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Learn Tulu Series in Kannada now!

I am overjoyed by the responses to my Learn Tulu series of posts. These posts have received the highest number of page views as well as comments from my readers. Thank you all for the same. After seeing the interest among the readers to learn the language, I am confident that Tulu language will definitely survive many more years contrary to what UNESCO's report has indicated. I had started Learn Tulu series last year primarily to spread the language and save it from extinction.

By the way, some of the readers have expressed their concern about the pronunciation and suggested to write these posts in Kannada script too. Though I have used the transliteration convention used by Baraha software, there may be cases when the reader can get confused. So, in my Kannada blog, I have started the same series using Kannada script, which can serve as a proper pronunciation guide as with Indic scripts, what you write is what you read. So in future, you get to see the new articles on Learn Tulu Series in both English and Kannada blogs. You can read the previous articles of the series in my Kannada blog here.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

IIM Bangalore's Annual Business Festival - Vista 2010

Vista 2010, IIM Bangalore's annual business festival presents Vista Corporate Evening, which includes a corporate quiz exclusively for the corporates and 2 business plan case competitions (one sponsored by Yahoo! and the other by Nokia). Following is the list of events you might want take part and win awesome prizes!

PGSEM students at IIMB are organizing exclusive corporate events named Vista Corporate Evening on 2nd Oct 2010. Yahoo! India is the sponsor of the Vista Corporate Evening.

Corporate quiz is an exclusive quizzing extravaganza for corporate participants to be conducted on 2nd Oct. Acclaimed quiz master Thejaswi Udupa will be the host this time. With the top corporate teams fighting it out, the winners would have to bring their best game to the table. First prize of Rs.30,000 and second prize of Rs.15,000 to be won. And there are attractive prizes to be won by the audience too.

Software Czars
is all about finding the new software czar. A strategic business case analysis competition for the Software industry, Software Czars is exclusively designed for IT professionals. It tests the participant’s knowledge of the IT industry and the how-it-works through various instruments including case analysis and role plays. The event is open now and the Round 1 deadline is on 28th September, 2010. The selected participants will get to be finalists and present their case study to an elite panel of industry experts on 2nd Oct. Winners will take home a First prize of Rs.20,000 and a Second prize of Rs.10,000.

The Next Big Wave
will decide who will ride the next telecom wave. It is a brand new business plan competition from IIMB-PGSEM stable to find next big rider in the telecom market. The case has been sponsored by Nokia and winners get to own super swanky mobile phones from Nokia as well as prize money worth Rs.15,000 in all. If the ideas generated are worthwhile, the winners will be funded by Nokia to pursue and implement their ideas. The round 1 deadline is on 28th September 2010 and the event is open now.

To know more about the event, you can visit the following links

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pancharangi Film Review

Its another case of a big director movie being a big let down. Well, I see Pancharangi as a continuation of his earlier venture Manasaare. Yogaraj Bhat has presented Manohar(Diganth) of Manasaare who was a jobless youth in a new avatar as Bharath Kumar. Similarities show up from the first scene. Its a classic case of a frustrated youth making fun of the way people live and view life. Of course, director has used the same dialogue style(that of being different from what people normally speak) he employed in Mungaaru Male. But here, Diganth and Nidhi take up that job which was Ganesh's USP then.Nidhi Subbaiah, Diganth and Ananthnag in Pancharangi
Picture Courtesy :
Looking at the pace of the movie, you will wonder whether its going to be all new view on life. But wait, it takes only few minutes before you realize otherwise. But then you have brighter aspects in the movie too. The case of Nityananda Swami seems to have inspired one of the characters, which is well portrayed. Also, the herd mentality of the people who watch numerous astrology programs on most of the national and regional TV channels and believe whatever the astrologer says takes a bashing here.

Well, dialogues for some part of the film entertain the audience. But they seem to be on similar lines. I found the trailer of the movie more interesting than the actual movie. Watching the movie, I fee director seems to be in confusion about his view on life. Whatever it is, the film is definitely not up to the mark, where you would go to the movie by just seeing director Yogaraj's name.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tulu Script and Thawlava Software

You can read this post in Kannada here.

