Thursday, January 31, 2008

FM Radio Channels in Mangalore

Currently operating private FM Radio channels in Mangalore are Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM and Radio Big 92.7 FM. Mirchi has stuck to its punch line ‘Sakhath Hot Maga’ as in Bangalore, which I feel does not reflect nativity. It could have been ‘Masth Hot Marre’ (definitely not Maraya, as people in other parts of Karnataka think that people living down the western ghats use Maraya in almost every line spoken). Anyway that’s just a brand building exercise. But with RJs too speaking ‘Bengaluru Kannada’, it is yet to catch up with the language here. Occasionally RJs do speak Tulu but it would have been better if it was exclusive in some of the programmes as it was the norm from Akashavani days here in Mangalore.

In that aspect Radio Big 92.7 FM scores with it already roping in Devdas Kapikad, the veteran of Tulu comedy dramas (popularly known as Telikeda Bolli) in an one hour programme ‘Big Gadbad’. Big FM has also taken initiative to play local songs. I heard one of those Konkani songs. More initiatives like this to support local language and culture would be well appreciated and received with open arms. It would be nice to see these channels play old Tulu, Konkani film songs on air occasionally to remind us of the golden era in Tulu, Konkani cinema. Just rememebering one song from Tulu film, Pagetha Puge – pakkilu mooji onje goodudu badukondunduge, aitt onji kinnig renke puttondunduge, singardaanthi bangar thenes thikkondunduge, goodudu iththina samsaarogu santhasa unduge.

With FM Radio channels coming to Mangalore, it is not just Mangaloreans who are tuning in. You will be hearing these channel being played in Udupi, Mulki, Bantwal, Puttur and Kasaragod as well, though with varying degrees of clarity. When I was returning from Mangalore to Bangalore few days back I could tune to Radio Mirchi 98.3 even at the Charmaadi Ghat!!

Updates, 29th March 2008 : Third Private FM Channel in the form of Superhits 93.5 FM has entered Mangalore radio space on Feb 21st 2008. I would like to see healthy competition between the three private channels now. 93.5 is airing both Hindi and Kannada songs on equal basis. Incidentally, this is the 24th FM station in India and 2nd in Karnataka, by Sun Network. It expects to start operations soon in Mysore and Gulbarga in the coming days.


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Monday, January 28, 2008

TSI Kannada on Net

The Sunday Indian (TSI) Kannada is now available online. Nice to see that the online version of the Kannada edition of The Sunday Indian is second of such kind in Indian languages after English. Note that the weekly is being published in 13 Indian languages (English included as Indian Prime Minister Mr.Manmohan Singh once said English too is an Indian language). Not often you will find such things happening for Kannada.

You can access the TSI Kannada edition online by clicking the link below.
The Sunday Indian Kannada
What’s more – you can even find the old issues online if you had missed some and you can download the pdf files of the archived issues for later reading. Earlier I had mentioned in one of my posts about how TSI Kannada is becoming the undisputed no.1 weekly in Kannada with its coverage of wide range of topics from politics, sports, cinema, art, literature, opinion polls, finance and what not, with only seven months of publication. But only if it could change its English name to a native Kannada one, it would appeal to more Kannadigas, reach the rural areas in Karnataka and make an impact. One more aspect of the weekly is its bold stand on many of the contemporary issues, often unbiased. In this age of yellow journalism one could hardly find an honest media house as this one.


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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Infrastructure Projects in Mangalore

Was planning write a post on infrastructure projects in Mangalore from a long time. Finally writing one! Mangalore where the real estate market is booming, infrastructure projects are just the kind of boost which is required to sustain that boom.

near NITK, Surathkal
Near National Institute of Technology Karnataka(NITK), Surathkal

In my recent visit to Mangalore I could see flyovers coming up in and around the city. Most precisely in Surathkal, Kottara Chowki flyovers are coming up to reduce the pressure on National Highway no.17. Though few months back this very highway stretch from Mangalore to Udupi was in pathetic condition, now some improvement can be seen. Keeping in mind of the arrival IT, retail, manufacturing biggies in this coastal city, these could well serve as the right indicators. Attached are some of the photos from Mangalore where flyovers are coming up.

