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Vishwa Tulu Sammelano(World Tulu Convention) at Ujire in Dec 2009

Update: 19th December 2009, For viewing the photos of Vishwa Tulu Sammelano 2009 please visit here.

Vishwa Tulu Sammelano or World Tulu Convention in association with Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala and Karnataka Tulu Sahitya Academy will be held in Ujire near Dharmasthala from 10th to 13th December 2009.World Tulu Convention or Vishwa Tulu Sammelano Logo
World Tulu Convention logo
Before the Convention in December, talks/competitions/demos/exhibitions relating to Tulu language and Tulu Nadu will be held in several venues on the following dates.

Karkala -- Sept 19,20 - National workshop on Tulu
Bantwal -- October 10 - Riddles, Idioms and Customs in Tulu
Mangalore - October 31 - Debate on Commercial Aspects and Netravati River Diversion
Moodabidre - November 07 - Religious and Cultural Programmes
Udupi - November 21 - Jewels, Costumes, Indigenous Medicines
Puttur - November 28 - Folk games of Tulu Nadu
Kasaragod - November 29 - Dance forms of Southern Tulu Nadu

For more details, contact:
Head Office, Vishwa Tulu Sammelano, Ujire
Phone : 08256 - 237801
Mobile : 94485 58583, 90083 61611

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World Tulu Convention at Ujire in December - Deccan Herald Report

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Manasaare Film Review

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Much awaited Kannada film Manasaare got released today. Film begins with song Ondu kanasu just like in Gaalipata. Neethu who was paired up with Diganth in Gaalipata, has acted in a guest role here. Whether it was to bring back the Gaalipata chemistry(which was by the way well received by the Kannada audience) here too? That is the question, director of the movie has to answer.

15-20 minutes from the beginning of the film is a good watch with comedy sequences featuring Diganth. But, soon the jovial mood in the film turns into a serious one. This continues for rest of the film canvas with tinges of comedy here and there.

Manohar(Diganth) is a jobless bachelor. He is in love with Bhamini(Neethu) but she deserts him for a well earning groom. Manohar being happy go lucky guy, never minds it. One night in Bangalore, Manohar is mistaken for a mental patient and taken away to a mental hospital in Malligepura in Kodagu. His efforts to prove himself sane prove futile. Even though he manages to escape from there, he comes back because of his love at first sight in the hospital on the day of escape! And now, he plans to elope with his lady love in the hospital van and of course, he succeeds too.
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Devika(Aindrita) who is also a mental patient, hates all men and her reaction towards them is to stab them. She, unaware of Manohar's motives tries to stab him, once she thinks that she has been kidnapped. She insists on returning to hospital and on her way back to hospital, spends 2 days with him and needless to say, love blooms. Also, Devika recovers to normal mental health. And now, when everything is going smooth in Manohar's life, hospital authorities come to know that Manohar is mistaken for Mahendra, another mental patient. This infuriates Devika, who thinks that Manohar is cheating her. Manohar is evicted out of the hospital and his future seems gloomy. Well, then Devika comes to know that Manohar is a good guy and they live happily ever after.

Script as you might have realized by now is weak. Predictable sequences mar the interest of the audience. Also, songs seems to have been stuffed. In a 2 hour movie, you can imagine how difficult it is to put 7 songs. In a way songs tries to lower the pace of the movie, which is otherwise fast paced. Also, several sequences appear unnatural - like, it is quite easy to escape out of the mental hospital and come back again! Bride(Bhamini) confessing her love to other guy(Diganth), taking some time off from the wedding reception! Manohar's uncle wearing patient's dress and climbing hospital wall, to see his future daughter-in-law!

Songs have been well shot but that solely, seems to be the success mantra of Gandhinagar nowadays. Diganth walks away with good performance. Dialogues in north Karnataka lingo are homorous and makes you laugh. Kudos to Raju Thalikote. At the end of the movie, I thought keeping only 3-4 songs with little more on-screen chemistry between Diganth and Aindritha would have made the film much better. What say, folks?

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Manasaare Audio Review

To read the Kannada version click here.

After Gaalipata, director Yogaraj Bhat is gearing up for the release of his latest venture Manasaare. Manasaare literally means straight from heart in Kannada. Here is a first look on the audio of the film released recently.

