Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Ondu Motteya Kathe - Subtle, Humorous and Full of Life!

If I tell Ondu Motteya Kathe is about candid confessions of a bald guy, I would be understating. Because it is a movie with subtle humor throughout and full of life. With characters so genuine, dialogues so candid, it is an experience of living the movie rather than watching it!

Janardhan, a Kannada lecturer, is unable to find a suitable match because of his bald head – a prevalent problem these days! His search for an ideal match reveals his own inner self. He discovers that not only there are societal prejudices against him but also he has been harboring preconceived notions. That part delights and the viewer lives the character! Humor keeps the viewer glued as Janardhan narrates his kathe or story and evoking humor is done effortlessly! Dialogues from every day life manage to tickle the funny bone hard. A guy exaggerating the deeds of an astrologer, Janardhan’s relentless efforts to look good, be good and find a companion, his parallel efforts to be away from the clutches of moha or delusion and bits of Dr.Raj’s songs at right junctures have come out very well. Though the movie echoes the universal theme - beauty lies in the heart, it is in its sensitive presentation, Ondu Motteya Kathe scores.
Subtlety is found not only in humor but also in how the characters interact. For example, the hero’s brother though exists in frame from the beginning but their interaction happens only in the second half. But they do communicate non-verbally or using monologues.

In some scenes, I could also find different dimensions. For example, a character says Janardhan is not married - because in addition to he being bald, he is an Indian language lecturer too! Also, in the age of social media, how excitement and anxiety follow each other!

Probably this is the only movie in Kannada, which has used the Kannada dialect from Mangaluru throughout and in its authentic form. Not only the dialogues but the life of coastal Karnataka comes alive in the form of ritual vows to deities, reference to jobs in gulf nations and more importantly, through congenial courtesies! Such a sensitive portrayal is a reason to cherish and is a sure sign of arrival of great movies in Kannada.

Following is the trailer of the movie - Ondu Motteya Kathe

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