Friday, September 25, 2009

Manasaare Film Review

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Much awaited Kannada film Manasaare got released today. Film begins with song Ondu kanasu just like in Gaalipata. Neethu who was paired up with Diganth in Gaalipata, has acted in a guest role here. Whether it was to bring back the Gaalipata chemistry(which was by the way well received by the Kannada audience) here too? That is the question, director of the movie has to answer.

15-20 minutes from the beginning of the film is a good watch with comedy sequences featuring Diganth. But, soon the jovial mood in the film turns into a serious one. This continues for rest of the film canvas with tinges of comedy here and there.

Manohar(Diganth) is a jobless bachelor. He is in love with Bhamini(Neethu) but she deserts him for a well earning groom. Manohar being happy go lucky guy, never minds it. One night in Bangalore, Manohar is mistaken for a mental patient and taken away to a mental hospital in Malligepura in Kodagu. His efforts to prove himself sane prove futile. Even though he manages to escape from there, he comes back because of his love at first sight in the hospital on the day of escape! And now, he plans to elope with his lady love in the hospital van and of course, he succeeds too.
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Devika(Aindrita) who is also a mental patient, hates all men and her reaction towards them is to stab them. She, unaware of Manohar's motives tries to stab him, once she thinks that she has been kidnapped. She insists on returning to hospital and on her way back to hospital, spends 2 days with him and needless to say, love blooms. Also, Devika recovers to normal mental health. And now, when everything is going smooth in Manohar's life, hospital authorities come to know that Manohar is mistaken for Mahendra, another mental patient. This infuriates Devika, who thinks that Manohar is cheating her. Manohar is evicted out of the hospital and his future seems gloomy. Well, then Devika comes to know that Manohar is a good guy and they live happily ever after.

Script as you might have realized by now is weak. Predictable sequences mar the interest of the audience. Also, songs seems to have been stuffed. In a 2 hour movie, you can imagine how difficult it is to put 7 songs. In a way songs tries to lower the pace of the movie, which is otherwise fast paced. Also, several sequences appear unnatural - like, it is quite easy to escape out of the mental hospital and come back again! Bride(Bhamini) confessing her love to other guy(Diganth), taking some time off from the wedding reception! Manohar's uncle wearing patient's dress and climbing hospital wall, to see his future daughter-in-law!

Songs have been well shot but that solely, seems to be the success mantra of Gandhinagar nowadays. Diganth walks away with good performance. Dialogues in north Karnataka lingo are homorous and makes you laugh. Kudos to Raju Thalikote. At the end of the movie, I thought keeping only 3-4 songs with little more on-screen chemistry between Diganth and Aindritha would have made the film much better. What say, folks?

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  1. hey guys ,am into creating stories and making serials , this ones a nonsense film from good old bhatru which didn't stay upto my expectation and the mental hospital concept in the movie makes u wonder if u ought to join the same after watching the movie...all the best for those who want to watch...



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