Saturday, October 02, 2010

Learn Tulu Series in Kannada now!

I am overjoyed by the responses to my Learn Tulu series of posts. These posts have received the highest number of page views as well as comments from my readers. Thank you all for the same. After seeing the interest among the readers to learn the language, I am confident that Tulu language will definitely survive many more years contrary to what UNESCO's report has indicated. I had started Learn Tulu series last year primarily to spread the language and save it from extinction.

By the way, some of the readers have expressed their concern about the pronunciation and suggested to write these posts in Kannada script too. Though I have used the transliteration convention used by Baraha software, there may be cases when the reader can get confused. So, in my Kannada blog, I have started the same series using Kannada script, which can serve as a proper pronunciation guide as with Indic scripts, what you write is what you read. So in future, you get to see the new articles on Learn Tulu Series in both English and Kannada blogs. You can read the previous articles of the series in my Kannada blog here.


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