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Learn Tulu Online : Part 7 - Learning through Tulu Songs, Movies and Celebrity Talks!

Learning a language can be fun. Listening to songs, watching plays/movies of the particular language help us learn faster since in doing so we not only learn the tongue but also enjoy the performance. Also, one can  learn the pronunciation of words and the accent. Isn't it the way we learnt Hindi apart from the lessons at school? Well, now I present to you clippings of some of the well known songs, movies and plays in Tulu. Hope you enjoy these videos and pick up Tulu quickly! Also, I would like to add the video of Aishwarya Rai speaking in her mother tongue Tulu, which should serve as an inspiration to those who want to learn Tulu!

Song : Dennana Dennana
Translation : You can find the translation of the Dennana Dennana song in English here.
Film : RangiTaranga (Kannada)
Background : RangiTaranga was a blockbuster movie in Kannada in 2015, which had a Tulu song, Dennana Dennana, which became very popular. Here's the video of Dennana Dennana song from RangiTaranga!

Song : Pakkilu Mooji onje goodudu badukonduge.
Translations : Kannada - hakkigalu mooru onde goodinalli badukkattive
English : 3 birds are living in a nest
Film : Pagetha Puge (translations : Kannada - Hageya Hoge, English : Smoke of Hatred)
Background : This song depicts the happy family of 3 birds in a nest. The younger one is acquiring wings and   family is leading a happy life. Rest of the song is about the conversation between husband and wife regarding their child. Here's Kannada singer B R Chaya and Ravishankar singing Pakkilu Mooji onje goodudu badukonduge.
Aishwarya Rai speaking in Tulu : Following is the video of Aishwarya Rai, former Miss World and popular Bollywoord actress, speaking in Tulu at Kannada Rajyotsava function in Mumbai on November 14, 2007.
Here is the translation of what Aishwarya Rai spoke in Tulu on that day - "Thank you all for welcoming me with your love and affection. I could not attend this function all these years because of my busy schedules. This year, organizers had informed my father about the function, 4 months in advance. I thought this is the best occasion to attend along with my husband. Definitely this programme would have been recorded. I would carry a cassette / CD of this function and show it to my husband. He was telling how children gave a good cultural programme today, showcasing our culture."

Suniel Shetty : Popular Bollywood action hero, who was born in Mulki near Mangalore, spoke in Tulu when he came to Vishwa Tulu Sammelano(World Tulu Convention) in 2009.
Here is the translation of what Suniel Shetty spoke when he came to Ujire - "Whoever is present here is part of my family. My fellow Tuluvas, I am very happy to come here and see all the arrangements (in this grand function). You have put in a lot of efforts under the leadership of Anna (Dharmashree Veerendra Heggade, head of Dharmasthala temple trust) and done a wonderful job. I feel that this work should have been done long ago! But I am very happy today seeing this. Nobody is there anywhere who puts in efforts like we do. We have established ourselves in whichever part of the world we have gone. But we have not ignored our language! We should come to our native(Tulu Nadu) every year twice or thrice and celebrate our culture!

Shilpa Shetty : Shilpa Shetty visited her native near Mangalore after marriage. Here is the translation of what Shilpa Shetty spoke to media persons that day - "I wanted to come to my native place to seek blessings but I could not come immediately after my marriage. But I have come now after making time amidst my busy schedule. Also, my mom used to tell that we need to visit our native place from a long time. So, we came here. We visited our places of worship - Nagasthala, Bhuta Sthanas (of Jaarendaya, Mesandaya, Sathyavathi, Anna Panjurli). We visited Kateel temple before coming here."
Then the media person asked 'What is special about Kateel Temple?' for which Shilpa Shetty replied - "I believe a lot in Goddess of Kateel temple (Sri Durgaparameshwari). My grand mother(doDDa) used to believe too. So, I have continued that! Even I have a photo of the Goddess in my pooja room (in Mumbai). Culture of Mangalore is deep-rooted in me and I continue to follow that. Then she said "My husband accompanies me in these visits. He has no choice but to come with me and even he is very religious." Shilpa had visited during the time of Cricket World Cup in 2011. So she was asked by the reporters to predict the winner of the cricket world cup! For that, Shilpa answered saying Firstly, India need to win the semi-finals against Pakistan. It is not my prediction but my wish! What else - if India wins the world cup everyone is happy. Even I pray for that to happen! Incidentally, India won the world cup in 2011 and made everyone happy!

Ee Daane Mulu, Yeregavuye Kirikiri : This is the popular dialogue from the 2015 Tulu movie, Ekka Saka, which is creating a buzz  these days in social media. Translation of the phrase is 'Why are you here?(ee daane mulu). Who would want that trouble/nuisance?(yeregavuye kirikiri). To find out more about this phrase, please click here.

