Thursday, January 15, 2009

Haage Summane Film Review

Can success be replicated? Preetham Gubbi thinks so and it may be a while when he realizes the answer for this question in negative. Riding on the success of Mungaaru Male, having provided the story, he tries the formula - good music + beautiful locales + new faces. But his directorial venture lacks freshness, which most film buffs want. If one line description is enough, then it is nothing but a sequence of cliches.haage summane film poster
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Agreed, most of the songs are good(Maayavaagide Manasu and Oorella Koogi Heluve) but that only does not make a film worth watching. No complaint about the lyrics by Kannada's No.1 lyricist now, Jayantha Kaykini. Cinematography is a plus but audience can clearly point out the artificial trees (maple trees) being 'planted' in the beautiful locations of Karnataka. There was absolutely no need for that.

Mungaaru Male hangover is clearly seen. That is evident from the first scene as he names his hero 'Preetham'(Kiran) - 'Preetham' was the name of Ganesh's role in Mungaaru Male. Preetham's search for a true love ends with Khushi(Suhasi), a guitarist. He is not among the ones who give up, when Khushi rejects his proposal. He comes to Khushi's home telling, he wants to learn guitar ahead of a show. Needless to say he has to impress her parents to win over her. But why Khushi rejects Preetham in the first place is revealed at the end. By the time you feel it is the beginning of the story, you see it is the end of the film! Story if at all is there in this film, lacks freshness. One can predict the subsequent scenes and for the worst part, even dialogues. And this is when irritation for the movie goer begins and that ends when the movie ends.

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