Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ghajini - Film Review

For all those media hype and publicity by Aamir, Ghajini does not disappoint for most part. A perfectionist he is and the Khan lives upto it - a tonsured head, a eight-pack body and a matching act. On the whole, film stands out for amazing performances by the lead actors, Aamir Khan and Asin, the southern sensation.

Sanjay Singhania(Aamir Khan), CEO of Airvoice, is suffering from a mental disorder, where in he remembers about anything for only 15 minutes. And, why he is in such a state is a different story altogether. To manage with his inability, he makes notes about everything he encounters daily, takes photographs of whoever he is in touch everyday and also, he is on mission to find his enemy Ghajini and kill him. Kalpana(Asin), his love is dead and needless to say that Ghajini is responsible for that. How Sanjay accomplishes his mission is rest of the story. Jia Khan, a MBBS student helps Sanjay on his way. Ghajini Film poster
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What's Good: Aamir excels in his potrayal as always and that is the precise reason why he takes up only one movie every year. His body language perfectly suits the role. Asin, as a cheerful youngster impresses everybody. More than Aamir, it is Asin who steals the show with her stellar performance. Well, worth watch for Aamir fans and also for who want out-of-the-mill film stories. A R Rehman at his best in songs - Tu Meri Adhuri Pyaas Pyaas, Behka Behka. Exotic locations for song sequence are treat to watch. Also, hats off to the camera work too!

What's Not So Good: Asin's introductory song in the movie looks as if it has been stuffed into the movie sequence! Film could have been done without the song and Asin histrionics. Also, climax is a slight disappointment as the much dragged climax may remind you of the 80s film era!

This and That: Following was the SMS I received yesterday about Ghajini :- Describe Aamir Khan in GHAJINI - A man without hard disk, only cache memory and high speed processor! Of course, this message was forwarded by a software engineer.


  1. good crisp review.

    the movie is watchable but it's not a breakthru one usuall Aamir Khan's movies will be.

    Frankly speaking I really didn't had any expectations from the movie, as it was a remake. However the screenplay is good enough to keep you occupied for nearly 3 hours.

    Music is good but not great. It doesn't put an everlasting impression like famous AR Rehman's number do.

    To sign off, Asin's performance deserves complements. Looking forward for her more performances in Bollywood movies.

  2. I did not like the movie, probably beacuse i was comparing the movie with the original "memento". The whole concept is copied from memento and some masala like songs, flashback (romances with heroine) have been added newly. In the original movie 'hero' speaks a lot and does a class acting,(intead of just shouting like a pyscho, insted of just potraying the well built body - this is where Amir khan acting dissapoints when compared to original movie), the original movie runs fast, retians its suspense till a last moment, and shows less voilence and more acting is involed.

  3. I will comment only on the music.
    It's not of Rahman's standards and also lags a lot behind the Tamil version done by Harris Jayraj.



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