flyover construction in Surathkal

To one of my friends’ question, who is in Bangalore, whether Mangalore really requires such big infrastructure projects my answer was a firm yes so as to control the heavy traffic plying in NH17 and especially between Mangalore and Udupi. Now even Mangalore experiences lighter traffic jams some times! In the city, tar roads are being replaced with concrete roads as the heavy rains here alter the health of the roads in a short span of time. First one to go for such transformation was M G Road in Mangalore, which is now a show piece in the city with malls, commercial complexes along its sides. Then Hampankatta road was laid in concrete. Presently work on Balmatta-Jyothi road is under progress.

NH 17 near Mangalore
NH 17

In suburban areas like Konaje (near Mangalore University) where Infosys Development Center is coming up, quality roads are being laid much in the same fashion as Electronic city in Bangalore. On the administration front, there is a plan to include suburban areas around Mangalore under Mangalore City Corporation in anticipation of the demand of the future.

Construction of Flyover near Nanthoor, Mangalore
Near Nanthoor

Incidentally, Times of India (Bangalore edition) dated today; 27th January 2008 carried one page report on the tier II cities in Karnataka – Mangalore, Mysore and Hubli coming up in a big way. To access the electronic edition of the newspaper click here.

All these promise of the better future for the Mangaloreans.

Update : 06th June 2010
Following are the snaps of Infosys Campus at Konaje, Mangalore.
At the entrance of Infosys, Konaje, Mangalore
At the entrance of Infosys, Konaje, Mangalore
Infosys Mangalore campus at Konaje
Infosys Mangalore campus at Konaje


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Azaadi Express Bangalore January 23 to 27 2008

Seeing the ads about Azaadi Express in Bangalore in leading news papers few days back, I had decided to go for the photo exhibition of the first war of independece in 1857 and freedom movement after that. This exhibition had been scheduled for 5 days, from January 23 to January 27, 2008 at cantonment railway station in Bangalore. I had missed the same train exhibition when I was in Mangalore few days back so did not want to miss this one in Bangalore. On Saturday, 26th January 2008, along with two of my cousins I headed for the cantonment railway station near Shivaji Nagar, being happy for the fact that I was there on Republic day for viewing our footsteps towards freedom. Sandeep joined us later at the venue. When we reached the railway station, it was 3 30 in the afternoon. Enthusiasm soon died when we saw the people standing in a very long queue to see the glimpse of the historic train. Public holiday on account of Republic day had a bigger role in drawing the crowds. Of course free entry for all too had its positive effect on that. To make things worse there was constant flow of people who would intrude into the long queue wherever possible, not even bothering about the people who had stood there for more than two hours. This is disgusting when the well educated intrude into the queue forgetting minimal ethics. With four of us standing in the queue time pass was never a problem or boring. We discussed a wide range of topics like physics, blogging, history and what not! The announcements came at regular intervals regarding the exhibition being open to general public only till 6 pm. It was already nearing 6 and we were not the ones who would give up and go back home after waiting for almost 2.5 hours. And when we finally got our chance and entered the train it was 6 in the evening. 12 coaches were filled with memories from the freedom struggle like quotes, photos, visual models, paper cuttings etc. With volunteers there asking everybody to move fast one could hardly grasp anything from our past. What is this; did we wait and waste our time just to walk fast in the train?? But we managed to take snaps of the material exhibited in some of the coaches. Frankly speaking it hardly mattered whether we entered all the coaches to have the glimpse since most of the coaches were decorated much in the same fashion as we used to do for school day celebrations for social science exhibitions!! Some of the coaches even had elementary models like irrigation pump and hydro electric power generations and in some other you would find Sania Mirza, MS Dhoni, Yuvaraj Singh and others trying to be the part of freedom struggle. For this Sandeep said it was because they had depicted nation building in the last 150 years. Then I thought more appropriate title should have been given to the photo exhibition. Some of the coaches had very good quotations, citations (like Macalay’s address to British Parliament on how to weaken India by disrupting the traditional education system here) and rare photographs(like handing over of power in 1947 and pictures from 1857) from history. Do spend your time in these. Photo highlights of the show were - pictures, maps from Ist war of Indian independence, Indian national flag over the years, Gandhian era, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose's Azaad Hind Fauz or Indian National Army, The Hindustan Times reporting freedom in 1947, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru becoming the 1st prime minister, prominent scientists like CV Raman, way of progress in Agriculture, Green Revolution (by MS Swaminathan), White Revolution(by Verghese Kurien), Hydro electric projects, Non Alignment Movement, Missile technology, Space technology, Indian currency over the years, war pictures, different models of Electronic Voting machines, Music maestros, sports heros. Also there were some audio recordings like Pandit Nehru's address to the nation on August 15, 1947. In the final coach there were books for sale which were on 1857, freedom movement, gandhian etc and other topics. Sunday, 27 January 2008 is the last day in Bangalore for Azaadi Express. Sunday being a holiday will draw crowds to the venue. So plan well to reach the venue in the morning itself to have the glimpse of history. And if you are planning to stand in the queue for more than two hours in the evening then it is not worth it as if it is in the closing hours you will hardly able to glance over the pictures. In our case we stood for 2.5 hours in the queue and finished seeing the exhibition in just half an hour with closing time of the show being extended.


