Sunday, April 26, 2009

BSNL DSL Router Username Reset Problem

If you are using BSNL broadband connection then you may have experienced a peculiar problem of username in the modem settings getting reset to 'multiplay' for unknown reasons. Due to this, Internet LED in the BSNL modem keeps blinking and you are unable to access the net. This shows up as Authentication Failure in PPPoE protocol status. To see the status of PPPoE protocol status and resolve this issue,
  1. Login to your BSNL modem/DSL router typing, which is BSNL DSL router IP, on your browser and username : admin.
  2. DSL router configuration window opens. On the left hand side of the window, click on WAN in Device Info menu. Check the first row(VPI/VCI - 0/35, Protocol - PPPoE) of the WAN info table displayed. Below image shows the status in normal working scenario. If the username is reset, Status column in this row displays Authentication Failure.BSNL DSL Router WAN Info
  3. To resolve this error, click WAN in Advanced Setup menu. WAN Setup table appears. First row in this table displays settings for PPPoE(VPI/VCI - 0/35), click Edit at the end of this row.BSNL DSL Router WAN SetupClicking edit takes you to ATM PVC Configuration window, where you need to make sure that the value of VPI is 0 and of VCI is 35 and UBR Without PCR is selected as Service Category. Click Next button after the changes(if any).BSNL DSL Router ATM PVC Configuration
  4. After clicking next, Connection Type window appears. Make sure that PPP over Ethernet radio button is selected and LLC/SNAP-BRIDGING is selected as Encapsulation Mode. Click next.BSNL DSL Connection Type
  5. After clicking next, PPP Username and Password window is displayed. Enter your Username provided during installation of the BSNL broadband connection by BSNL guys and password. Enter PPPoE Service Name as dataone and select AUTO as Authentication Method. Check Bridge PPPoE Frames Between WAN and Local Ports(Default Method). Click next after that.BSNL DSL Router PPP Username and Password
  6. Network and Adress Translation Settings window appears. Make sure Enable NAT and Enable Firewall check boxes are ticked. In Enable IGMP Multicast and WAN Service, see that Enable WAN Service check box is ticked. Enter Service Name as pppoe_0_35_1. Click next.BSNL DSL Router Network Address Translation IGMP Multicast WAN Service Settings
  7. WAN Setup - Summary window appears which gives the summary of settings you just made. Click on save which opens a WAN Setup window(2nd image from top in this post), where in you need to click the Save/Reboot button for your changes to be reflected. Once the modem/DSL router comes up, you should be able to see Internet LED on that is stable and is not blinking. Now, you should be able to access the net.BSNL DSL Router WAN Setup Summary
Note: This problem was showing as Authentication Failure in WAN status previously. Recently, I observed even though WAN status showed PPPoE protocol status as Up, I was not able to access the internet. I found that username had been reset to multiplay and after changing the username, I was able to surf.

P.S: The procedure explained above to resolve BSNL DSL Router Username Reset problem, is the one I follow to resolve it in UTStarcom ADSL 2+ Modem/Router, Model No : WA3002G4 got from BSNL. I am not sure whether the same things apply to other DSL Router models provided by BSNL. Also, note that after change the username from 'Multiplay' to yours and reboot the modem, Wireless settings would have been reset, which need to be setup again.

Update 10/05/2009 : Fellow blogger Manoj has informed that the same problem occurs in UTSTARCOM UT300R2U modem(Type I), provided by BSNL.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dr.Rajkumar - An Analysis of the phenomenon

Mayachandra, a corporate film maker based in Bangalore, has done a documentary about Kannada matinee idol Dr.Rajkumar named Dr.Rajkumar - An Analysis of The Phenomenon. Mayachandra, a Masters degree holder in Communication from Emerson College, Boston, and her team took over 2 years to make the film with extensive research and collation of exclusive footage and memorabilia about Rajkumar. This film has been screened in Chicago, Bangalore and Thiruvananthapuram film festivals. DVD release function of the short film was jointly organized by May Flower media house and Information Department, Government of Karnataka at Badami house, Bangalore, last Sunday. Documentary was also screened after the DVD release.

Here are some highlights on the film on one of the biggest stars in Indian Cinema.
  • Kannada actor, Ramesh Aravind has lended his voice to the documentary in English.
  • Views on Dr.Raj from Amitabh Bachchan, Kannada actor Vishnuvardhan, playback singer P B Sreenivos, director Bhagavan, writers U R Ananthamurthy, K S Nisar Ahmed, Jayanth Kaikini, members of Dr.Rajkumar's family, doctors who treated Dr.Raj in his last days, Vivek Javali and Bhujanga Shetty and few ardent fans.
  • As Prof Nisar Ahmed says Rajkumar won the hearts of millions of Kannadigas with songs like Naaniruvude Nimagaagi and Huttidare Kannada Naadalli Huttabeku.
  • Dr.Bhujanga Shetty points out that after Rajkumar donating his eyes, there was steep raise in eye donations in Karnataka.
  • Tiptur Ramaswamy explains how dedicatedly Rajkumar used to rehearse for his roles in theatre dramas early in his career.
  • When he went to watch his first film 'Bedara Kannappa' in a movie hall in Mysore, Rajkumar wore a turban so that nobody could identify him.
  • U R Ananthamurthy tells how humble Raj was even though he had attained superstar status - When Karnataka Government wanted to fecilitate him with the first Karnataka Ratna award, he obliged only after his wish of Government first conferring the award on Kuvempu, first Jnaanapeetha awardee in Kannada was fulfilled. He says Rajkumar was clearly aware of the existence of literary world in Karnataka and was very humble about his achievements.
  • Above all, Dr.Rajkumar was a great human being, who ruled over the hearts of people of Karnataka for over 50 years and continue to inspire generations.

