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Kirik Party : Neenire Saniha Song English Translation

Neenire Saniha Neenire is another popular song from the super hit Kannada movie, Kirik Party. Arya infatuated by Karna, the protagonist, is delighted and sings this song. The song contains finer elements of budding love.

ontharaa neene ruvaari honganasige
Translation : you are the sculptor of this beautiful dream, it feels like
saagide ninna savaari ee manasige
Translation : begun is your journey to my heart

ariyadene ninnale ondaago soochane
Translation : without a clue, I am becoming a part of you
arerere naachi hoovvaagi shileyanthaadene
Translation : wooh... am I becoming shy and get frozen?

mugileri nintha surya, kandare suduvantha bhaava
Translation : hasn't the furious sun
maLe billige ranganu udisillave
Translation : draped colors to the soothing rainbow?

naguva chandiranalli, kaleya kaanore illi
Translation : even in the smiling moon, people find dark spots
beLadingala rangaavali ballare
Translation : how they could know the colorful moonlight!

ninage heLalendu maathonde ondu nannalle ulidanthe
Translation : words I wanted to say to you, have remained in me
raviya daari kaayo mandhaarave, nannaseya arithanthe
Translation : like the flower anticipating the arrival of sunlight

neenire saniha neenire, naaLeya parive illave
Translation : when you are close to me, I forget the days to come
neenire saniha neenire, helada maathu noorive
Translation : when you are close to me, I forget what to say

hariva jhariyanthe jaaro ee ninna jeevake
Translation : for your life, likened to the flowing river
sharadhi tereyanthe nee bandarene holike
Translation : the only comparison is a wave of the sea

O manase
Translation : O my heart.
nee bahusha ee manasa rangeriso yojaneye
Translation : probably, you are planning to delight my heart
naachiruve navilanthe marulaagi hodene
Translation : have I turned into a shy peacock, mesmerized by you?

marethu mai marethu, nasu naguve yaara parivillade ee naduveye
Translation : forgetting everyone, I smile at myself these days
arerere naachi hoovvaagi shileyanthaadene
Translation : wooh... am I becoming shy and get frozen?

You can read the review of the film Kirik Party here.
You can view the song in the following youtube link.

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Saturday, June 24, 2017

How to replace the BESCOM meter, which stopped working?

BESCOM meter of my house stopped showing no reading on display screen. It showed a blank screen. So, I had to replace it. Here are the detailed steps, I followed to get it replaced.

Note : If the BESCOM meter stopped working within 5 years of installation, then it will be replaced free of cost by BESCOM, as it comes under warranty. If not, one has to purchase a new one and install it.
  1. Visit to the Soujanya Counter : 
    • On enquiring in the Soujanya Counter in BESCOM office, I was asked to meet the JEE (Junior Engineer Electrical). He asked me to get the form for granting permission to purchase the BESCOM meter.
  2. Getting the Form for granting permission to purchase BESCOM meter :
    • Above is the form you should get.
    • The form would be available in Karnataka State Licensed Electrical Contractors Association office, which would generally be near to BESCOM office.
    • This form would be filled by the JEE indicating he has granted permission to procure the BESCOM meter.
  3. Get the above form filled and signed by JEE :
    • JEE will fill and sign the form and will tell where the meters are available. 
  4. Procure the meter :
    • In my case, local BESCOM office did not have stock of single phase meters. So, I had to go to AEE BESCOM office in Rajaji Nagar. It has the retail outlet for procuring electricity meters. Following is the address of the same : 
      • AEE BESCOM Office, 41st Cross Rd, Rajaji Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560010
    • Hand over the form filled by JEE and procure the meter. It would be good keep a photocopy of the letter, as the original letter will have to be submitted.
    • Get the purchase bill and check the carton box containing the meter has Test certificate issued by BESCOM and warranty certificate.
    • Cost of the single phase meter was Rs.740/-
  5. Register the meter in the BESCOM office :
    • Come back to local BESCOM office and get the meter registered by JEE.
    • JEE will ask a lineman to install the new meter and ask you to pay him Rs.100/-
  6. Get the meter installed by lineman :
    • Get the lineman to your location to install the new meter.
    • Old meter has to be handed over to the lineman.
Important Notes :
  • You don't have to pay any bribe to get your BESCOM meter replaced.
  • It takes a bit of patience and diligence to get the thing done. JEE may not be available in  his office all the time. So, you may have to wait and but do not loose patience!
  • Even if it is a Saturday, office will be open till 5 30 pm. 
  • Keep the original receipt of purchase of meter, as it would be required to claim warranty later.
  • Keep copy of grant letter and original test and warranty certificates with you.
  • Following were my expenses :
    • Cost of BESCOM single phase meter : Rs. 740/-
    • Installation fees for line man : Rs.100/- 
    • Fuel expenses : Rs.100/-
    • Time Spent : Around 6 hours

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Kirik Party : Kaagadada Doniyalli Song English Translation

Kaagadada doniyalli is a popular song from the super hit Kannada movie, Kirik Party. Dejected Karna, the protagonist goes on a bike journey to find answers within. The composition, kaagadada doniyalli is a very touching song in such a situation.

kaagadada doniyalli naa kooruvantha hottaayite
Translation : is it time for me to go on a voyage in a paper boat?
kaaNisada haniyondu kannalle kootu muttaayite
Translation : has a drop of my unshed tears, turned into a pearl?

haguraageetenO nannedeya bhaara, kanditeno tampaada teera
Translation : have I become lighter? have I found a calming shore?
sikkite mundina daari, nannellaa kalpane meeri, innondE vismayakaari
Translation : have I found my next path, beyond my imagination? That's the only wonder...

haadiyali hekkida nenapina putta joLige bennallide
Translation : memories from my past trail are gathered in my backsack
aaDadirO saavira padagaLa mooka setuve kanmundide
Translation : bridge of thousand unspoken words is right in front of me,
ee hejjeya gurutellava aLisittirO maLegaalavE
Translation : O rains, you are washing away my trail, leaving no sign
naa ninnaya maDilallirO barigaalina maguvaaguvE
Translation : am I a barefooted child in your lap?

manasaageetenO innoo udaara, banditenO nannaa biDaara
Translation : have I become bit more generous? is my home visible now?
sikkite mundina daari, nannella kalpane meeri, innondE vismayakaari
Translation : have I found my next path... beyond my imagination? That's the only wonder!

You can read the review of the film Kirik Party here.
You can view the song in the following youtube link.

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