Friday, January 25, 2008

Ee Prapancha on

When Sandeep called me this Tuesday night I was in for a pleasant surprise. He was about to tell that my and his reviews of the film Gaalipata has been mentioned in, one of the premier news websites in Kannada. Hurray! I was thrilled. Hurried to my laptop to check the article on the net. For those of you who are not familiar with, it is one of the premier websites in Kannada featuring articles from top Kannada writers like Ravi Belagere, Pratap Simha, Vishweshwara Bhat and others and also covers a wide range of topics like news, cinema, literature, travel, cartoons, jokes etc.

My review on Gaalipata had found its place in an article posted by S K Shama Sundara in his regular column 'Kendasampige : From the Editor's Desk' under the title Blogmandaladalli Gaalipata Chitravimarshe (Gaalipata reviews on blog posts). In the article, author goes on explaining how Kannada film industry is changing for good with Kannadigas sharing a forum in the web, discussing the latest releases and stuff, saying Udaaseenakkintha teekegale melu(It is better to be criticized than to be ignored) and adds off late how Kannada film songs have become popular and how people have started discussing Kannada movies seriously. In the end, along with Ee Prapancha the author has listed down 8 blog reviews(with excerpts from the same) on the latest sensation in the town, Gaalipata. Here are the other 7 blog reviews which were listed on

Karnana Maatu
Iduve Jeevana
Nooraaru Maatu


Monday, January 21, 2008

Australia c Kumble b India 16(5)

NO17 is LION if turned upside down. It seems Australia can not strike it and turn it upside down and be the King in the jungle of cricket. Invincible, as they were called twice in the last decade for their spectacular streak of 16 test wins has now become a thing of the past. It is the Indian cricket team again which halted the Aussie juggernaut yet again in 2008, first being in Kolkota, 2001.

India Wins [Picture Courtesy :]

The unsung hero of Indian cricket, Anil Kumble proved his mettle yet again now on a different pitch with his captaincy. Engineer from Bangalore deserves appreciation and applause for lifting up the team from Sydney turmoil a week ago and making the right moves by bringing in Sehwag and Pathan. This combination of a batsman who can bowl and bowler who can bat turned into a pair of all-rounders and swung the match in India’s favour.

