Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ghajini - Film Review

For all those media hype and publicity by Aamir, Ghajini does not disappoint for most part. A perfectionist he is and the Khan lives upto it - a tonsured head, a eight-pack body and a matching act. On the whole, film stands out for amazing performances by the lead actors, Aamir Khan and Asin, the southern sensation.

Sanjay Singhania(Aamir Khan), CEO of Airvoice, is suffering from a mental disorder, where in he remembers about anything for only 15 minutes. And, why he is in such a state is a different story altogether. To manage with his inability, he makes notes about everything he encounters daily, takes photographs of whoever he is in touch everyday and also, he is on mission to find his enemy Ghajini and kill him. Kalpana(Asin), his love is dead and needless to say that Ghajini is responsible for that. How Sanjay accomplishes his mission is rest of the story. Jia Khan, a MBBS student helps Sanjay on his way. Ghajini Film poster
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What's Good: Aamir excels in his potrayal as always and that is the precise reason why he takes up only one movie every year. His body language perfectly suits the role. Asin, as a cheerful youngster impresses everybody. More than Aamir, it is Asin who steals the show with her stellar performance. Well, worth watch for Aamir fans and also for who want out-of-the-mill film stories. A R Rehman at his best in songs - Tu Meri Adhuri Pyaas Pyaas, Behka Behka. Exotic locations for song sequence are treat to watch. Also, hats off to the camera work too!

What's Not So Good: Asin's introductory song in the movie looks as if it has been stuffed into the movie sequence! Film could have been done without the song and Asin histrionics. Also, climax is a slight disappointment as the much dragged climax may remind you of the 80s film era!

This and That: Following was the SMS I received yesterday about Ghajini :- Describe Aamir Khan in GHAJINI - A man without hard disk, only cache memory and high speed processor! Of course, this message was forwarded by a software engineer.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Slum Baala - Film Review

Two stories based on favorite subject of Kannada producers, underworld! Almost the same team. But the second one fails to live up to the expectations. I am talking of Agni Shridhar's latest venture, Slum Baala. His earlier film Aa Dinagalu was a hit and was among the 10 best Indian movies in 2007 according The Week, well known English weekly. That was the precise reason why me and my friend, Raghav had no hesitation to go for the movie. But here, the film let us down with its weak plot. On the brighter aspects of the movie, Duniya Vijay, Umaashri, Shubha Poonja and Shashi Kumar, Achyuth Rao(more known for his role in hugely popular serial in E-tv Kannada, Moodala Mane) give commendable performances. M N Suresh, another TV artist, though does a good job, overacts in some scenes. Slum Baala film poster
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Quite many films have come on the subject of underworld with same old story of nexus of police and politicians taking the help of underworld dons to achieve their motives and in the end, eliminating them, when they get any slightest hint of dons rebelling. Well, story is familiar here too. Vinayaka Baala alias Slum Baala is a little known rowdy who gets deported to Mumbai for a year. Baala joins his friend Razaak there. He also gets to meet his love, Shubha Poonja. Circumstances force Shashi Kumar, a police officer, who had earlier deported Baala, to call him back to Bangalore. M N Suresh, playing a politician takes the help of Baala to eliminate his adversaries. In the end, Baala is about to rebel against Suresh, as Baala does not get the deals done as promised. But then Baala is killed in an encounter planned by Shashi Kumar, the police officer.

Camera work in the film is good and there is one scene which stands apart - the scene where Baala kisses the pistol and says bellagaagbekuntha naanu yaavaththu fair and lovely haakdavnalla; naanu kariya, neenu kariya, saath kodtheeya.(Loose translation in English may go like this - I had never used face creams to look fair; I am black and you (pistol) too are black, will you stand by me). First half of the film is entertaining but the second half is boring. Yes, boring as second half is all about showing two warring parties, Baala and his gang on one side and Suresh and his group on the other side, discussing strategies, how to eliminate one another in alternate scenes. Amidst all these, two melodious songs - Ale Aleyu Haadidavu, Manasu Rangaagide Indu steal the show. This is probably the only similarity with Aa DinagaLu, as songs - Aa Dingalu and Sihi Gaali won the audience's applauses, a year ago.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mast Maja Maadi - Film Review

Mast Maja Maadi - film as a whole, does not impress much. But the dialogues for most part of the film, sets a laugh riot in the movie hall! Also, the performance of Komal which hides below par performance from lead actors! But who cares, as you have to just concentrate on the dialogues. Mere presence of Komal adds comedy element to the scenes. Its been long time since he has come out of the shadow of his elder brother, Jaggesh. Film posters project Sudeep as the hero of the film but heroic performance if any ends there, as he delivers an indifferent performance here.

Film is about 4 jobless guys - Diganth, Komal, Vijay Raghavendra and Nagakiran, who are after the Rs.20 crore bounty, hidden under a big 'M' in Ooty Botanical Garderns. Things get complicated as they are joined by Sudeep, a disgruntled police officer who knows this secret and trys to stop at their mission and take away the full share! Further Sathya Raj, playing robber and Rangaayana Raghu also join the mad race. Comedy of errors to induce laughter is common in such tales and here too. Though the gang of these funny guys get hold of the treasure, they donate it to charity under changed circumstances. Mast Maja Maadi film poster
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Sole heroine in the movie, Jenifer Kotwal gives an average performance. Lip synch for dubbing seems out of place. But it also a pity that for most of the Kannada heroines, the only dubbing artist is Deepu. Let the heroine be - Pooja Gandhi, Ramya aka Divya Spandana or Shubha Poonja, the female voice is of Deepu only. Rangayana Raghu seems like a slapping expert in the movie with acting going backstage. Nagakiran, who plays a dumb guy in this movie, has been dubbed with voice similar to that of duck for his antics - this could have been clearly avoided. Diganth has to go back to his acting classes. Tennis Krishna, Sihikahi Chandru, Umashri come and go. Of the movie locations, I could identify Manchinabele backwaters, on the outskirts of Bangalore city, where much of the scenes are shot. Surprise package is the song in the climax featuring Kannada superstar Upendra and a galaxy of Sandalwood heroines - Andrita Ray, Sharmila Maandre, Nethanya, Suman Ranganath, Keerthi Chawla, Rekha, Sanjanaa, Ragini, Ramanitho Chowdhry, Gowri Munjaal and Maahi.

In the end, as you would have thought by now, Mast Maja Maadi is a remake of Dhamaal which in itself is a remake of hollywood flick Its a mad, mad, mad world!. I would like to call these two remakes as national remake and international remake! That's not all - some scenes for Mast Maja Maadi are blatantly lifted from Golmaal, making it sort of kichdi. So, initially when the film begins dialogues seem direct translation of Hindi version. But for the audience's respite, this translation saga ends at first few scenes. An average film, can be given a try or better, a miss!


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