Not many people know that Tulu language has its own script. Bhagavato is the first Tulu epic to have been written in Tulu Script. In this epic, Poet Vishnutunga quotes Kannada poets Kumaravyaasa and Chaatu Vithalanaatha. Bhagavato dates back to 1636 A.D. This epic has been preserved in Manuscripts Department of Mangalore University with the efforts of Dr Venkataraja Puninchattaya(Info: Baravuda Jeetige - by Suryoday Perampalli).Baravuda Jeetige Tulu Alphabet Book CoverKannada actor Suryoday Perampalli has brought out a book of Tulu alphabets. You can see the Tulu alphabets from one of the pages of the book below. Tulu alphabetsOn the other hand, National Computer Literacy Committee has come up with Tulu transliteration software - Thwalava 2.0. Key board layout used is the same as the one used for Kannada transliteration software - Nudi. There are 50 alphabets in Tulu language. Demo of the software was done in last year's World Tulu Convention. You can also see the usage of the software in the video below.

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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Learn Tulu Kannada Online : Part 5 - Sentence Formation in Tulu and Kannada

I am overwhelmed by the positive responses from the readers for Learn Tulu Online Series. Knowing few phrases may be a good starting point to learn a new language. But if not taught formal structure/grammar of the language, one will not go beyond those few phrases. As some of you have suggested earlier, in this post there is an attempt to teach the language formally.Do listen to the audio guide below to pick up the pronunciation
Sentence formation in Tulu :
English: I, You, He, She, We, They, This, That
Tulu : yaan, ee, aaye, aal, nama, akl, undu, avu
Kannada : naanu, neenu, avanu, avaLu, naavu, avaru, idu, adu

Apart from the pronouns listed above, one important and common pronoun to use in any Indian languge is the plural form of 'you', to address the person you are talking to.
In Tulu, you use eer.
In Kannada, you can use neevu or taavu.

Some of the common verbs used in day-to-day life
English: go, come, sit, laugh, stop, call, tell, do, write, read
Tulu: pola, bala, kullu, telipu, unt, leppu, pan, manpu, barela, odla
Kannada: hogu, baa, koothko, nagu, nillu, kare, heLu, maaDu, bare, odu

Some more verbs
English: give, take, eat, drink, run, get up, dance, watch/look, wait, talk
Tulu: koru, detonu, tin, par, balipu, lakk, nalipu, toola, kaapu, paater
Kannada: kodu, tegeduko, tinnu, kuDi, oDu, ELu, kuNi, noDu, kaayi, maatanaaDu

Listed above are the singular forms these verbs. It is important to use the plural form of these verbs as otherwise it might be perceived as disrespect while talking to elders or the people you meet for the first time. So, here are the list of plural forms of the above verbs in their respective order. Also, it should be noted that these verb forms are the ones used, when you directly talk to the person and not in 3rd person narration.
Tulu: pole, bale, kullule, telipule, untle, leppule, panle, manpule, barele, odle
Kannada: hogi, banni, koothkoLLi, nagi, nilli, kareyiri, heLi, maaDi, bareyiri, odi

Tulu: korule, detonule, tinle, parle, balipule, lakkle, nalipule, toole, kaapule, paaterle
Kannada: kodi, tegedukoLLi, tinni, kuDiyiri, oDi, ELi, kuNiyiri, noDi, kaayiri, maatanaaDi

By now, you would have realized that in Tulu for the verbs, if you add 'le' at the end you would get the plural form of the same(atleast it is true for the verbs listed here). In Kannada, though the suffix may be different for the words ending in different letters, 'i' at the end is common.

English: lunch/dinner, water, tea, home, work, place
Tulu: vaNas, neer, chaaya, ill, bEle, oor
Kannada: ooTa, neeru, chahaa, mane, kelasa, ooru

Simple Sentence Formation : As it is always better to start off with plural form of verbs while learning any Indian language, I have used the same below. For singular forms refer the list above.

English : You take this route.
Tulu : eer ee route detonle.
Kannada : neevu ee route thegedukoLLi.
(though 'this' is 'undu' in Tulu, in this context for 'this route', 'ee route' is more appropriate. Same in the case of Kannada. Also, usually in Indian languages verbs come last unlike in English, where it comes in the middle of the sentence)

English : You run in the marathon.
Tulu : eer marathan d balipule.
Kannada : neevu marathonnalli ODi.

English : You sit in this chair.
Tulu : eer ee chair d kullule.
Kannada : neevu ee chairnalli koothkoLLi.

