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Learn Tulu Kannada Online : Part 1 - Commonly Used Phrases

Tulu is a Dravidian language, predominently spoken in Dakshina Kannada(Mangalore), Udupi districts in coastal Karnataka and Kasaragod district of Kerala. One can also notice sizeable population of Tulu people in Mumbai and Bangalore, who migrated from Coastal Karnataka in search of jobs. Here, I am starting a new series of posts on Tulu. It will be for those who want to learn Tulu. Given below are the commonly used phrases in English and its equivalent in Tulu.

To read this post in Kannada you can click here.

Update - 29th January 2012 : You can now listen to the audio of this post, which will surely help in getting the pronunciations right! Please click the play button below. Please make sure your browser is HTML 5 compatible.

English : Hello, How are you?
Kannada : namaskaara, hEgideera?
Tulu : namaskaara, encha ullar?

English : Had your lunch?
Kannada : oota aayta?
Tulu : vaNas aanDa?

English : Where are you working?
Kannada : neevu elli kelasa maadtideera? (plural / with respect)
                 neenu elli kelasa maadtideeya? (singular)
Tulu : eer olu bEle maltondullar? (plural / with respect)
         ee olu bEle maltondulla? (singular)

English : What are you doing?
Kannada : neevu enu maadtaa ideera? (plural / with respect)
                 neenu enu maadtaa ideeya? (singular)
Tulu : eer daada maltondullar? (plural / with respect)
         ee daada maltondulla? (singular)

English : All are welcome.
Kannada : nimagellarigu swaagata.
Tulu : maatergla swaagata.

English : Come
Kannada : banni
Tulu : bale

English : We will go to Mangalore.
Kannada : naavu mangaloorige hogoNa.
Tulu : nama Kudlag poyi. [Mangalore is called Kudla in Tulu]

English : How were the rains this year?
Kannada : ee sala male hegittu?
Tulu : ee sarthi barsa encha ittnd?

English : When did you come?
Kannada : neevu yaavaga bandri?
Tulu : eer Epa battini?

English : I am fine.
Kannada : naanu chennagideeni.
Tulu : yaan usaar ulle.

English : Will this bus go to Udupi?
Kannada : ee bussu Udupi ge hogottadeye?
Tulu : ee bus Udupi g popunda?

English : Where is this address located?
Kannada : ee address elli barutte?
Tulu : ee address olu barpundu?

English : Ok, see you next time.
Kannada : sari, matte sigona.
Tulu : aavu, buka tikga.

English : I will come.
Kannada : naanu barteeni.
Tulu : yaan barpe.

More often we tend use or prefix 'please' in our day to day conversations. Translations for the word 'please' in Kannada and Tulu are given below.
English : Please
Kannada: dayavittu
Tulu : daya maltad

More Tulu phrases next time.

Update : As per suggestion from Sandeep, I have now included equivalent Kannada phrases too. Well, it will also serve the purpose of teaching Kannada. So, it will be appropriate now, to call this series of posts, English Kannada Tulu speaking guide!

Update : 11 Feb 2012 - Adding some more Tulu phrases here and related Audio Clip! Happy learning!

English : It was a lot of help! 
Kannada : tumba upakaara aaytu!
Tulu : mast upakaar aanD!

English : What happened?
Kannada : yenu aaytu?
Tulu : daane aanD?

English : How it happened?
Kannada : Hege aaytu?
Tulu : encha aanD?

English : I am happy to see you.
Kannada : (sigular) ninnannu noDi tumbaa khushi aaytu.
                (plural) nimmannu noDi tumbaa khushi aaytu.
Tulu : (singular) ninan tood bhaari kusi aanD
         (plural) yiren tood bhaari kusi aanD

English : Then, what is special?
Kannada : matte, enu vishesha?
Tulu : buka, daada vishesha?