Interesting Highlights of the 3rd test at Perth
  • Batsmen dismissed by same bowler in both innings – Australian openers Rogers and Jaques by Irfan Pathan, Australian skipper(and Harbhajan’s bunny) Ricky Ponting by Ishanth Sharma, Andrew Symonds by Anil Kumble, Mike Hussey by RP Singh.
  • Wickets to all from India - All bowlers from India in both innings got wickets – Irfan Pathan, RP Singh, Ishanth Sharma, Anil Kumble and Virender Sehwag(bowled only in the second innings)
  • Test over in 4 days - A team beating Australia in a test within 4 days, which usually happens other way round.
  • Indian Tail wagging 30% – both innings put together last 4 wickets producing 180 out of 624 total runs scored, making it close to 30%.
  • Dhoni factor – Dhoni was involved 8 dismissals out of 20 to win the test (5 catches in Ist innings and 2 catches, 1 stumping in 2nd innings)
  • Relatively Safe Hands – India held 14 catches in total to affect as many number of dismissals, with less dropped catches,one famous being off Symonds by Sachin.

Kumble on Top:
I have been a big fan of present Indian skipper, Anil Kumble, right from the days of Hero Cup in 1993 where he displayed magnificent spell of bowling on the final of Hero Cup on 27 November 1993 to record a famous win against the West Indies. Till this day, 6/12 remains Kumble’s best figure in ODIs. His figures on that day read : 6.1-2-12-6 with 5 victims getting bowled!!!

Kumble leading from the front[Picture Courtesy:]

In the dusk of his 17 year old cricketing career he has achieved another feat by becoming only the 3rd bowler in the history of cricket to take 600 wickets in tests. But he has been far away from controversies the other two had been involved with, whether on or off field. I always wondered why he was not given captaincy after Azharuddin left the spot. In fact he was the vice captain when Azhar was skipper. For the true ambassadors of the game like Kumble these issues really don’t matter. He was always a captain in the waiting. This has been proven yet again after this victory. His dedication, temparent, accuracy, team spirit should serve as good examples for many generations to come.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Gaalipata - Film Review

Tickets for Gaalipata were already sold out in multiplexes in Bangalore and in single screen theatres one could hardly expect getting a ticket in the first few days of the film release standing in queues. But finally we managed to get the balcony ticket in black for Rs.150/- paying thrice the original price in Eshwari theatre at Banashankari, Bangalore. Anyway it is a different experience altogether watching most hyped film on the second day of release itself. In the company of Shande, a self-confessed movie buff and Harsha, I was about to see the most expected movie of 2008, Gaalipata.

Few films live up to the hype created. But Gaalipata neither belong to the elite class nor the average. I would rate it above average purely because cinematography and songs filling the void created by unimpressive script.
Gaalipata Kannada film poster
Picture Courtesy :

Best things first : Hats off to Randy (Rathnavelu) for giving us a visual treat of unknown Karnataka through his brilliant camera work. Frankly speaking, songs, lyrics and screenplay steal the show rather than the plot. Mugilupete as imgined by director Yogaraj Bhat is simply awesome. In depicting Mugilu Pete, he has brilliantly used the peaks of Kodachadri in western ghats and Shivanasamudra waterfalls in Mandya district, cascades of which are called Gaganachukki and Bharachukki. Most of the film is shot in Kodachadri with the climax of the film being in Shivanasamudra. Ganesh has repeated his Mungaru Male style of dialogue delivery which seems blind continuation of Mungaaru Male dialogues but only for some good, humorous one liners. When you have 3 pairs on screen in a single movie it becomes tough task to give equal importance for all the three. Naturally, Yogaraj Bhat has given Ganesh more screen space considering his present status in Kannada industry. But surprisingly new comer Bhavana Rao gets more screen space among the three female leads. But that doesn’t take away anything from Neethu’s mannerisms or Daisy’s silence. But the real surprise package is Diganth nicknamed doodh peda in the film who walks with honors for that innocent role. Ananth Nag is at his usual best but there is nothing special demand from the script from the veteran. Yogaraj Bhat seems to have done in his home work well and gets distinction grades in song picturizations, location selection but fails in the plot he designed much similar to most hyped films in Bollywood, latest to the edition being Om Shanti Om.

