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Learn Tulu Kannada Online : Part 4 - Talking to your friend in Tulu - More sentences

There have been numerous requests from the readers to provide more sentences in Tulu after the first 3 posts in the Learn Tulu Online series. But I am not sure which sentences are more useful to them, as they have not mentioned what they want. But I feel, most of the times, you would tend to talk to your Tulu speaking friend in Tulu than anyone else. So, I am putting down another list of sentences in Tulu, which may help you in talking to your friend. As always, suggestions from the readers are welcome. Please specify the type of sentences you want. Also, please find below the audio guide for helping you picking up the sentences faster

English : Come, let's have tea.
Kannada : banni, chahaa kuDiyONa.
Tulu : balE, chaa parka.

The above phrase 'balE, chaa parka' is commonly used in friendly conversations, when you invite someone for tea. In fact, there is Tulu drama named 'balE, chaa parka', which made the phrase famous in Tulu speaking community.

English : Come, sit.
Kannada : banni, kootkoLLi.
Tulu : balE, kulle.

English : Can you bring a cup of water?
Kannada : nanage ondu loTa neeru tarteeya?
Tulu : yenk onji loTa neer kanapana?

English : I will also come with you.
Kannada : naanu kooDa ninna jote bartheeni.
Tulu : yaan laa ninnottugu barpe.

English : Whom should I ask?
Kannada : naanu yaaranna kELbEku?
Tulu : yaan yEren kEnoDu?

English : Which is your favourite color?
Kannada : ninge ishTavaada baNNa yaavudu?
Tulu : nikk ishTavaayina baNNa vovu?

English : Whats the time now?
Kannada : samaya esTaaytu?
Tulu : gante etaanD?

English : You should definitely come to our house during the festival.
Kannada : neevu habbakke namma manege khanDita barbEku.
Tulu : eer parbogu enklena illaDe nighaanT baroDu.

English : I have to wake up early in the morning tomorrow.
Kannada : nange naaLe beLigge bega yELbEku.
Tulu : yenk elle polyakaanDe lakkoDu.

English : I have some other work today.
Kannada : nanage ivattu bEre kelasa ide.
Tulu : enk ini bEte bEle unDu.

English : Ramesha, your phone is ringing.
Kannada : Ramesha, ninna phone ring aagta ide.
Tulu : Ramesha, ninna phone ring aavondunDu.

English : Where are you man? I am waiting for you near Town hall.
Kannada : elliddi maaraya? naanu Town hall hatra kaayta ideeni.
Tulu : olulla maaraya? yaan Town hall da kaital kaatondulle.

English : Ice-cream at Ideal's is too good.
Kannada : Ideal's nalli ice-cream tumba chennagirutte.
Tulu : Ideal's D ice-cream bhaari laayk uppunDuya.

English : Today's treat is mine.
Kannada : ivattina treat nandu.
Tulu : inita treat enna lekkada.

English : Shall we go to '3 Idiots' today?
Kannada : ivattu '3 Idiots' noDoke hOgONva?
Tulu : ini '3 idiots' tooyere pOya?

English : I liked it very much.
Kannada : nangantu bahaLa ishTa aaytu.
Tulu : enk maatra bhaari isTa aanD.

English : Read 'Five point Someone'. It is really nice.
Kannada : 'Five point Someone' Odu. tumbaa chennagide.
Tulu : 'Five point someone' Od. bhaari laaykunDu.

English : No problem, I will meet you in the evening.
Kannada : thondre illa, naanu ninna sanje meet maaDteeni.
Tulu : malle ijji, yaan ninan bayyag meet aape.

English : Mangalore is a beautiful city.
Kannada : MangaLuru sundara nagara.
Tulu : kuDla porluda pEnTe.

English : Thank you all.
Kannada : nimagella dhanyavaadagaLu.
Tulu : nikleg maaterglaa solmelu.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

A journey through Western Ghats

Yeshwantpur Mangalore Express(Train No.6515) left Bangalore at 7 30 in the morning. Train from Bangalore which runs at night stops at intermediate stations for few minutes. But the day train to Mangalore stops at the stations for some more time. But then if you have a good company, its a good time pass. Also, for me, the main purpose of this journey on a day train was to enjoy the panoramic views of Western Ghats.Flowing river in MalnadBangalore-Mangalore night train(Train No.6517) reaches Mangalore via Mysore-Hassan. But the day train goes via Tumkur-Hassan route. Stations you will find in this route are Tumkur, Tiptur, Arasikere, Hassan, Sakaleshpur, Subrahmanya, Puttur and Bantwal. Train reached Hassan station at about 12 15 in the afternoon. Then we head towards Sakaleshpur. Yes, the same Sakaleshpur, which was immortalized in the film Mungaaru Male. If you had watched Mungaaru Male, then you would certainly remember the scene, in which our hero Ganesh rescues Devdas, the rabbit from a fast approaching train. This scene was shot here in Sakaleshpur railway station.Sakaleshpur Railway Station Mungaaru Male Spot
Sakaleshpur Railwya Station : This is where Ganesh rescued Devdas in Mungaaru Male
Next three 3 hours starting from Sakaleshpur to Subrahmanya was a enjoyable journey. Greenary all around you is a treat to watch. You will be watching pictureseque green paddy fields of Malnad and Areca nut palms all over.Wester Ghats Greenery All OverSoon the train enters the enchanting Western Ghats. When train passes through the ghats, it passes through 57 tunnels. Total length of these tunnels is 10.98 kms and the longest among these is of length 578 meters.Train on bridgeOn the way, you will find numerous streams, bridges which are at such a height, you say wow!, and tunnels carved out of rocks. When train enters the tunnel, passengers happily shout and you may want to wistle out loudly. Bridge and then a tunnel - this combination repeats several times during the journey. Misty Western Ghats Further, the misty mountains, sparkling water bodies flowing from the hills are absolute treat to the eyes. Sometimes, landslides in this train route causes the train service to be suspended for some time. To avoid this, effort is on to build stone barricades, which will prevent the landslides affecting the rails.Train Entering A TunnelIf you have not travelled in this route, catch this train. You will be in for a thrilling and enjoyable journey.Misty Train Route
Barricades To Avoid Landslides
Stone barricades to prevent landslides

Friday, January 01, 2010

Tulu grama again from Jan 8-10, 2010 at Ujire

Main attraction of Vishwa Tulu Sammelano 2009 was the Tulu grama which was visited by most number of visitors. Well, for those who had missed visiting Tulu grama in Ujire, now there is one more chance to visit. Tulu grama will be open to public again from Jan 8 - 10, 2010. Visiting hours: 10 am to 8 pm. So, don't miss this time! (Info: Udayavani, Date:01-01-2010)

To know more about Tulu grama click the below link.
Tulu grama at Vishwa Tulu Sammelano 2009, Ujire


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