Friday, July 17, 2015

Get Caught In The Wave of Rangitaranga

Intriguing, captivating and to top it all, visually enthralling - Rangitaranga with its new team brings in fresh perspective to Kannada cinema. Taking cue from Guddada Bhoota - a popular television serial in the 90s, debutant director does a wonderful job in exploring its modern possibilities. Dennana Dennana - the title song of the serial haunts even after 25 years. So is Rangitaranga, even after you have left the movie hall.

A thriller in its true sense, Rangitaranga casts a spell with its exquisite scenes depicting the vivid picture of the fictional village of KamarottuEnriching this setting is the backdrop of vibrant culture of coastal Karnataka. Yes, it is the same name of the village in Guddada Bhoota. Of course, the plot is not the same. An elusive writer with his wife comes to his spouse's ancestral village. As soon as they arrive, they encounter unusual incidents. This begins the search for the root cause and in turn, their own past.
Rangitaranga Kannada Film Poster
One pertinent observation in the film is its usage of pristine Kannada both in songs and dialogues - very refreshing to hear those immaculate words. Particularly the song - Akka Pakka - so contemporary in its style, yet so frugal in its use of non-Kannada words makes an impression and it has already made it to the chartbusters. Kele Cheluve - based on traditional Yakshagana(folk art of coastal Karnataka) tune is a melody and how can I forget Kareyole Kareva Ole - a brilliant composition.

Rangitaranga is one of those edge-of-the-seat thrillers, with its tight plot and equally good execution. Web of sub-plots creates the necessary confusion to give that awe factor, when the mystery is finally revealed. On the other hand, movie could have done away with stereotyped dialogues in few scenes. Also, I certainly felt that climax could have been better and trimmed. Few unnecessary twists and songs could have been dropped too. But these points do not take away the essence of the colorful wave in which the audience get caught in. Surely, don’t miss this one.

Dennana Dennana is the most popular song from the movie RangiTaranga. The song is in Tulu language. You can now read the translation of the song in English here.

Not sure if many of us aware of the website for this film. Ok, here is the RangiTaranga film website in English and Kannada. Here, you will find the lyrics of all those melodious songs, promotional videos and posters to download!

Update : 16 October 2015
As expected, RangiTaranga has completed 100 days in theaters, a rare occurrence these days. Kudos to RangiTaranga team!

Update : 27 December 2015
RangiTaranga has completed 175 days (25 weeks) in theaters and is eyeing on completing 200 days soon!

Update : 26 January 2016
RangiTaranga has bagged 8 awards at IIFA Utsavam - 2016 (South Indian segment of the annual International Indian Film Academy Awards)
  • Best Film - RangiTaranga
  • Best Director - Anup Bhandari 
  • Best Music - Anup Bhandari
  • Best Lyrics - Anup Bhandari
  • Best Supporting Role - Sai Kumar
  • Best Background Music - Ajaneesh Loknath
  • Best Sound Mixing - Murali Rayasam
Below is the trailer of the movie and the video of Akka pakka song


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