The plot : Begins with three friends Ganesh(Ganesh), Diganth(Diganth) and Keerthi(Rajesh) in Bangalore getting fed up with city life and starting their journey towards Mugilupete in search of peace.Kodand Rao(Ananth Nag) lives in Mugilupete with daughters Paavani(Bhavana), Radha(Neethu) and daughter-in-law Sowmya(Daisy), who is a widow. Three contemporary love stories begin though in three different fashions. There is no twist to any of the love stories which cut a sorry figure. In the end all the three pairs start living happily ever after. Yogaraj Bhat seems to have marketed his movie well with beautiful songs and locales but how much he translates it into box office collections remains a big question with a weak plot. Movie runs at slow pace with most of the time being spent in hunting that ever mischievous wild boar. Full marks to the graphics team of the film for creating wild boar on screen as if it was real.

Question which Shande asked me after the film - How is the title Gaalipata(kite) suits the theme?, made me seach for answers. May be, because it is an experiment of a film with no real plot to look for or it might be that kite represents impossible becoming I am possible with no barriers as in the case of three love stories though Ganesh – Sowmya story being a lighter exception. Some intentions of the movie director have been good – like Kodanda Rao seeing Varaha(one of Lord Vishnu’s avataaras)in wild boar to say that animals are not there to fulfill man’s desires or Ganesh who studied in convent trying to learn reading and writing Kannada to impress Sowmya to say that we are forgetting our roots, but only fail to impress. But having said all these, it is surely one-time-watch movie if you forget everything and just enjoy the scenic beauty of Malnad.

To conclude, Indian cricket team’s win at Perth in 3rd test against Australia and thus breaking Aussies 16 match win streak made up for the slight disappointment caused by the much hyped movie!!!


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Is it a coincidence ?

Last week I had posted the below content here.

Mungaaru Male explored new markets for Kannada films with film being released in London (UK), Pune (Maharashtra), Chennai (Tamil Nadu) and Kuppam (Andhra Pradesh). Inter estingly, after 9 years a Kannada film was screened in Open Air Theatre in IIT Madras, Chennai and it was none other than Mungaaru Male! But this was after the film became huge hit in Karnataka. Here the impact Mungaaru Male made is remarkable. Gaalipata is being released on the first day in all South Indian metros on 18th January 2007 itself! Here is the list of theatres in Mumbai/Bombay, Hyderabad and Chennai where Gaalipata is being released. Mumbai/Bombay - Liberty (4 Shows)- Arora (4 Shows)- PVR Cinemas (4 Shows)Chennai - Casino (4 Shows) Hyderabad - Prasad Imax(4 Shows)

Yesterday I found the same content reproduced at this site,, with the same wordings.

Can we call it a coincidence ? Or It was copied knowingly, then I should have been given credit.

Updates 23/01/2008 - After contacting the author of the blog through the chat window provided in his blog, he has obliged and provided the hyperlink to my blog.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mungaaru Male Impact On Gaalipata

Gaalipata – Manada Mugilalli Mohabbat, is being depicted as the next Mungaaru Male in Gandhinagar (center of Kannada Film Industry in Bangalore).Gaalipata is finally getting released on this Friday, 18th January 2007. Whether it will become next Mungaaru Male or not, will be decided in box office few weeks from this Friday. But one thing is sure the success of Mungaaru Male has made a big impact in the Kannada film industry in general and Gaalipata in particular.
Picture Courtesy :
Though the Mungaaru Male and Gaalipata have different teams, the core team remains the same with Ganesh as the lead, Yogaraj Bhat as the director and Jayanth Kaykini as the lyricist and once again Ananth Nag in a supporting role. So naturally the expectations are high. Here are some of the points which highlight the impact on Mungaaru Male on Gaalipata.

Caption :Mungaaru Male – Hani Hani Prem Kahaani
Gaalipata – Manada Mugilalli Mohabbat
Look at the last words in captions of both films – Hindi words - Prem Kahani and Mohabbat have already entered the encyclopedia of Kannada film lingo! Another successful film last year even had a hindi title too – Duniya.