English : You should tell
Kannada : (singular) neenu heLbeku
                (plural) neevu heLbeku.
Tulu : (sigular) ee panodu
         (plural) eer panodu

English : Nothing else.
Kannada : yenu illa.
Tulu : daala ijji

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  1. hey thats gr8 :) ... this will definitely help for those who wish to learn our language TULU ...

    keep blogging ,

  2. Thanks Suhas for those encouraging words!

  3. nice initiative ....
    it wud be better if there's Kannada translation also ...

  4. Thanks Shande. I have incorporated your suggestion to put Kannada translation too!

  5. soooper raveesha..from now on i can try talking in tulu with my numerous tulu speaking friends...

    1. How long did it take you to learn?.......just wanted to know

  6. Thats great Guru! I hope my posts will help you in that.

  7. Very helpful to all those who are trying for a Mangalore girl ;)


  8. Hi Bharath,

    Ha Ha, I agree with you :)

  9. Great work..thanks a lot Pavan. Good that you have translated in Kannada too.

  10. Very Helpful, I was searching hard to get some tulu lessons online. I am in love with this language, I have tried looking for any book like learn tulu in book depots, but all the books I found didn't specify how to pronounce the words as I am weak in reading Kannada. I wish If I can get a book which also has pronunciation guide in English.

  11. Thanks Sanskar for your encouraging words.

    Regarding pronounciation issue you have pointed out, I have used the convention used by various Indian languages Transliteration softwares. If you are aware of Baraha software, then you can see how they transliterate from English letters to Indian language script. Also, as most of the Indian languages have the common set of alphabets, even if you write Kannada words in Hindi the pronounciation will be the same. Baraha also provides the pronounciation guide. So, if you know any one of the Indian languages you should have no difficulty in pronouncing the words given here. Only thing here is that I have written Kannada/Tulu words in English script.

  12. Really good place to learn tulu

    keep blogging

  13. hey thanx
    my guy is tulu n i want to learn the language to be more close to his family ..... i m hoping this should help..... i m sure u know the traditional manglore family mom and dad

  14. thanks buddy. helped a lot to converse and impress my gf.

  15. Hi Raveesh, I am looking for the Kannada translation of the word 'Odipu' which is supposed to be the origin of the word 'Udupi'. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  16. ಭೂಷಣ್ ರವರೇ,
    ಡಾ| ಯು.ಪಿ.ಉಪಾಧ್ಯಾಯ ರ ಸ೦ಕ್ಷಿಪ್ತ ತುಳು ಪದಕೋಶದಲ್ಲಿ ’ಒಡಿಪ್ಪು’ ಪದಕ್ಕೆ ’ಫಲಭರಿತ ಕೊ೦ಬೆಗಳ ಬಾಗುವಿಕೆ’ ಎ೦ಬ ಅರ್ಥವಿದೆ.

  17. can you please bring the notes/guide in pdf format, so that we can get the print without the font problems.
    let the kannada and tulu words be in kannada, which helps kannadigas to learn tulu easily....

  18. This is great stuff..

    Thanks to everyone..

  19. This is brilliant,thanks to everyone...

  20. One of my friend is really very disturbed and depressed.. how would i say in tulu that i m there for her?

  21. Hi Sanskar,

    You can tell - yaan epala ninnottugu ulle(I am with you always).

  22. Thanks dude .. I am from gwalior and it helped me a lot. You are doing a great job.

  23. thanks Raveesh. Because of this i able to learn tulu & i can talk to my gf in tulu itself. thank for the post & keep posting new words.

  24. Hey Hi, Once again! I want to know which calender does tulu Brahman follow? I want to wish my friend her star birthday which should be nearby I guess :) Thanks

  25. Sanskar,

    I dont know the specifics as to which calender they follow. But people from Tulunaadu in general follow the Solar calender just like the people from Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh follow Lunar calender.


  26. hi,
    i m from rajasthan but my hubby is shetty (from manglore), please help me to speak in tulu.

    monika shetty.

  27. Hi Monika,

    Thanks for your interest. You can read through my Learn Tulu Online series to learn the language.

  28. Great work.....its gud for our mothertongue to have a strong online presence

  29. thx for posting this. i want to learn Tulu. and i hv asked one of my office staff to help me with it. bt i didnt know where to start... at least from here i can copy the words and ask him how to pronounce them. thank u so much.