I hope you will be able to form more sentence following the examples above. If you require more verbs/sentences/objects please leave a comment in this post. In the next post, more complex sentences to follow.

Happy Learning

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Prithvi(Kannada) Movie Review

That Prithvi is a film, based on the current political scenario in Karnataka(involving mining lords) is now well known. But how well it has managed to keep this theme throughout the film without being too filmy, is the question to be asked. According to me, Prithvi manages to be out of the ordinary. But then it is far from being a cult movie.

Prithvi(Puneeth Rajkumar) faces political pressures, right from the first day of being appointed as the Deputy Commissioner(DC) of Bellary. But he refuses to yield to politicians/mining lobby's demands. First half of the movie depicts the working of DC offices pretty well. Full marks to Jacob Varghese for that. Puneeth Rajkumar and Parvati Menon in Prithvi Kannada Film
Picture Courtesy :
But taking up a realistic subject and being commercial in movie making is a tough balancing act. That's what you feel when you see 5 duets being stuffed in the movie. Well, songs could have been reduced to 2 or 3. Then you have female lead, Parvati Menon limited to dancing in those 5 songs. Also, less scope for veteran actor, Avinash in a villainous role. Though the film's first half is a subject of recent times, the climax in the second half is a cliche. It seems like a repeat of those from action films of the 80s and 90s. Film fails miserably here because sequences being too melodramatic.

Barring the cliches in the film, dialogues are the highlight. Dialogues taking a dig at celebrity worshipping in India and on the current political setup invokes laughter. Also there are dialogues relating to one's ideals and being practical. One ridiculous thing in the film is the disclaimer shown at the beginning, that the film being not related any real incidents/persons. But after hearing few sarcastic dialogues, anyone can make out that Karnataka politicians and Kannada media is at the receiving end. If not, do you think former prime minister Mr.H D Deve Gowda would have watched the film, taking time out of his 'busy' schedule?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

City Centre Mall, Mangalore - Inauguration Today

2nd Biggest mall among the ones in Tier II cities in India, City Centre Mall, Mangalore will be officially inaugurated today, 25th April, 2010. With this Mangaloreans will have one more place to hang out and shop. Few days back, Life style outlet was opened in this mall. Various events were held in the mall running upto the inaugural day. I had visited the place last Monday. Here some of the pictures of the new mall.City Centre Mall, K S Rao Road, Mangalore
City Centre Mall, Mangalore
Rock Show at City Centre Mall, Mangalore
K S Rao Road, Mangalore

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Puttur Shree Mahalingeshwara Temple Chariot Festival

Chariot Festival of Mahotobhaara Shree Mahalingeshwara Temple, Puttur was held on April 17, 2010. 71 feet high Brahma Ratha or Chariot was the highlight this time. Though it rained heavily for about an hour during the night of Chariot festival and created a mess for the people gathered, once it stopped raining people gathered again with the same enthusiasm at the festival grounds. Before Chariot festival begins, there is cracker festival held, witnessed and applauded by thousands gathered. Sky filled with colors during this time, is a treat to watch. But this time, due to rains cracker festival began at about 11 pm. So I could not see the whole of the festival. Here are some of the photos from the festival.
Brahma Ratha of Puttur Sri Mahalingeshwara Temple
Brahma Ratha of Puttur Sri Mahalingeshwara Temple

Wood carvings on Brahma Ratha
Wood carvings on Brahma Ratha

Temple Pond of Puttur Mahalingeshwara Temple
Temple Pond of Puttur Mahalingeshwara Temple

Full view of Puttur Mahalingeshwara Temple
Full view of Puttur Mahalingeshwara Temple

Brahma Ratha decorated with electric bulbs
Brahma Ratha decorated with electric bulbs

Bird's View of Puttur Mahalingeshwara Temple
Bird's View of Puttur Mahalingeshwara Temple

Betaala puppet
Betaala puppet

Entertainment stalls at Festival
Entertainment stalls at Festival

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Trip to Horanadu, Kalasa, Hosanadu Temples

Continuing from previous post...