Conductor Training School : Now its time for some comedy! Private buses are the life line of people of Mangalore. Following clipping shows a 'conductor training school', where a bus conductor demonstrates how he will attract the passengers by telling the names of the places where the bus will stop. Its really funny, enjoy watching the video!

Learn Tulu Kannada Online : Part 6 - Tulu Kannada Idioms, Sayings with Translations

Idioms form integral part of any language and add spice to the speech. In this part of Learn Tulu series, I am making an effort to put down idioms I know in Tulu language. There are few now and I hope to add more in the future. You can use these phrases in your speech to surprise your Tulu speaking friends :) More importantly, do let me know your opinion on this write up! Also, find the audio guide for this lesson below.
Tulu : bittilda dai yepala mardatt ge.
Kannada : hittala gida maddalla.
English : Literal translation - herb in your backyard is not the medicine. This idiom refers to the attitude of people who ignore the solutions which they already have(like their own ideas or ideas suggested by people at home) and seek external advice.

Tulu : dasme popunavule muchchune, kumbuDa popunavule budpune.
Kannada : saasive nashTa taDedrante, kumbalakaayina hange biTTrante.
English : Literal translation - stopping the mustard wastage leaving aside the wastage of pumpkin! Penny wise, pound foolish.

Tulu : mooleD ittna maDu nu kaar g paaDlekane.
Kannada : moolelidda koDalina kaal mele haakkonDrante.
English : Literal translation - hurting one's leg with the axe at the corner. This explains us how people knowingly invite trouble.

Tulu : notna peTT maaju, panDi paatera maajand.
Kannada : hodeda etannu mareyabahudu, helida maatannu mareyalaagadu.
English : Literal translation - physical wounds will heal but not the scars made by harsh words.

Tulu : pagel guDDeD paterre balli, irl illal paterre balli.
Kannada : hagalu beTTadalli maataaDbaardu, iruLu maneli maataaDbaardu.
English : Literal translation - Don't speak in the hills in day time and in the night, don't speak at home. This conveys that people will always be around to overhear your conversations.

Tulu : konDeda baayi muchcholi, anDeda baayi muchchere balli.
Kannada : loTada baayi muchchabahudu, doDDa handeya baayi muchchalaagadu.
English : Literal translation - you can close the bowl with a lid but cannot shut the mouth of the big cylinder. This conveys one cannot stop the spread of rumors amoung people.

Tulu : neendere teerandinaaye kedukku laayti leka.
Kannada : eeju baaradava kerege haarida haage.
English : Literal translation - like the one who jumps to the river without knowing how to swim. This refers to people who jump to something without knowing the basics.

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Questions from Landmark Quiz 2011 Bangalore