  30. Awesome !! I feel dismayed sometimes that I do not find a lot of information in the bloggin world about Tulu nadu. Keep up the great work. Please do write the history about Tulu Nadu if you can. Thanks

  31. Hi arwenevenstar,

    Thanks a lot for those encouraging words. Let me see how I can present more on Tulunadu.

  32. I am kannadiga. But i love tulu. I am very eager to learn it and i will write novels and poems in tulu. Our ultimate aim is to official recognition in india. You can check my kannada poems at please if anybody interested in teaching me tulu through sms pls sms me at 9535097540

  33. Hi Rathish,

    Great to see your eagerness to learn Tulu. I visited your blog and saw some good compositions there. Hope you learn Tulu at the earliest and start writing poems in Tulu as well.


  34. Geee thanks!!! I'm one of them learners.... My parents will be shocked!!!

  35. Reveesh this is good post. i liked it. Thanks for the details to learn Tulu language.

  36. Thanks Benav,

    Encouraging words like yours keep my spirit up to post more articles in Learn Tulu series!

  37. Learn Tulu Language Onlive Live at

  38. Good work man..i m feeling happy that my gf can easily learn tulu fast...
    Prakhyath Rai N

  39. DhanyavadagaLu..nange TuLu kalibeku antha aase ithu. Idu tumba upayogakariyagide..:)
    Kelavu salahe:
    Address - ViLasa(Kannada) what in TuLu?

  40. Hi Anonymous,

    I am not aware of the Tulu equivalent word for 'Address'.

  41. gr8 stuff!!! my partner is tulu, and this would work great... but if u could come up with an android app that would be more easier and awesome... something where you can type in english, and it would automatically translate to Tulu. hope I am not asking for lot, its just a suggestion.

  42. Hi Chintan,

    Great to see your interest. what is your reaction on the audio guide?

  43. Great work Raveesh.., im already learning tulu from your materials..., and was confused about pronounciation of certain words..., now with your audio notes..., i could easily practice the word's pronounciation.

    by the way where you live in bangalore.., do you take classes..or any lessons if i could join your classes..?? please leave your mail id for further correspondence., thank you

  44. Thanks Dinesh! Let me know if you need any other help in learning Tulu language.

    By the way, I don't take any Tulu classes/lessons in Bangalore.

  45. oh.thats a quick response., thank you for replying.., i wanna listen to your notes daily and practice.., i mean i cant access internet daily.., but can i have yioiur audio notes stores in my mp3 player and listen and practice..?? if so..., can you pls provide me the files..?

  46. Currently I have audio for this Part of the series only. Let me see if I can provide you with mp3 of this. For other lessons/parts you may need to wait.

  47. any file format is fine for my intial level., i can convert that into the format where my player can support.
    pls advice me how to get the files..?

  48. Ok., can you pls send me the files..?
    I can listen in my computer daily and practice the pronounciation..? Pls...

  49. Hi Dinesh,

    I have now enabled download of my tracks on soundcloud.

    How to download :
    1. Go to
    2. You will see the tracks listed
    3. There is a download button on the track. You will be able to download the mp3 of the lesson.

  50. Thank u so much Raveesh., you have made a magnificent help....

    and small suggestion.., it wud have been much easier..if its only english and tulu.., cos between confusing me to concentrate.. :)
    by the how to say thank you in Tulu..??

  51. Ya, right even I thought of it. Coming audios will have only English and Tulu

    Tulu word for thanks is 'solmelu'

  52. Sir., your audio tutorial is awesome.., im very happy tht i cud pronounce every sentence in the right way.., looking forward for the next release of sentences...
    Thank you..
    and if i could have your mail id...i would be much glad to post my doubts directly to you.
    Pls consider..
    Thank u once again

  53. Thanks Dinesh, You can post your questions in the comments, so that it would be helpful to others too.

  54. Hi Raveesh its a great initiative teaching tulu a dialect online my only concern is can u specify the usage of wrds in other sentences or how we can use it in other sentences too because this learning just limiting to few sentences.
    Thank you

  55. thanks anonymous. ViLasa... I don't know the direct translation. But usually people ask - like irna ill olaand? (where is your home), or if you are asking an address you can ask - undu address olu barpundu (where is this address located?)