To reach Horanadu from Sringeri you need to go via Kudremukha. If you love driving, then you would definitely want the roads to be as good as in Kudremukha. Great roads amidst greenary makes the drive memorable. Soon after Kudremukha, you will be greeted by tea estates on your way to Kalasa. Horanadu is half an hour journey from Kalasa. We had planned first to go to Horanadu then visit Kalasa temple, on our way back to Mangalore.Horanadu Annapoorneshwari Temple
Horanadu Annapoorneshwari Temple
As it was a holiday season, the temple was full of devotess from all over Karnataka. We went in queue for darshanam of Goddess Annapoorneshwari. Temple surroundings are filled with greenary. Coconut and arecanut palms form the backdrop of the temple. After the darshanam, we had the food in Bhojana Shaala of the temple. After this, when we started towards Kalasa, it was 3 15 in the afternoon.
Kalaseshwara Temple, Kalasa
Kalaseshwara Temple, Kalasa
When we reached Kalasa, it was 3 45 pm. Kalasa is located in Mudigere Taluk of Chikmagalur district and is the abode of Lord Kalaseshwara. This place is also known as Dakshin Kashi. Using the stairs, if you go towards the temple, first you will find storeyed building, much similar to the houses in Malnad. After moving to the right of this building, you will find Kalaseshwara Temple. Usually, people who visit Malnad, visit Sringeri, Horanadu and Kalasa temples in a single day. So, we could identify the faces, we saw in Sringeri and Horanadu.Rainbow in Kudremukha
Rainbow in Kudremukha
After the darshanam of Lord Kalaseshwara, when we started towards Mangalore, it was 4 30 pm. On our way back, in Kudremukha, we could spot a rainbow. Perfect picture in a perfect place. My plan when coming back was to go to Hanumana Gundi falls(Soothanabbi falls), which is 22 meters in height and is in Kudremukha National Park. But when we reached the place, it was closed as the entry timings are from morning 9 to evening 4 30 and it was already 6.Great Roads in Kudremukha
Kudremukha Roads - Too Good
These days, Kodyadka or Hosanadu (which is 7 km from Alangar in Dakshina Kannada in Moodabidare - Karkala highway) is becoming famous for Hosanadu Annapoorneshwari Temple. We decided to visit the shrine. Hosanadu temple was built by a localite when he got inspired, after frequent visits to Horanadu, to build a similar temple in his native.Radha Krishna Statue in Hosanadu, Kodyadka
Sculptures of Radha and Krishna in Hosanadu Temple, Kodyadka
At the temple entrance, you will see, 63 feet Lord Hanuman statue, holding the mountain containing Sanjeevini herbs. When you move further towards the temple, you will find a beautiful garden. Garbhagudi of the temple is a replica of Horanadu temple. Devotees are offered meals after the night pooja. One more thing worth mentioning here is that, priests do not accept any dakshina(money offerings) from devotees.

When we reached Mangalore, after visiting Hosanadu - that ended our 2 day pilgrimage trip to temples in coastal and Malnad Karnataka.


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sringeri Trip : Vidyaranya Temple and Sharadaamba Temple

Continuing from previous post

Next day morning, I went out to explore the streets of Sringeri town. I could see streets filled with morning mist, few news paper shops being open and people from different parts of India getting ready for a morning darshanam of Goddess Sharadaamba. A crowd had gathered in front of a shop, discussing news broadcasted on TV that morning. When enquired, I came to know the sad news that Kannada matinee idol, Dr.Vishnuvardhan had died that morning. The day before, Kannadigas had wept for the loss of their beloved musician - Dr. C Ashwath. Thought it was huge loss for Kannada cinema and music with the passage of these two giants.Sringeri Vidyashankara Temple
Sringeri Vidyashankara Temple
After a while, I headed towards Sringeri Temple. An architectural wonder, Vidyashankara Temple comes to mind when anybody speaks of Sringeri. This was built by Vidyaranya, the guru of Hakka and Bukka, founders of Vijayanagar Empire. The sight of temple covered with morning mist, takes us to a different world altogether. The walls of the Vidyashankara Temple are filled with sculptures from Hindu mythology, notably ten avatars of Lord Vishnu and there are pillars representing each of Hindu zodiac signs.Stone work on the walls of Vidyashankara Temple, Sringeri
Scultpures on the walls of Vidyashankara Temple
They say, every morning, first rays of the sun falls on that pillar of zodiac, where the sun is currently positioned. Amazing, right? Besides Vidyaranya temple is the Sharadaamba temple, which is the prominent temple in Sringeri. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Sharadaamba or Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, arts and music. One of the Hindu rites, Vidyaaramba (Akshararambha) or the commencement of studies is performed here, by making the child write first alphabets on rice grains. The prasadam offered at the temple, the orange coloured sweet is very tastier. In front of the Sharadaamba temple, there is Jagadguru Sri Nrusimha Bharati Yaaga Mantapam.Sringeri Shaaradaamba Temple
Sringeri Sharadamba Temple
Sringeri Temple is on the banks of River Tunga. This is an added attraction as one can see from the banks of the river, lot of fresh water fishes. Near the bank of the river, you could also see the sculptures of a serpent giving shade to a pregnant frog. It is this incident, which showed the sanctity of the place, inspired Adi Shankaracharya to establish the Sringeri Matha, which is one of the 4 mathas he established in India.River Tunga at Sringeri
River Tunga
Once you cross the bridge across the river, you can find Narasimhavana, the garden which houses Avisthana Mandiras. Entry timings for that is from 9 am to 12 pm and 5 pm to 9 pm. Since we did not have enough time to visit Avisthana Mandiras, we finished our breakfast in Sringeri and headed towards Horanadu.

