Monday, July 06, 2009

How to change DNS Server Configuration in BSNL Broadband?

If you are using a BSNL broadband connection, you may have experienced problems in hostnames not resolving into IP Addresses. You thus, end up seeing page requested is not being loaded. Problem is with the default BSNL DNS servers, which are often unresponsive.

To resolve these DNS related issues, just change the DNS configuration in your BSNL modem/DSL router.
  1. Login to your BSNL modem/DSL router typing, which is BSNL DSL router IP, on your browser and username : admin.
  2. DSL router configuration window opens. Click on DNS in Advanced Setup menu on left hand side.You get DNS Server Configuration window. There are Primary and Secondary DNS Servers configured. Change these to Open DNS servers : Primary - and Secondary - To know more about open DNS visit - opendns.com3.Click on save and Reboot the modem/DSL router for the changes to take effect.
P.S: The procedure explained above for resolving DNS server related issue, is the one I followed to resolve it in UTStarcom ADSL 2+ Modem/Router, Model No : WA3002G4 got from BSNL.


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