  56. Dhanyavaadhagalu Raveesh avre, this is an awesome initiative from you! Please don't remove Kannada-Tulu section, because we can learn Tulu double quick along with Kannada. Incase our other compatriots want to learn Tulu, they can use the English-Tulu section.Waiting for the next audio guide, thanks

  57. Thanks Sumanth for your comments! Don't worry, I will not remove the Kannada Tulu section.

  58. First time I have come across this site, but think it's an incredible initiative to teach language in commonly used manner using audio, please keep up the good work :)

  59. Thanks a lot Sanjeev.. and spread the word too..

  60. baari sok undu irna blog.... vonchoor shabdolenu eer thund malthudu bareyaarda posath kalpunagale yedde auu (translation: Great blog! If you could break up some of the Tulu words into sub-words, then it would be easier for folks new to the language to learn)
    Ex: "nadothundu" -> "nadoth" + "undu"
    "gothithandaa" -> "gothu" + "ithandaa"

  61. Thanks Kiran. I got similar comment from one more guy. Will try to implement your suggestions.

  62. Good Job. I'm a telugu from tamilnadu and can speak kannada and understand malayalam pretty well. from my knowledge & understanding of these languages, i can say, i find traces of all these 4 languages in TULU. correct me if i'm wrong. i want to learn TULU so very badly so that i can have the satisfaction of knowing all 5 south indian (Dravidian) languages. i'd appreciate if you could post the grammar/patterns of the language. Thanks

  63. Hi Guru,

    Thanks for the comments. Tulu language separated very early from Proto south dravidian family. So, it is natural that Tulu words are found in other dravidian languages!

  64. hi thank u so much for such a good iniative,would like to learn tulu from a to z i mean to say completey would be grt help if u can provide some literature so that i can do it fast

  65. Please visit my blog post - Tulu Language Resources Online which contains links for Tulu Dictionary, Grammar and blog about Tulu culture

  66. can you pls help to learn tulu from english words for ex come balle on that manner can i get the all the words.

  67. wow! very useful site to learn tulu through kannada....

  68. Thanks, its really helpful. I'm learning tulu because my in laws speaks tulu. But i find it very difficult to pronounce. I really want to learn tulu. Can you suggest steps or tips how to go about it

  69. Did listen to the audio guide with this post

  70. U r doing an excellent job.keep moving on.god bless u.yankla mastt aase undu tulu nu Karnataka da maata janaklegg kalpavodundu.

  71. Very helpful sir.. Once i'm through wit yo 7 day course.. I'll come back wit doubts..!;-)

  72. Hey thanks,
    Its helping me to impress a tulu girl....

    Thanks a ton

  73. Hiya raveesh :)

    This site is just amazing for people like me who take a very long time to learn somethin.. Its simply superb ..and when have plans of impressing someone within no time,then this site is just great :) Solmelu :)

    Shrddha Gavali

  74. enkleg masth kushi andu .bala edede kelasa malthari all the bet ereg

  75. hai anna enchaa ulleru dadda vishesha

    *negl kudla thagla?

  76. Solmelu Vandana.

    Nama usaarulla. and, nama kudladakle.. :)

  77. hi, pl help in knowing tenses in tulu, pls post sigle sengle sentance in all tenses.

  78. Hi Anonymous,

    Can you please provide a sentence which you want in all tenses? It would be of better help to you I feel.


  79. Hi Raveesh,

    Thank you so much for providing Tulu speaking language on Internet.
    I hope one day I will speak fluently with my friends.

    Thank you

  80. hello Raveesh anna.
    I am from Andhra... Your work is excellent. This is very useful to those who wants to learn tulu.
    But i want to know about pronouns, names of friends and commonly using vegetables.
    Please post how to converse with a vendor in vegetable market...