In the next post - Horanadu, Kalasa and Hosanadu.

Raveeshstone sculptures of Matsya, Varaaha, Narasimha avatara of Vishnu at Sringeri
Avatars of Vishnu - Matsya, Varaha and Narasimha
Bridge across River Tungaa Sringeri
Bridge across River Tungaa Sringeri

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Trip to Udupi, Anegudde, Kollur, Agumbe and Sringeri

Last December, I visited some of the pilgrimage centres in Dakshina Kannada, Udupi and Chickmagalur districts with my family members. We left Mangalore on Dec 29th morning to reach Udupi. After a long time, I was visiting Udupi. So, the new gopuram built in front of the shrine, caught my attention. After visiting Udupi we headed towards one of the famous temples of Coastal Karnataka, Anegudde.Udupi Sri Krishna Temple
Udupi Sri Krishna Temple
From Udupi, to reach Aanegudde, you need to go via Kundapur through National Highway 17. This place also called Kumbhashi is abode of Lord Vinayaka. Idol of Lord Vinayaka covered in silver armour. Kumbhashi is one of the seven places for salvation in Coastal Karnataka. As the legend goes, once there prevailed a severe draught in this place. Then sage Agastya, came here to perform Yajnas to please rain god, Varuna. But the demon Kumbhasura used to disrupt the yajnas. At this time, Lord Vinayaka blesses Bheema, strongest of the Pandavas with a sword, by which he kills Kumbhasura. In Kannada, 'asi' means sword. So, the place where Kumbhasura was killed with the sword was known as Kumbhashi.Anegudde Sri Vinayaka Temple
Anegudde Sri Vinayaka Temple
Apart from the shrine, people from Dakshina Kannada/Udupi are also well aware of monkeys living in Anegudde and the tricks they play. People have tagged the monkeys as 'Anegudde Ponkr Manga'(mischievous monkey from Aneguude). But to my surprise there no sign of any monkey in the place, when we visited.Kollur Sri Mookambika Temple
Kollur Sri Mookambika Temple
After Anegudde our next destination was Kollur. Kollur is the abode of goddess Sri Mookambika. Kollur is a place of interest to both the devout and trek enthusiasts. River Sowparnika flowing in front of the temple with Kodachadri hill in the background, is sure to delight the nature lovers. To get the darshanam of Sri Mookambika, there are two queues maintained. One is the regular queue without any seva charges. Another one is the North Gate Dharshanam. You have to pay Rs.15 per head for this.For complete details about Kollur, you can visit this link. Here is the list of sevas you can perform in Kollur. After visiting Kollur, we were getting ready for a journey through the Western Ghats.Kodachadri Hills
Kodachadri Hills
Our next plan was to reach Sringeri via Agumbe. Agumbe in the western ghats is famous for its sunset point. It records high rainfalls in the region. But it was too misty to view any light from the sun. It was 8 in the night when we reached Sringeri. Agumbe Sunset Point
Sunset point at Agumbe
Sringeri Mutt provides pilgrims with rooms for stay at a nominal rate. Since we could easily find the Mutt's office as soon as we entered Sringeri, there was no difficulty in getting rooms for accomodation. Month of December is also a time when school children go on a educational tour. Sringeri too was visited by school children then. More on Sringeri and Chickmagalur in the next post.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Aptharakshaka - Movie Review

Nagavalli is back again in Aptharakshaka. Psychiatrist Dr.Vijay (Dr.Vishnuvardhan) tries to cure the person who considers herself as Nagavalli. Of course, Ramachandra Acharya(Avinash) helps Dr.Vijay in this task. Well, on the whole Aptharakshaka is an apt sequel to Apthamitra(2004).

