Friday, January 16, 2009

St Aloysius Chapel Mangalore

St.Aloysius Chapel located at the heart of the city is a must visit for anybody visiting Mangalore. St.Aloysius Chapel, MangalorePaintings filling every inch of the walls of the chapel, is indeed a treat to watch. These paintings are the works of Italian artist, Anthony Moscheni. Most of the paintings are dedicated to the life of Aloysius Gonzaga, from whom St.Aloysius College, Mangalore derives its name from.Inside St.Aloysius Chapel, Mangalore There are also paintings of Apostles, saints of Church and Jesuit saints - St.Thomas, St.Francis of Assisi, St.Peter Claver, Bl.Rudolf Aquaviva, St John De Britto. Also included are the paintings, dedicated to the life of Jesus Christ. Visitors will also be delighted, experiencing the calm and peaceful environment inside the chapel.Paintings of Jesus Christ in St.Aloysius Chapel, MangalorePaintings of life of Jesus Christ in St.Aloysius Chapel, Mangalore

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