Monday, January 28, 2008

TSI Kannada on Net

The Sunday Indian (TSI) Kannada is now available online. Nice to see that the online version of the Kannada edition of The Sunday Indian is second of such kind in Indian languages after English. Note that the weekly is being published in 13 Indian languages (English included as Indian Prime Minister Mr.Manmohan Singh once said English too is an Indian language). Not often you will find such things happening for Kannada.

You can access the TSI Kannada edition online by clicking the link below.
The Sunday Indian Kannada
What’s more – you can even find the old issues online if you had missed some and you can download the pdf files of the archived issues for later reading. Earlier I had mentioned in one of my posts about how TSI Kannada is becoming the undisputed no.1 weekly in Kannada with its coverage of wide range of topics from politics, sports, cinema, art, literature, opinion polls, finance and what not, with only seven months of publication. But only if it could change its English name to a native Kannada one, it would appeal to more Kannadigas, reach the rural areas in Karnataka and make an impact. One more aspect of the weekly is its bold stand on many of the contemporary issues, often unbiased. In this age of yellow journalism one could hardly find an honest media house as this one.


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  1. I have read this magazine quite a no. of times, Its good. Even the translated articles are good.(Eg. But 1 thing which stops me buying this magazine is, credibility of chief Editor (Arindam choudary) who
    gives pages of advertisement in all
    leading news papers, in which most of the facts present are false. (Eg. IIPM placements, IIPM Ranking etc.).
    So my question is should we read
    the magazine which contains the ideas of a person who's credibility is under question???? (Even though one may call it as a type of marketing/selling his College)

  2. Hi Guru,

    Even I was skeptical about this magazine when it got first published, when all those full page ads about IIPM and TSI used to come in leading newspapers. But after reading TSI quite a number of times, I felt the magazine is good and has a bold view.

    But as you said credibility of the chief editor remains in question[ I was even avoiding reading editorials by him, but even they have valid points]. Even in today's newspapers you can find ad about IIPM!!

  3. hi raveesh kumar and guruve..

    i read your comments. how is the magazine design?

  4. Hi,

    Magazine design is good. Similar on the lines of National magazines like India Today, Outlook, Week. I feel, TSI has given a corporate touch to Kannada media.



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