Monday, January 12, 2009

Ananthapura Temple Kumble Kasaragod

Ananthapura near Kasaragod, 45 kms from Mangalore is a lake temple. Though surrounded by barren land all around it is truely amazing to see a lake and temple in the middle. Ananthapura is the holy abode of Lord Ananthapadmanaabha (or Lord Vishnu). Interestingly Ananthapura is the only lake temple in Kerala state.Ananthapura Lake Temple, KasaragodIdols : Idols worshipped here is not made of metal or stone as in most of the temples in India. It is made of Kadusharkara Paaka(made of various herbs). In this way of making idols of Gods, in addition to the external organs, internal organs like heart, lungs, skeletal joints and nervous system are also are realized. Also, there is no Abhishekam for idols made of Kadusharkara Paaka.Reflection of the Ananthapura Temple,Kasaragod in the lakeVegetarian Crocodile : Most of you may find it hard to believe that temple is guarded by a vegetarian crocodile, which lives in the temple lake. Crocodile named 'Babiya', has been living in the temple lake for 63 years now. They say there lived one crocodile before the present one appeared. People used to get a glimpse of the crocodile when they called it. In 1945, that one was killed by a British officer. After a few days, the present crocodile appeared in the lake. But now, one hardly gets to see the crocodile. One can see the crocodile, when the priests offer prasadam, naivedyam to it in the morning.Lord Hanuman and GarudaHow to reach Ananthapura from Mangalore : Mangalore to Kumble (also known as Kumbla) - 40 km
One can catch the Mangalore-Kasaragod bus to reach Kumble.
From Kumble, take an auto to Ananthapura or
catch a bus to Naikap (4 km from Kumble) and then get an auto from there.
Route Map to Ananthapura, Kasaragod


  1. I didn't know about this place- else would have visited en-route Bekal fort. Thanks

  2. You are right. Many people do not about the place. Now after a report in TV9 Kannada, people have come to know about this temple in Kasaragod.

  3. Stumbled here when searching for something. Me too had not known about this temple, missed it during my last year's visit to Kasaragod. Beautiful place, lovely images.

  4. pls anyone have contact phone numbers of the templs there

  5. pls anyone hae the contact numbers of the temple ,

  6. @guru Contact no. of Ananathapura Lake Temple is +91 4998 214 360. You can get further info about the temple here:



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