Thursday, January 31, 2008

FM Radio Channels in Mangalore

Currently operating private FM Radio channels in Mangalore are Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM and Radio Big 92.7 FM. Mirchi has stuck to its punch line ‘Sakhath Hot Maga’ as in Bangalore, which I feel does not reflect nativity. It could have been ‘Masth Hot Marre’ (definitely not Maraya, as people in other parts of Karnataka think that people living down the western ghats use Maraya in almost every line spoken). Anyway that’s just a brand building exercise. But with RJs too speaking ‘Bengaluru Kannada’, it is yet to catch up with the language here. Occasionally RJs do speak Tulu but it would have been better if it was exclusive in some of the programmes as it was the norm from Akashavani days here in Mangalore.

In that aspect Radio Big 92.7 FM scores with it already roping in Devdas Kapikad, the veteran of Tulu comedy dramas (popularly known as Telikeda Bolli) in an one hour programme ‘Big Gadbad’. Big FM has also taken initiative to play local songs. I heard one of those Konkani songs. More initiatives like this to support local language and culture would be well appreciated and received with open arms. It would be nice to see these channels play old Tulu, Konkani film songs on air occasionally to remind us of the golden era in Tulu, Konkani cinema. Just rememebering one song from Tulu film, Pagetha Puge – pakkilu mooji onje goodudu badukondunduge, aitt onji kinnig renke puttondunduge, singardaanthi bangar thenes thikkondunduge, goodudu iththina samsaarogu santhasa unduge.

With FM Radio channels coming to Mangalore, it is not just Mangaloreans who are tuning in. You will be hearing these channel being played in Udupi, Mulki, Bantwal, Puttur and Kasaragod as well, though with varying degrees of clarity. When I was returning from Mangalore to Bangalore few days back I could tune to Radio Mirchi 98.3 even at the Charmaadi Ghat!!

Updates, 29th March 2008 : Third Private FM Channel in the form of Superhits 93.5 FM has entered Mangalore radio space on Feb 21st 2008. I would like to see healthy competition between the three private channels now. 93.5 is airing both Hindi and Kannada songs on equal basis. Incidentally, this is the 24th FM station in India and 2nd in Karnataka, by Sun Network. It expects to start operations soon in Mysore and Gulbarga in the coming days.


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  1. well, Radio Mirchi may not be aware of this. .. but changing 'punchline' requires a lot of investment, with the increase of market base they may consider your suggestion.

    Radio Mirchi in Charmadi Ghats ... good observation. but was Big 92.7 tunable there? just curious.

  2. Hi Shande,

    I agree with you on changing the punchline of Radio Mirchi.

    On your question, Big 92.7 was not tunable in Charmadi Ghats. With Charmadi Ghat road in very pathetic condition, Radio Mirchi being heard was the only soothing aspect :D

  3. Competition will do the magic. Wait for sometime... as more fm channels start airing in Managalore, channels will be waiting for opportunities to please audience...
    (Remember the time when radio city was the only channel here??)

  4. Shridhar,

    Well said. Competition can get the best of things done. :D

  5. ‘Masth Hot Marre’ instead of this, I feel "Entha Hot Marre" would be more appropriate...

    Is it reachable in Kundapur?

    And cant FM stations have a signal booster/amplifier in nearby cities to extend the range?

  6. Not sure whether it is reachable in Kundapur. But it is reachable in Puttur, which is 50 km from Mangalore.



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