  • A daffodil with scientific name Narcissus poeticus, also called ___ in Persian is the name of the 7 billionth baby born - Nargis
  • Picture - painting of Jesus Christ - what is the popular form of imagery called ? - Good Shepherd
  • Which is the highest grossing bollywood movie with the figure of 189 crores? - 3 Idiots.
  • What is special about F1 tracks in Brazil, Singapore and Abu Dhabi? - Here, the circuits run anticlockwise.
  • Kalidasa - Asti Kaschit Vagvisheshah - asked by his wife - his works - Kumarasambhavam, Raghuvamsham and Meghaduta - start with Asti, Kaschit, Vagvisheshah respectively.
  • Music - BEATLES - grey album - Jay 2 Black album of beatles
  • Audio/Video - Hollywood - Wilhelm Scream - first in 1951 movie Distant Drums
  • Discoverer of animal electricity - Luigi Galvani - Novel based on this phenomenon - Frankenstein
  • Episode from Ramayana at Kodandarama temple, Hampi - coronation ceremony of Sugreeva
  • Fulgurite - fossilized lightening - formed at 1800 degree Celsius
  • Export from Louisiana to Europe - cash crop - after 18th century planter turned to sugar, cotton, tobacco - which crop ? Indigo
  • Video - 2 songs - guess the third - non-English songs to win an Oscar - 3rd one - Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire
  • Figure of 8 in F1 track - Suzuka Circuit, Japan
  • F1 - The car is guided into its pit by the 'lollypop man'
  • Before each event the center piece of this sport is weighed because as per regulations, it must weigh no less than 460 kg. What is the center piece - Bull in Spanish Bullfight
  • Unique test record at the 100th test match at Lords - England vs WI in 2000 - parts of all four innings played on the 1st day itself
  • Identifying the symbol of Ham Radio
  • In 1982, on the occasion of IAF's golden jubilee, IAF formed a group - The Thunderbolts or Surya Kiran
  • 1961 - Project by US Government for the peaceful use of nuclear bombs - Project name ? - Operation Plowshare
  • Nobel peace prize winner from China - Liu Xiabo presented a charter named Charter 08 - this is based on which earlier charter? - Charter 77 issued by dissidents in Czechoslovakia
  • Often the raga compositions of Tansen are prefixed with some words - what are they - Miyan Ki - e.g : Miyan ki Todi, Miyan ki Malhar, Miyan ki Mand, Miyan ka Sarang
  • What are the 3 UNESCO heritage sites in Madhya Pradesh? - Sanchi Stupa, Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka and Khajuraho temples
  • This word means "putting to flight" in Greek - winning word - monument erected by winners - TROPHY
  • Episode from Chanakya's life - he comes across a mother scolding her child for burning himself by eating from the middle of a bun or bowl of porridge rather than the cooler edge - then he attacks Nanda empire on its edges after his initial attack on core part of the empire fails.
  • Name of the plant - term means finger in Arabic - BANANA
  • Swami Vivekananda and formation of IISc by Jamsetji Tata after former wrote a letter to him.
  • Novel The Fifth Horseman - by Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre - plot - Libyan leader Gaddafi holding New York City hostage with the threat of setting off a hidden nuclear bomb.
  • When facing an economic crisis consumers will be more willing to buy less costly luxury goods - this theory is called ____? Lipstick effect
  • What does a dolphin do to avoid nasty surprises by predators and other threats during sleep? It sleeps with an eye open!
  • Which event was banned after 1924 Paris Olympics after the contestants went missing after the event? Cross Country Running
  • USSR project which was called svetloe budushchee or 'a radiant future'? - Moscow Metro
  • Video - song from movie Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge - Who is the music director for the movie? Raghu Dixit
  • Formation of Google Chrome logo.
  • Lewis Carroll - Through the Looking-Glass - The Walrus and the Carpenter - 1871
  • Event which was banned by Karnataka Government in Bangalore recently - La Tomatina
  • Which is the world's loudest non-brass acoustic music instrument? - Nadaswaram
  • What is measured in bbl's? - Petrol or Oil
  • This business in its 120 years of existence never was shut down even for a day. But recently it was shut down for a day in support of Anna Hazare's anti-corruption campaign in August 2011. Name the business - Mumbai Dabbawalahs
  • Question on Rajanikanth - born in 1950 - son of Ramoji Rao and Jijabai - fan base in Japan.
  • Video - Kannada movie Super clipping - What is unusual about naming of this movie? - Initially it was named as a 'hand symbol' denoting best. Subsequently named as Super.
  • Video - Identifying the animated character - Lady Goo Goo
  • Video - Identifying the sportperson - His farewell speech was shown - Lou Gehrig
  • Connection between films 'Farenheit 9/11' and 'Celsius 41.11' - significance of 41.11 - 41.11 degree Celsius is the temperature at which brain begins to die.
  • It is a 360 km long wall in India, next only to Great wall of china - located at 82 km from Udaipur - built to protect Mewar region - Kumbhargarh
  • Moore's law - for computers, Haitz's law - LED lights
  • Badrinath of South - temple on hillock surrounded by a fort - Melkote(meaning "high fort" in Kannada)
  • Picture - 20th anniversary celebration of 'Fall of Berlin Wall'
  • Lawsonia inermis - Henna, Mehendi
  • Ambedkar - statues in blue - why? All colors taken by other parties, wanted to represent Dalits with seperate color.
  • NASA's Juno probe spacecraft - August 5, 2011 - products of which company - LEGO
  • 36th cake festival in Bangalore - Mumbai landmark was prime attraction - Taj Mumbai
  • American Civil war and battle of Gettysburg
  • Who got the divine sword Chandrahasa from Lord Shiva - Ravana
  • Audio - connection with the words translated from hindi song - chaahe koi mujhe junglee kahe - Jonathan Swift - English writer
  • Concept car by Tata - Pixel - Device that can be used to control car's - iPad
  • Style of song and dance - Rumba
  • Clipping of pre-production of movie - The Hobbit - presenter - Peter Jackson
  • Whose birthday is celebrated as Teacher's day in China - Confusius
  • Who was the first Kannadiga to receive Bharata Ratna - Sir M Vishweshwaraiah
  • website launched on 19th Oct 2011 by RDSO, Lucknow and IIT Kanpur - what is the purpose of the portal - Tracking trains on the Indian Railways Network
  • Why is Uruguay named officially Oriental Republic of Uruguay - because it lies on the eastern part of Uruguay river
  • TP Kailasam - Kannada song Namma Tippaaralli Baludoora - based on original English song - 'It's a long way to Tipperary'
  • Only US president to wear a Nazi uniform - Ronald Reagen in film Desperate Journey
  • SUV - were given a new expansion by Jairam Ramesh - Socially Useless Vehicles
  • First sporting event to be live on youtube - IPL 2010
  • Name of Music band by Malcolm, Angus Young - AC/DC
  • Question about Timbuktu - capital of Mali empire
  • Question on Indian Antarctic Program
  • Question about spear phishing.


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