Like in Apthamitra, a family is devasted by the strage things happening in their house after the painting of Nagavalli is brought home. To solve this mystery, Ramachandra Acharya is called upon. Then Acharya calls upon Dr.Vijay after realizing that the problem is similar what he had seen in Ramesh's house(in Apthamitra). Dr.Vijay and Ramachandra Acharya, both had thought that the problems created by Nagavalli had ended in Ramesh's house. Then they discuss on this aspect several times but fail to come to a conclusion on any matter. Well, the story takes curious twist in the second half. Probably those who had seen Apthamitra also may not have guessed this part of the story. This is what makes the movie interesting to watch.Vishnuvardhan and Avinash in Aptharakshaka
Picture Courtesy :
What I liked about the movie - Story which is in line with Apthamitra and sequences which are well connected to the old story, attention to minor details in the movie, science and myth which come face to face in the discussions of Dr.Vijay and Acharya, proofs provided in support of the surprising elements in the movie. Sequences in the movie which show why Nagavalli is after King Vijaya Rajendra Bahaddur is well depicted. Well, Vishnuvardhan also plays the role of King Vijaya Rajendra Bahaddur with ease. Though in some scenes, if graphic elements were not used, they would have been more natural. Also, the climax of the movie could have been shot in a better way. Inspite of these, Aptharakshaka is a good watch and surely go for it.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Learn Tulu Kannada Online : Part 4 - Talking to your friend in Tulu - More sentences

There have been numerous requests from the readers to provide more sentences in Tulu after the first 3 posts in the Learn Tulu Online series. But I am not sure which sentences are more useful to them, as they have not mentioned what they want. But I feel, most of the times, you would tend to talk to your Tulu speaking friend in Tulu than anyone else. So, I am putting down another list of sentences in Tulu, which may help you in talking to your friend. As always, suggestions from the readers are welcome. Please specify the type of sentences you want. Also, please find below the audio guide for helping you picking up the sentences faster

English : Come, let's have tea.
Kannada : banni, chahaa kuDiyONa.
Tulu : balE, chaa parka.

The above phrase 'balE, chaa parka' is commonly used in friendly conversations, when you invite someone for tea. In fact, there is Tulu drama named 'balE, chaa parka', which made the phrase famous in Tulu speaking community.

English : Come, sit.
Kannada : banni, kootkoLLi.
Tulu : balE, kulle.

English : Can you bring a cup of water?
Kannada : nanage ondu loTa neeru tarteeya?
Tulu : yenk onji loTa neer kanapana?

English : I will also come with you.
Kannada : naanu kooDa ninna jote bartheeni.
Tulu : yaan laa ninnottugu barpe.

English : Whom should I ask?
Kannada : naanu yaaranna kELbEku?
Tulu : yaan yEren kEnoDu?

English : Which is your favourite color?
Kannada : ninge ishTavaada baNNa yaavudu?
Tulu : nikk ishTavaayina baNNa vovu?

English : Whats the time now?
Kannada : samaya esTaaytu?
Tulu : gante etaanD?

English : You should definitely come to our house during the festival.
Kannada : neevu habbakke namma manege khanDita barbEku.
Tulu : eer parbogu enklena illaDe nighaanT baroDu.

English : I have to wake up early in the morning tomorrow.
Kannada : nange naaLe beLigge bega yELbEku.
Tulu : yenk elle polyakaanDe lakkoDu.

English : I have some other work today.
Kannada : nanage ivattu bEre kelasa ide.
Tulu : enk ini bEte bEle unDu.

English : Ramesha, your phone is ringing.
Kannada : Ramesha, ninna phone ring aagta ide.
Tulu : Ramesha, ninna phone ring aavondunDu.

English : Where are you man? I am waiting for you near Town hall.
Kannada : elliddi maaraya? naanu Town hall hatra kaayta ideeni.
Tulu : olulla maaraya? yaan Town hall da kaital kaatondulle.

