59. dhanyavaadagalu Devendra. Nimma abhipraaya mattu protsahada maatugalannu odi nanagu kooDaa tumbaa khushi aaytu.

    nimma korike - tulu learning course audio tutorial upload maaduvudu spashtavaagi yenendu tiliyalilla. aagale raveeshkumar.com nalli audio tutorial ide allve?

  60. Amazing learning content Raveesh sir, very very helpful.. could you add more verbs to help form more sentences

    Could you translate this: I don't want to talk to you

    1. Translation for I don't want to talk to you - "yenk ninaDa paaterre ishTa ijji"

  61. Your day -> "ini ninna dina"(singular), "ini irna dina"(plural, with respect)

  62. Me from Assam, but somehow meet a very cutie girl from Mangalore, we both work in a same office. I got crush on her, but never expressed my feelings to hear. Due to fear of loosing a great friend. She already hav a bf. She is happy in her life. When i got know her mother tongue is Tulu,, I suddenly become fond and stared learning Tulu language, don't know why. Still I'm learning..

  63. Dear Sir
    My mother tongue is Telugu. I know the other three South Indian languages and Hindi. As I can read Devanagari I understand Sanskrit a little bit.
    I came across your site and my few observations are given below.
    Tamizh and Malayalam have three varieties of 'l'. viz la, La and zha. ல, ள, ழ.
    ല, ള ഴ, Kannada and Telugu have two varieties of 'La' viz ల,ళ ,
    It is noticed that Tulu language uses the first two varieties of la. Though the audio gives the correct pronunciation of these two forms only 'l' is used in English script. I am giving below the examples of this mistake.

    sari, enk aDe baroli.
    yaan usaarulle.
    Should not the second one be "yaan usaaruLLe"

  64. Hi Sir, baroli and usaarulle uses small 'la' only i.e ಬರೊಲಿ, ಉಸಾರುಲ್ಲೆ



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