  • You can visit the website of this film here, where you will find making of the documentary, reviews and promos.

    Here are some video clippings from the documentary.

    Monday, April 20, 2009

    Savari Film Review

    When does a man understands meaning of life? When does he realize his goal for life? Well, Savari, a Kannada film released last week tries to find answers for these eternal questions haunting mankind. Janaki(Kamalini Mukherjee) is a doctor who finds meaning for her life in serving the needy whereas Abhiram(Raghu Mukherjee) lives in his own world seeking comfort for himself only. Wait, does it sound similar like numerous love stories you had watched before. Well, its not the same story here; it touches the viewers by telling the message of universal love in a very simple way.Savari Film Poster Kannada
    Picture Source:
    Though Abhi is aware of Janaki's service for the soceity, he does not appreciate it and does not understand why one has to do so. Whenever he does help someone, it would be only to impress her. Our hero proposes Janaki many a times without any success. When Janaki does intend to share her feelings for him, they break off and Janaki deserts him. Abhi goes in search of her accompanied by Seenu(Srinagar Kitti). His journey for getting back his love is rest of Savari. In his journey to find her, he finds his purpose for life. When he sees both life and death closely, he is moved. His thoughts about the world and people evolve. He comes to know exactly why Janaki left him. Srinagar Kitti who plays comical counterpart to Raghu is quite a revelation in this film. Sadhu Kokila, Mainavathi too add the comical element. Mukherjee couple make a nice onscreen pair. C R Simha, Karibasavayya, Loknath have done their bit. Its no surprise, if the film stimulates a thought process once you have left the movie hall.

    Music composition for the movie is good too. I particularly liked 2 numbers - Ale Ale Ale Aleyo and Marali Mareyaagi. Scenes shot in picturesque Malnad in Karnataka have come out well. A definite watch for all Kannada movie goers.


    Monday, April 13, 2009

    Souramaana Yugaadi, Bisu Parba, Vishu and Tamil New Year

    It is Souramaana Yugaadi tomorrow. This day is being celebrated as the beginning of new year in parts of Tulu Nadu (Dakshina Kannada/Mangalore, Udupi and Kasaragod) and also in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. In Tulu Nadu, it is called Bisu Parba and in Kerala, Vishu. Since Souramana Yugaadi, as the name suggests is observed according to Solar calender, this festival is being celebrated on April 14 every year.

    In Tulu Nadu, this festival is an occasion for the farmers to show their gratitude towards Mother Nature. Harvest from their fields is kept in a room and worshipped. Gathering of harvest thus worshipped is called 'Bisu Kani'. This way of worshipping the nature is also observed in temples of Tulu Nadu. This day also marks the beginning of the next season for crops in this region. 'Moode' is the delicacy of Tuluvas for this occasion. Charitable deeds too are part of the tradition.
    Bisu Kani on Bisu Parba
    Bisu Kani on Bisu Parba
    For a more detailed information, you may also read my earlier articles on Souramaana Yugaadi in Kannada and Tulu below.

    Kannada Article - ತುಳುನಾಡಿನಲ್ಲಿ೦ದು 'ಬಿಸು' ಹಬ್ಬ(ಸೌರಮಾನ ಯುಗಾದಿ)
    Tulu Article - ತುಳುವೆರೆ ಬಿಸು ಪರ್ಬ

    Yugaadi Wishes to all.


    Saturday, April 11, 2009

    Hamsageethe - Tale of an Indian Classical Singer

    TaRaSu or T R Subbarao is a big name in Kannada literature. His novels have been a big hit among Kannada readers and some of them have been made into films like - Aakasmika, Chandavalliya Thota, Gaali Maathu, Naagara Haavu, Benkiya Bale, Masanada Hoovu and Hamsa Geethe in Kannada. I recently read his novel Hamsa Geethe and was moved. Hamsa Geethe was made into Hindi Film, Basant Bahar as early as in 1956. It was made into a Kannada movie, Hamsa Geethe in 1975, by well known director G V Iyer with Anant Nag playing the lead role. Hamsa Geethe is the story of fictional character, Venkata Subbayya, depicted as a singer in the court of rulers of Chitradurga, the Nayakas.