  81. Hi Raveesh anna.
    I am from andhra and because of your effort i am learning Tulu. thank you very much.
    i want to know pronouns like he she it they and vegetable names.

  82. thank you very much anna.
    can you please post about pronouns
    he, she , it , they
    and names of vegetables.
    It will be helpful when we go to market.

  83. Hi Gangadhar,

    Here are the terms you wanted.

    he - aaye
    she - aaal
    it - undu
    they - akulu

    Here are the names of commonly referred vegetables

    Ivy gourd - maNoli
    Cucumber - touthe
    Coriander - koththambari
    Radish - moolangi
    Pepper - munchi

    Let me know the name of the vegetables you want to know in Tulu

  84. hi, nice post, can you please add all other post of learn tulu series in audio. it will be more helpful to understand correct pronounce

  85. Good one Raveesh! I searched web for Kannada to TULU translation and I ended up to your site. Keep up the good work.. I will also start talking in some TULU from today onwards!

  86. You have done a great job! I am a postgraduate from Germany who wants to learn Tulu in order to study the Siri paddana. Especially your audio guide is very helpful since the Tulu language is completely different from any of the European languages I have learnt. Is the audio guide available for any other lessons, or just for one? Thanks

  87. Hi Pauline,

    Thanks for your compliments. I am very glad to know your interest in learning Tulu language. Currently, audio guide is available for this post only. I will update other posts with audio guides too, if it helps in your research.

  88. Very useful and many thanks for creating this module. Please keep updating.

  89. Your work is splendid. I hope for the update of the sound guide. I begin the learning of Tulu language. I want to talk with a husband family. My son of the 1 year old child will obtain it naturally immediately. However, it is necessary for me to repeat this learn . My husband speaks this language. It is difficult for me to be taught it by him well. I thank you. By the way, I use translation application for English.

  90. Thanks a lot! It helps! Keep updating please! Thank you!:)

  91. Pls also include phrases like. Good morning, take rest, etc..

  92. Thanks Ravesh, it helps me a lot. keep posting more words.
    u r doing good job bro....

  93. Hi,

    This was really helpful :) Thanks for making this effort. Wonderful initiative!!

    I had one request. Could you please post the audio for the additional tulu phrases which you have added as an update.

    That would be really helpful. Thanks again :)

  94. Good morning does not have specific equivalent in Tulu. We say "Namaskara, encha ullar" - which means "Hello, How are you?"

    Take Rest in Tulu can be "vishranthi detonle"

  95. Hi Raveesh,
    I dont know Tulu at all..
    Can you help me with the meaning of "yenn jaala maanththri"

  96. The sentence you have mentioned is different dialect of Tulu which I am not very familiar with. But by my understanding the meaning the sentence could be - "I have not done anything"

  97. Its really niece but to be fluent to speak it what to do? full tulu language

  98. This is great. I have to learn Kannada. Am sure my in laws would be amazed

  99. it was so nice and very goood is more helpful of study thulu language

  100. Nice efforts Raveesh... Will keep reading your other posts as well.

    Selmole. :)

  101. Where to buy some easy books online to learn tulu...,
    Please Guide Me

  102. I don't know about any ebooks. You can read the Learn Tulu Online series in this blog.
    Learn Tulu Online Series

  103. Very good blog... Loved it.. I am very much excited to learn Tulu because its one of the Karnataka's repected language.... Well done raveesha. ...

  104. Love to learn Tulu fluently . Online lessons here are very useful to learn correctly. Keep it up and Thank you so much for blog author.

  105. I always want to learn my father language and i am so happy to learn Tulu ,i am sure that i will learn soon ,i will give surprise to all of my family

  106. I was recently posted to Bantwal on promotion from Tumkur.. As am into marketing(LIC of India) & to mingle-to communicate-to gain confidence of people here its very necessary for me to learn Tulu.. Since 3months of my stay here, I can understand 50% tulu but coudnt speak.. I ll be here in Bantwal for another 3yrs, am sure I ll learn it.. Thanks Raveesh for your efforts..


