Monday, May 25, 2009

Learn Tulu Kannada Online : Part 2 - Talking In a Restaurant, Conversing with a vendor

Continuing the Learn Tulu series of posts, here are some Tulu phrases you might want to use in a restaurant and while talking to a vendor. Please find the corresponding audio guide below. Happy learning.

Numbers :

English : One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten
Kannada : ondu, eraDu, mooru, naalku, aidu, aaru, ELu, enTu, ombattu, hattu
Tulu : onji, raDD, mooji, naal, ain, aaji, EL, enma, ormba, patt

In a restaurant :
English : What and all are there?
Kannada : enella ide?
Tulu : daada maatha undu?

English : Will that take some time?
Kannada : adakke tumbaa hottu aagutta?
Tulu : avek jinja portu aapunDaa?

English : Give me one masala dosa.
Kannada : nanage ondu masale dose koDi.
Tulu : enk onji masale dose korle.

English : Bring it fast.
Kannada : idannu bega tanni.
Tulu : nEn bEka kanale.

English : I dont want that.
Kannada : nanage adu bEDa.
Tulu : enk avu boDchi.

English : I dont want that much.
Kannada : nanage asTondu bEDa.
Tulu : enka aat boDchi.

English : Give that one.
Kannada : adannu koDi.
Tulu : aven korle.

English : Give some water.
Kannada : neeru koDi.
Tulu : neer korle.

English : You have given a good service!
Kannada : oLLe service koTTri!
Tulu : eDDe service koriyar!

Conversing with a Vendor :
English : How much does this cost?
Kannada : Idakkestu?
Tulu : nEk Et?

English : The price is too high.
Kannada : rate tumbaa jaasti aaytu.
Tulu : rate mast jaasti aand.

English : Please lower the cost.
Kannada : rate swalpa kammi maadi.
Tulu : rate onchooru kammi malpule.

English : Show me the new designs.
Kannada : nanage hosa designs tOrisi.
Tulu : enk posa designs tOjaale.

English : I will pay by cash.
Kannada : naanu cash pay maadteeni.
Tulu : yaan cash pay malpuve.

English : Please pack all the goods, I will come soon.
Kannada : ella saamaanu pack maaDidi, naaneega bartEne.
Tulu : maata saamaan pack malt deele, yaan itte barpe.

English : When will the ordered goods arrive?
Kannada : order maaDida goods yaavaga barutte?
Tulu : order maltina goods Epa barpundu?

English : Yes, its been sometime now, since I had come here.
Kannada : howdu, naanillige bandu swalpa hottaytu.
Tulu : and, yaan iDe battd chooru portaanD.

English : Whats the time now?
Kannada : eega estu hottaayitu?
Tulu : itte Et portaand?

English : We will come again at 1 'o clock.
Kannada : naavu 1 gantege matte bartEve.
Tulu : enkla 1 ganteg pira barpa.

English : Good work!
Kannada : oLLe kelasa!
Tulu : eDDe bEle!

English : Thanks.
Kannada : dhanyavaada.
Tulu : solmelu.

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  1. English : We will come again at 1 'o clock.
    Kannada : naavu 1 gantege matte bartEve.
    Tulu : enkla 1 ganteg pira barpa.

    How should I read '1'?? onji?

  2. anyway.. saw the number definitions later..

  3. Sir, I want learn tulu like pro. what should I do?

  4. Is this Shivalli Tulu?

  5. @Suchit, go through and practice sentences given in the Learn Tulu Series in this blog.

  6. I need a small favor.Is this the (Tulu) language speaking in udupi???

  7. Yes it is the same language spoken in Udupi, dhinez.

  8. Any classes in udupi to learn tulu ?

    1. No, not as of now! I stay in Bangalore :)

    2. Can you please teach me Tulu brother..

    3. Please follow the lessons published in this blog, brother.

    OR SAME ?

    1. Yes, they do differ in the usage of few words. what I have used here is Mangalore Tulu

  10. Thanks again!Great help. Going through your daily links. My rusty tulu is being oiled nicely!

  11. Yenkul Soumya ee enchanted Ulla?

    Does this mean "I am fine , what about you?"
    Can the answer be "yaan saukya ulle"

    1. May be you meant "Yenkul Soukhya, ee encha ulla?" It means as you said "We are fine. How are you?

      Yes the answer is correct "Yaan soukhya ulle" - i.e I am fine.

  12. Yes.. It is nice.... Easy to Learn tulu words.. Very helpful.. Pls add more other parts.... Of tulu like.. Conversation with lectures and families



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