    Novel is in first person narration of the author himself, going in search of information pertaining to Bhairavi Venkata Subbayya. Initially, you will feel what was the need to bring present day scenarios into this historical fictional story. But then once you finish off reading the book, you will realize why it was done so. The novel is primarily about the life of Venkata Subbayya and there are references about the concepts of Classical music. But, even if you are not a fan of Carnatic/Hindusthani music, once you complete reading the work, you may want to listen to the Bhairavi Raaga.Hamsageethe, a Kannada novel by TaRaSuPlot : TaRaSu's friend Raghavendra Rao gets a photocopy of some old legal document, which says about the gifting of plot of land near Toreyooru(in Chitradurga district) to Venkata Subbayya by Tippu Sulthan. When Venkata Subbayya refuses to sing before Tippu and instead cuts off his tongue, Tippu is moved. As a mark of his respect towards the great singer, Tippu gifts the land to him. Curious to know more about the life of Venkata Subbayya, TaRasu starts off his journey to find details about the singer, contacting various people in and around Chitradurga like chief priest of Ekanaatheshwari Temple, drama artist Chinnappa etc.

    Venkata Subbayya's childhood, his music competition with his own guru, Thirumalayya, his firm decision to not to sing in the court of Nayakas after a heart-rending incident, his search of guru once Thirumalayya departs, his hard work to become a great singer is well depicted and TaRaSu takes the readers to a different aesthetic level. In the end, episode of Tippu-Venkata Subbayya's face-off is touchy. Though the incidents in Venkata's life are not in chronological order in the novel, this does not alter the flow.

    Advaitha philosophy(or non-duality) consolidated by Adi Shankaraachaarya is also briefly discussed in the novel. Paulo Coelho in his famous work, The Alchemist talks about similar school of thought. Also, there is a mention that before the times of Tyagaraja, Shyama Shastri and Muttu Swamy Dixit there was no differentiation of streams in Indian Classical music like Carnatic and Hindusthaani. Even now, TaRaSu asserts that though the names of the raagas are different in these streams, they are basically the same.

    I had seen the Kannada movie Hamsa Geethe before reading the novel. Even then, I liked the novel more than the film. Also, having been to Chitradurga fort added a familiar feeling whenever the author described about the places in Chitradurga and I was thrilled.

    If you get a chance to read this novel by TaRaSu, jump on it. I have no doubt in my mind to say that it is one of the best novels to have been written in Kannada.

    You can now read the Kananda novel, Hamsageethe online here.

    For Kannada version of this article, click here.


    Friday, April 10, 2009

    Launch of My Blog in Kannada

    Till now, I have been blogging here at both in English and Kannada. Today, I am happy to share with you that I am starting a dedicated blog in Kannada with the same name 'Ee Prapancha'. From now on, you can read my Kannada articles here at Today, I have posted a report about the program conducted by Mayflower Media house on Poornachandra Tejaswi, an eminent Kannada writer.


    Thursday, April 02, 2009

    Gmail now in Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam

    Gmail is the latest addition to the Google's services(Google Search, Orkut, Blogger), which provides transliteration option for Indian Languages. Now you can compose your mails in Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu or Malayalam by clicking icon showing an Indian language character in formatting options bar.
    To enable this feature,
    1.Go to Settings, at the top of gmail window
    2.Go to General tab
    3.Check the Enable Transliteration checkbox
    4.Select the default transliteration language
    Problem with Google Transliteration: Google transliteration has some inherent flaws in its coversion of English letters to Indic. What I have observed when typing Kannada using Google transliteration is that, there is inconsistent transliteration of vowels and consonants of Indian languages written in English script. Following are the examples to illustrate the problem in Google transliteration. I have compared this with the transliteration provided by Baraha software.

    1.Google - nenapidi - ನೆನಪಿಡಿ
    Baraha - nenapidi - ನೆನಪಿಡಿ
    Here 'i' is interpreted as 'ಇ' by Google transliteration

    But in another case,
    Google - ramaNiya - ರಮಣೀಯ
    Baraha - ramaNiya - ರಮಣಿಯ
    Here 'i' is interpreted as 'ಈ' by Google transliteration
    But in both cases, Baraha interprets 'i' as 'ಇ'

    2.Google - kaDDaaya - ಕಡ್ಡಾಯ
    Baraha - kaDDaaya - ಕಡ್ಡಾಯ
    Here 'D' is interpreted as 'ಡ' by Google transliteration

    But in other situation,
    Google - ODu - ಓದು
    Baraha - ODu - ಓಡು
    Here 'D' is interpreted as 'ದ' by Google transliteration
    But in both cases, Baraha interprets 'D' as 'ಡ'

    Note that in Google transliteration you can change to the required vowel/consonant when you do a backspace on the word just transliterated. This time google provides pop down list of optional transliterated words to choose from. But doing this most of the time can be a tedious task and sometimes, you dont get the word you are looking for in the pop down list. On the positive note, one can notice that google transliteration is trying to provide a transliterated word, which is most commonly used or which is in the dictionary of that language. This is similar to the technique which is commonly used in typing messages in mobile phones(known as the iTap or T9 word prediction technology). But unlike English, in case of Indian languages what you speak is what you write. There is no difference between the way you write and pronounce as in English. So, I still prefer baraha to type in Kannada and then paste the unicode text in the applications, I am using.

    Google, are you listening?



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