Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pancharangi Film Review

Its another case of a big director movie being a big let down. Well, I see Pancharangi as a continuation of his earlier venture Manasaare. Yogaraj Bhat has presented Manohar(Diganth) of Manasaare who was a jobless youth in a new avatar as Bharath Kumar. Similarities show up from the first scene. Its a classic case of a frustrated youth making fun of the way people live and view life. Of course, director has used the same dialogue style(that of being different from what people normally speak) he employed in Mungaaru Male. But here, Diganth and Nidhi take up that job which was Ganesh's USP then.Nidhi Subbaiah, Diganth and Ananthnag in Pancharangi
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Looking at the pace of the movie, you will wonder whether its going to be all new view on life. But wait, it takes only few minutes before you realize otherwise. But then you have brighter aspects in the movie too. The case of Nityananda Swami seems to have inspired one of the characters, which is well portrayed. Also, the herd mentality of the people who watch numerous astrology programs on most of the national and regional TV channels and believe whatever the astrologer says takes a bashing here.

Well, dialogues for some part of the film entertain the audience. But they seem to be on similar lines. I found the trailer of the movie more interesting than the actual movie. Watching the movie, I fee director seems to be in confusion about his view on life. Whatever it is, the film is definitely not up to the mark, where you would go to the movie by just seeing director Yogaraj's name.


  1. Agree ! continuously repeating the 'fresh treatment' which was first attempted 3-4 years back, gets type-casted into stereotypes.

  2. I think Digant's acting is best in this film. Digant, we are waiting for your next film.
    Best of luck!

  3. Songs of this film is very good and even the movie. Digant best of luck for your next movie. I am waiting for your next movie.

    Best of luck.



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