Trinity of Mungaaru Male - Jayanth Kaykini, Mano Murthy and Yogaraj Bhat is back in Manasaare. Manasaare audio contains 7 songs. Except for one shloka in Sanskrit, lyrics for the remaining 6 songs is written by Kaykini and Bhat. 4 of them are slow tracks continuing the tradition of Mungaaru Male and Gaalipata - where majority of songs were so. ello maLeyaagideyendu tangaaLiyu hELutide(cool breeze is saying it has rained somewhere) is a solo sung by Sonu Nigam. Jayanth Kaykini seems to have hangover of Mungaaru Male. But well, that does seem only in the first line. Beautiful lyrics combined with Sonu's voice is a treat to listen. Glad to see Sonu pronouncing his Kannada correctly here. Music in the beginning of the song is amazing. Yogaraj Bhat has penned kaNNa haniyondige kenne maataaDide(cheek has a talk with tears) which has some new lines in lyrics and it is well sung by Shreya Ghoshal and Kay Kay. naa naguva modalEne(before I laugh), again by Bhat is also sung by Shreya Ghoshal. This song is yet another instance of Shreya's sweet voice.Manasaare Kannada Film Poster
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Manasaare's title track naanu manasaare maruLanaagE iruvenu innu munde(I will be crazy to my heart's liking from now on) is less of music and more of singing abilities of Vikas Vashistha and Lakshmi Nagaraj. This song with small duration of about 2 minutes and 40 seconds has the potential of becoming a hit just like Kavithe song of Gaalipata did. After the melodious tunes of the above mentioned tracks, onde ondu nOTa saaku(one look is enough), a fast track does not impress. ondu kanasu khaalee peelee kaNNa munde heege oDutirabEku(one dream however crazy must be running in front of the eyes like this) written Jayanth Kaykini was the first song I liked in Manasaare. Reason for the liking may be since it was the first song I heard from Manasaare. Kunal Ganjawala who has proved his mettle singing fast tracks in Kannada has lended the voice along with Ananya Bhagat and Earl Edgar. Finally, Vijaya Prakash of Jai Ho fame has recited the shloka - sahanavavatu sahanav bhunattu. I am curious to know in which part of the film, Yogaraj has used this song. Newspapers have announced the release of Manasaare in next few weeks. Lets wait for that. All in all, Manasaare is sure to steal the hearts of Kannada music lovers. To listen to Manasaare songs visit

Manasaare film info : -
Star Cast : Diganth, Aindritha
Music : Mano Murthy
Lyrics : Jayanth Kaykini, Yogaraj Bhat
Play Back Singers : Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal, Kay Kay, Kunal Ganjawala, Ananya Bhagat, Vikas Vashistha, Lakshmi Nagaraj, Earl Edgar
Director : Yogaraj Bhat
Producer : Rockline Venkatesh
Audio : Aditya Music

Financial Expert by R K Narayan

Financial Expert, a novel by well known writer R K Narayan is a good read. Like most of his novels, R K Narayan tells the story with homorous touch.

Plot: Story revolves around Margayya, who helps and advises poor villagers in getting loans from a Cooperative society. Before people getting loans allocated from the Cooperative society, he gives an advance amount for which he charges interest. These financial deeds are maintained in an accounts book by Margayya. Balu, Margayya's son is always upto some mischief. One fine day, in one of his playful acts, he dumps Margayya's accounts book into the gutter. Margayya is now unable to recover money from his clients as they insist on records in the accounts book. But Margayya earns wealth after various incidents like meeting up with Temple priest and Dr.Pal, a Socialogist. The events leading upto this is sure to tickle your funny bone. Dr.Pal is chiefly responsible for Margayya's success. Ironically, he along with Balu become responsible for Margayya's fall in the end.

Film Adaptation : There are few films which do justice to a popular book. This book's film adaptation in Kannada - Banker Margayya is one of those few. Though one cannot fully depict what the character is thinking in a film as in a book, I am sure even if you had read the book, you will equally enjoy the movie. Director T S Nagabharana has given attention to the details provided in the book, which makes you like the movie. With Lokesh, one of the finest actors in Kannada cinema, as Margayya you are in for a visual treat.


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