Saturday, January 19, 2008

Is it a coincidence ?

Last week I had posted the below content here.

Mungaaru Male explored new markets for Kannada films with film being released in London (UK), Pune (Maharashtra), Chennai (Tamil Nadu) and Kuppam (Andhra Pradesh). Inter estingly, after 9 years a Kannada film was screened in Open Air Theatre in IIT Madras, Chennai and it was none other than Mungaaru Male! But this was after the film became huge hit in Karnataka. Here the impact Mungaaru Male made is remarkable. Gaalipata is being released on the first day in all South Indian metros on 18th January 2007 itself! Here is the list of theatres in Mumbai/Bombay, Hyderabad and Chennai where Gaalipata is being released. Mumbai/Bombay - Liberty (4 Shows)- Arora (4 Shows)- PVR Cinemas (4 Shows)Chennai - Casino (4 Shows) Hyderabad - Prasad Imax(4 Shows)

Yesterday I found the same content reproduced at this site,, with the same wordings.

Can we call it a coincidence ? Or It was copied knowingly, then I should have been given credit.

Updates 23/01/2008 - After contacting the author of the blog through the chat window provided in his blog, he has obliged and provided the hyperlink to my blog.

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