Saturday, September 25, 2010

IIM Bangalore's Annual Business Festival - Vista 2010

Vista 2010, IIM Bangalore's annual business festival presents Vista Corporate Evening, which includes a corporate quiz exclusively for the corporates and 2 business plan case competitions (one sponsored by Yahoo! and the other by Nokia). Following is the list of events you might want take part and win awesome prizes!

PGSEM students at IIMB are organizing exclusive corporate events named Vista Corporate Evening on 2nd Oct 2010. Yahoo! India is the sponsor of the Vista Corporate Evening.

Corporate quiz is an exclusive quizzing extravaganza for corporate participants to be conducted on 2nd Oct. Acclaimed quiz master Thejaswi Udupa will be the host this time. With the top corporate teams fighting it out, the winners would have to bring their best game to the table. First prize of Rs.30,000 and second prize of Rs.15,000 to be won. And there are attractive prizes to be won by the audience too.

Software Czars
is all about finding the new software czar. A strategic business case analysis competition for the Software industry, Software Czars is exclusively designed for IT professionals. It tests the participant’s knowledge of the IT industry and the how-it-works through various instruments including case analysis and role plays. The event is open now and the Round 1 deadline is on 28th September, 2010. The selected participants will get to be finalists and present their case study to an elite panel of industry experts on 2nd Oct. Winners will take home a First prize of Rs.20,000 and a Second prize of Rs.10,000.

The Next Big Wave
will decide who will ride the next telecom wave. It is a brand new business plan competition from IIMB-PGSEM stable to find next big rider in the telecom market. The case has been sponsored by Nokia and winners get to own super swanky mobile phones from Nokia as well as prize money worth Rs.15,000 in all. If the ideas generated are worthwhile, the winners will be funded by Nokia to pursue and implement their ideas. The round 1 deadline is on 28th September 2010 and the event is open now.

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pancharangi Film Review

Its another case of a big director movie being a big let down. Well, I see Pancharangi as a continuation of his earlier venture Manasaare. Yogaraj Bhat has presented Manohar(Diganth) of Manasaare who was a jobless youth in a new avatar as Bharath Kumar. Similarities show up from the first scene. Its a classic case of a frustrated youth making fun of the way people live and view life. Of course, director has used the same dialogue style(that of being different from what people normally speak) he employed in Mungaaru Male. But here, Diganth and Nidhi take up that job which was Ganesh's USP then.Nidhi Subbaiah, Diganth and Ananthnag in Pancharangi
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Looking at the pace of the movie, you will wonder whether its going to be all new view on life. But wait, it takes only few minutes before you realize otherwise. But then you have brighter aspects in the movie too. The case of Nityananda Swami seems to have inspired one of the characters, which is well portrayed. Also, the herd mentality of the people who watch numerous astrology programs on most of the national and regional TV channels and believe whatever the astrologer says takes a bashing here.

Well, dialogues for some part of the film entertain the audience. But they seem to be on similar lines. I found the trailer of the movie more interesting than the actual movie. Watching the movie, I fee director seems to be in confusion about his view on life. Whatever it is, the film is definitely not up to the mark, where you would go to the movie by just seeing director Yogaraj's name.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tulu Script and Thawlava Software

You can read this post in Kannada here.

Not many people know that Tulu language has its own script. Bhagavato is the first Tulu epic to have been written in Tulu Script. In this epic, Poet Vishnutunga quotes Kannada poets Kumaravyaasa and Chaatu Vithalanaatha. Bhagavato dates back to 1636 A.D. This epic has been preserved in Manuscripts Department of Mangalore University with the efforts of Dr Venkataraja Puninchattaya(Info: Baravuda Jeetige - by Suryoday Perampalli).Baravuda Jeetige Tulu Alphabet Book CoverKannada actor Suryoday Perampalli has brought out a book of Tulu alphabets. You can see the Tulu alphabets from one of the pages of the book below. Tulu alphabetsOn the other hand, National Computer Literacy Committee has come up with Tulu transliteration software - Thwalava 2.0. Key board layout used is the same as the one used for Kannada transliteration software - Nudi. There are 50 alphabets in Tulu language. Demo of the software was done in last year's World Tulu Convention. You can also see the usage of the software in the video below.

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