New Markets :
Mungaaru Male explored new markets for Kannada films with film being released in London (UK), Pune (Maharashtra), Chennai (Tamil Nadu) and Kuppam (Andhra Pradesh). Interestingly, after 9 years a Kannada film was screened in Open Air Theatre in IIT Madras, Chennai and it was none other than Mungaaru Male! But this was after the film became huge hit in Karnataka. Here the impact Mungaaru Male made is remarkable. Gaalipata is being released on the first day in all South Indian metros on 18th January 2007 itself! Here is the list of theatres in Mumbai/Bombay, Hyderabad and Chennai where Gaalipata is being released.
Picture Courtesy :
Mumbai/Bombay - Liberty (4 Shows)
- Arora (4 Shows)
- PVR Cinemas (4 Shows)
Chennai - Casino (4 Shows)

Hyderabad - Prasad Imax(4 Shows)
Budget :Mungaaru Male was made with a budget of 2 crores, amassed 45 crores in return as per reports of Roopatara (a kannada film magazine) and still continue to earn. This has given the producers the confidence to invest 6 crores now in Gaalipata, with the graphics of the film alone costing 50 lakhs!

Cinematography :
Mungaaru Male set new standards in cinematography in Kannada film industry and it was one major aspect which made the film, a blockbuster. Now one can see how it has become prime aspect of any film released; just to give an example look at the way ee sanje yaakaagide from Geleya is filmed. Now, in Gaalipata cinematography is talk of the town, with one of the top cinematographers in India, R. Rathnavelu shooting some exotic locations in the film. Nadeem dheem thana song which was shot with some 200 Yakshagana artists and that too in misty Kodachaadri should provide ample evidence to this claim.

Locations :
Mungaaru Male was shot entirely in Karnataka with most part shot in Malnad region of Karnataka. It showed the world famous Jog falls in entirely different perspective. One could hardly believe it was our own Jog. Now in Gaalipata we are not seeing in foreign locales. Here too we are seeing some exotic locations like Kodachaadri which otherwise went unnoticed, in a truly different view. This is a good development at a time when most in industry think songs can only be shot in foreign locales and nowhere else. It is just that we should get to know about our own land first and give some work to our creative mind.
Picture Courtesy :
Lyrics :Before the dawn of Mungaaru Male lyrics hardly mattered in Kannada films but of course some good music would do the trick to make music of the film a hit. Kanglish dominated the lines. But with Jayanth Kaykini providing some awesome lines in Kannada, people have realized what good film music is all about. Look at the songs which became hits last year – Ninnindale, Ee Sanje Yaakaagide. Lyrics speak for themselves. Now in Gaalipata lyrics has become integral part of the film, with songs – Gaalipata, Minchaagi Neenu Baralu, Bedaru Gombe, Nadheem Dheem Thana - filled with some very good lines in Kannada. Just look at the lines from Minchaagi Neenu Baralu – Naa Ninna Kanasige Chandaadaaranu, Chandaa Baaki Needalu Bande Baruvenu(I am a subscriber to your dreams and to pay in return I shall come) or Heli Keli Modale Chooru Kalla Naanu.(as such, I have been a little thief from the beginning)!! These are enough to strike the right chord in listeners’ hearts.
Young Turks :Mungaaru Male introduced young blood in the main stream cinema with Ganesh and Sanjanaa/Pooja Gandhi making their fortunes. After Mungaaru Male, there was a series of films which introduced some new young faces. Most of which fared miserably at the box office. But here is where the future of the industry is. And that is why still the experiment is on. The list of films which are due for release this year goes on like this – Moggina Manassu, Honganasu, Hani Hani, Vaayuputra,Yuga Yugagale Saagali. In Gaalipata, only Ganesh is the one who has already earned a larger than life image in the industry! But as in Mungaaru Male, Gaalipata too has its share of newcomers – Diganth (though acted in 3-4 films, better known as the charming guy in Mungaaru Male in climax), Rajesh Krishnan ( a singer, first time into acting), Daisy Bopanna ( quite some time in films but yet get her hold), Neethu ( acted few films now), Bhavana Rao (new face). Hope this time too, it would prove beneficial to the Yogaraj Bhat!!