English : Ice-cream at Ideal's is too good.
Kannada : Ideal's nalli ice-cream tumba chennagirutte.
Tulu : Ideal's D ice-cream bhaari laayk uppunDuya.

English : Today's treat is mine.
Kannada : ivattina treat nandu.
Tulu : inita treat enna lekkada.

English : Shall we go to '3 Idiots' today?
Kannada : ivattu '3 Idiots' noDoke hOgONva?
Tulu : ini '3 idiots' tooyere pOya?

English : I liked it very much.
Kannada : nangantu bahaLa ishTa aaytu.
Tulu : enk maatra bhaari isTa aanD.

English : Read 'Five point Someone'. It is really nice.
Kannada : 'Five point Someone' Odu. tumbaa chennagide.
Tulu : 'Five point someone' Od. bhaari laaykunDu.

English : No problem, I will meet you in the evening.
Kannada : thondre illa, naanu ninna sanje meet maaDteeni.
Tulu : malle ijji, yaan ninan bayyag meet aape.

English : Mangalore is a beautiful city.
Kannada : MangaLuru sundara nagara.
Tulu : kuDla porluda pEnTe.

English : Thank you all.
Kannada : nimagella dhanyavaadagaLu.
Tulu : nikleg maaterglaa solmelu.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

A journey through Western Ghats

Yeshwantpur Mangalore Express(Train No.6515) left Bangalore at 7 30 in the morning. Train from Bangalore which runs at night stops at intermediate stations for few minutes. But the day train to Mangalore stops at the stations for some more time. But then if you have a good company, its a good time pass. Also, for me, the main purpose of this journey on a day train was to enjoy the panoramic views of Western Ghats.Flowing river in MalnadBangalore-Mangalore night train(Train No.6517) reaches Mangalore via Mysore-Hassan. But the day train goes via Tumkur-Hassan route. Stations you will find in this route are Tumkur, Tiptur, Arasikere, Hassan, Sakaleshpur, Subrahmanya, Puttur and Bantwal. Train reached Hassan station at about 12 15 in the afternoon. Then we head towards Sakaleshpur. Yes, the same Sakaleshpur, which was immortalized in the film Mungaaru Male. If you had watched Mungaaru Male, then you would certainly remember the scene, in which our hero Ganesh rescues Devdas, the rabbit from a fast approaching train. This scene was shot here in Sakaleshpur railway station.Sakaleshpur Railway Station Mungaaru Male Spot
Sakaleshpur Railwya Station : This is where Ganesh rescued Devdas in Mungaaru Male
Next three 3 hours starting from Sakaleshpur to Subrahmanya was a enjoyable journey. Greenary all around you is a treat to watch. You will be watching pictureseque green paddy fields of Malnad and Areca nut palms all over.Wester Ghats Greenery All OverSoon the train enters the enchanting Western Ghats. When train passes through the ghats, it passes through 57 tunnels. Total length of these tunnels is 10.98 kms and the longest among these is of length 578 meters.Train on bridgeOn the way, you will find numerous streams, bridges which are at such a height, you say wow!, and tunnels carved out of rocks. When train enters the tunnel, passengers happily shout and you may want to wistle out loudly. Bridge and then a tunnel - this combination repeats several times during the journey. Misty Western Ghats Further, the misty mountains, sparkling water bodies flowing from the hills are absolute treat to the eyes. Sometimes, landslides in this train route causes the train service to be suspended for some time. To avoid this, effort is on to build stone barricades, which will prevent the landslides affecting the rails.Train Entering A TunnelIf you have not travelled in this route, catch this train. You will be in for a thrilling and enjoyable journey.Misty Train Route
Barricades To Avoid Landslides
Stone barricades to prevent landslides

Friday, January 01, 2010

Tulu grama again from Jan 8-10, 2010 at Ujire

Main attraction of Vishwa Tulu Sammelano 2009 was the Tulu grama which was visited by most number of visitors. Well, for those who had missed visiting Tulu grama in Ujire, now there is one more chance to visit. Tulu grama will be open to public again from Jan 8 - 10, 2010. Visiting hours: 10 am to 8 pm. So, don't miss this time! (Info: Udayavani, Date:01-01-2010)

To know more about Tulu grama click the below link.
Tulu grama at Vishwa Tulu Sammelano 2009, Ujire


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