Monday, July 06, 2009

How to change DNS Server Configuration in BSNL Broadband?

If you are using a BSNL broadband connection, you may have experienced problems in hostnames not resolving into IP Addresses. You thus, end up seeing page requested is not being loaded. Problem is with the default BSNL DNS servers, which are often unresponsive.

To resolve these DNS related issues, just change the DNS configuration in your BSNL modem/DSL router.
  1. Login to your BSNL modem/DSL router typing, which is BSNL DSL router IP, on your browser and username : admin.
  2. DSL router configuration window opens. Click on DNS in Advanced Setup menu on left hand side.You get DNS Server Configuration window. There are Primary and Secondary DNS Servers configured. Change these to Open DNS servers : Primary - and Secondary - To know more about open DNS visit - opendns.com3.Click on save and Reboot the modem/DSL router for the changes to take effect.
P.S: The procedure explained above for resolving DNS server related issue, is the one I followed to resolve it in UTStarcom ADSL 2+ Modem/Router, Model No : WA3002G4 got from BSNL.


  1. Hi .

    I am facing the same problem...

    I want to change the dns address,
    but my 'admin console' doesn't show NAT, DNS, IPv6 options.

    How do I enable them?

  2. Hi Cyn,

    Procedure explained above for changing DNS configuration, is for UTStarcom ADSL 2+ Modem/Router, Model No : WA3002G4 got from BSNL. Not sure if you have the same model.


  3. No post frm a long time.waiting for ur post.keep writing.

  4. Sure Jyoti, Thanks for following my blog. This weekend I will make sure I will write one.

  5. hey how to login in bsnl broadband in our modem plz tell me i want to confugir it plzzzzz.........

  6. John,
    I think default uname/pwd is admin/admin

  7. hello,

    i am facing a problem that
    we have bsnl unlimited download package and give 750rs per month but not getting download speed more than 100kbps...
    on an average there is only 50-60kbps speed in 28 days in a month and get 100 kbps on only 1st two days or less. pls help

  8. Hi Shubham,

    I am not the right person on talk on that. You should raise a concern with BSNL.


  9. Is there problem with BSNL FTTH about WiFi calling?



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