Publicity/Marketing :
Ads, reviews, opinions surrounded Mungaaru Male only after a month after its release, most precisely in the first week of February 2007. Interesting to note here that when Kannada weekly Sudha started series: Making of Mungaaru Male in March 2007(2 months after the movie release), written by director Yogaraj Bhat its sales went to a all time high! But as far as Gaalipata is concerned it made news on the first day of shooting itself. Marketing of the movie has been good and hype surrounding it shows how it has worked positively. Now there are film magazine issues dedicated mainly to this film, tv shows interviewing film crew. Great times ahead!

Internet :
After the Mungaaru Male became hit videos of songs of the film made their way to Youtube, Orkut profiles and other networking, video websites. Also wikipedia entered it on its pages. Now Wiki already has a page entry for Gaalipata. Videos of songs and trailers can be found in Youtube, Blogs and Orkut, Facebook profiles. Way to go! Mungaaru Male changed the way world looks at Kannada industry and let that changed outlook remain and get enhanced with Gaalipata.

Hope all these aspects provide the much needed boost for the Kannada film industry and as audience we receive some really good films. To conclude my wish is: Eththareththarake Haarali Gaalipata ( let the kite fly higher and higher).

Saturday, January 12, 2008

January 12 : National Youth Day

January 12th is Swami Vivekananda's birthday. This day is being celebrated as Youth Day in India. Lots of literature have been dedicated on this great man of modern India. But these are the words from him which even today inspire millions to try hard and attain their goals : "Arise, Awake, Stop Not Till The Goal Is Reached. "

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Mangalore Beaches Series : Someshwara Beach

This is a series on unexplored beaches in Mangalore. As such these beaches are being frequently visited by only locals but never got developed into full time tourism destinations. In that sense none of the beaches in Karnataka coastal region caught the attention of domestic or international tourists. Karnataka tourism department have a lot to do if they want to convert these into tourism destinations and boost the economy of this region.
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First one in this series is Someshwara beach, 13 kms from Mangalore city and 3 kms from Ullala. Someshwara beach is a tourist’s delight. Those rocks near the sea, those coconut plantations facing the sea and of course clean surroundings make it a perfect spot for the photo enthusiasts and nature lovers. You will surely agree after seeing the photos I have included in this post. The place is most frequently visited by Mangaloreans to get relieved from the mechanical way of life in the city. If you are film buff you might notice that this is the place where some of the popular Kannada films were shot. Most precisely on the rock called Rudrapaade song sequeces, romantic scenes are shot. There is lot of scope for improvement for making this place a prime tourism destination.
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There is only one beach resort called Summer Sands, 2 km away from Someshwara. In one of the programmes on DD9 or Chandana (Kannada TV channel owned by Govt.) about tourism called Thaana Yaana, one of the European tourists here revealed that Karnataka is not much known in the Europe for tourism and there is a need to market this region for the same. This should serve as a eye opener for the tourism department to wake up and take necessary steps.
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Historically, this region, Ullala was ruled by Queen Abbakka. She is the one who started the battle against the Europeans in this part of India. She fought and defeated the Portuguese. In her honor there is a statue of her on way to Someshwara.
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There is Somanatha temple on the sea shore from which this place derives its name from. Presiding deity here is Somanatha or Shiva. In the temple premises there is the statue of great sage Parusharaama. As per mythology, the coastal region of Karnataka was the creation of Parusharaama (as they say in Kannada it is Parusharaama Srushti).

So next time you visit Mangalore don't forget to visit Someshwara beach.

Here is how you can reach Someshwara?
Distance from Mangalore City – 13 kms
Mode of transport – city buses between Ullala and Mangalore, auto rikshaws, taxi
Where to Stay – Summer Sands beach resort, Ullala or hotels in Mangalore city

Photos from Ullala and Someshwara Temple:

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Statue of Queen Abbakka in Ullala

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Somanatha Temple, Someshwara

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Parashuraama Statue

To see the complete set of photos of Someshwara Beach, Ullala, Mangalore click the below link....


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