  107. Hi Madhusudan,

    It is heartening to see your efforts to learn the local language for effective communication. I am also happy that my lessons are helping you in that. It is great to see Tulu tutorial being useful in ways I never imagined.

  108. thanku sir..its helping me to speak with ma gf..

  109. Good work raveesh it's really helping me thanks

  110. Language is one of the most important things to be known especially to communicate and convey our message to the people where we live. Am basically from a non TULU region. I was humiliated for not knowing TULU language two days before. Even though I know 6 Indian languages I couldn't convince my message to the people only because I didn't know TULU language. Then I decided to learn TULU language. And for that I found your blog was very helpful than any sites and apps. I heart fully appreciate you for your work and request you to add some more. Thank you.

  111. Hi Pradeep,

    Thanks a lot for your feedback. It is great to know your resolve to learn Tulu language. You can check other parts of Learn Tulu Online series for more sentences. Do let me know your feedabck after that.

  112. Even I am from malenad I couldn't able to speek tulu trying now to learn but I felt with pronounce it would have helped more please work on it

  113. I want to learn tulu to talk wid ma hubby so dt others dnt understand.. ty for making it possible.

  114. Anonymous,

    I am not sure what exactly you mean!

  115. Sir, first of all thank u so doubt is that "there are many words for which i dont know the meaning..... for example-saarthi, ittnd, maltandollula, etc..

    1. Hi Dolly,

      Thanks, here are the meaning of words you asked :

      saarthi - means 'times', like how many(Yet) times(saarthi)?

      ittnd - it was there, like 'Film was good' would translate to 'Film Yedde ittnd'

      maltandullala - is she doing?
      e.g aal(she) Delhi d bele(work) maltondullala - is she working in Delhi?

      Hope that answers you question.

    2. Dolly good to know that this tulu blog of raveesh has helped you learn this language. since you have started this recently, we can practice learning the same by exchanging the known facts and the roots of mastering the accent to speak fluently.

  116. Hello raveesh Sir
    Can you please tell me that how to say this in tulu.
    When are you coming back to (city name)?

    1. Hi Neha,

      Here is the translation in Tulu :

      English : When are you coming back to Mumbai?
      Tulu : While talking to elders or giving respect to the person - "Eer yepa Mumbai g vaapaas barpuni?"
      For friends - "Ee yepa Mumbai g vaapaas barpuni?"
      Note the difference - Eer (as in Aap in Hindi)

  117. Aapka dhanyawaad raveesh Sir
    Thank you for helping and giving prompt reply
    Solmelu :)

  118. This is awesome. A much needed resource for learning Tulu.
    Great job!!
    Thank you.

  119. Is there any english to tulu ( with english pronunciation) translation app or link ?I want to learn from basic words

    1. I don't have any app as of now. But thinking of one soon...

  120. Can sm1 tel me the meaning of Bayyada solmeylu..!!???

  121. Replies
    1. Hi Nikhil, bayya is evening in Tulu. So bayyada solmelu means greetings of the evening

  122. Nanu KANNADIGA.
    Hindi athava english kaliyodakkinta nammade naadina TULU bhashe kaliyona annistu adakke kalitidini.
    Ee website inda thumba sahaya agtide.
    Mast upakaar aanD

  123. sir,i am a telugu person.this website is useful for me to learn tulu.
    But i have a doubt.In what kind of situations we use bhaari?And when to use mast?

    1. 'bhaari' has variety of usages.
      It can mean 'good' if one says 'ayena bhaari bele maraya' -> He has done good/hard work.
      It can also mean showoff if one says 'ayena bhaari mallatige'. [He has a big show off]
      Whereas it means 'plenty' if one says 'eren tood bhaari kusi aand' [I am very happy seeing you. Here you can also use mast instead of bhaari, which also means plenty.
      Generally, mast is used as 'plenty' in meaning!

    2. here kusi means happ?

    3. please tell me kusi means happy??



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