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Mungaaru Male Impact On Gaalipata

Gaalipata – Manada Mugilalli Mohabbat, is being depicted as the next Mungaaru Male in Gandhinagar (center of Kannada Film Industry in Bangalore).Gaalipata is finally getting released on this Friday, 18th January 2007. Whether it will become next Mungaaru Male or not, will be decided in box office few weeks from this Friday. But one thing is sure the success of Mungaaru Male has made a big impact in the Kannada film industry in general and Gaalipata in particular.
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Though the Mungaaru Male and Gaalipata have different teams, the core team remains the same with Ganesh as the lead, Yogaraj Bhat as the director and Jayanth Kaykini as the lyricist and once again Ananth Nag in a supporting role. So naturally the expectations are high. Here are some of the points which highlight the impact on Mungaaru Male on Gaalipata.

Caption :Mungaaru Male – Hani Hani Prem Kahaani
Gaalipata – Manada Mugilalli Mohabbat
Look at the last words in captions of both films – Hindi words - Prem Kahani and Mohabbat have already entered the encyclopedia of Kannada film lingo! Another successful film last year even had a hindi title too – Duniya.

New Markets :
Mungaaru Male explored new markets for Kannada films with film being released in London (UK), Pune (Maharashtra), Chennai (Tamil Nadu) and Kuppam (Andhra Pradesh). Interestingly, after 9 years a Kannada film was screened in Open Air Theatre in IIT Madras, Chennai and it was none other than Mungaaru Male! But this was after the film became huge hit in Karnataka. Here the impact Mungaaru Male made is remarkable. Gaalipata is being released on the first day in all South Indian metros on 18th January 2007 itself! Here is the list of theatres in Mumbai/Bombay, Hyderabad and Chennai where Gaalipata is being released.
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Mumbai/Bombay - Liberty (4 Shows)
- Arora (4 Shows)
- PVR Cinemas (4 Shows)
Chennai - Casino (4 Shows)

Hyderabad - Prasad Imax(4 Shows)
Budget :Mungaaru Male was made with a budget of 2 crores, amassed 45 crores in return as per reports of Roopatara (a kannada film magazine) and still continue to earn. This has given the producers the confidence to invest 6 crores now in Gaalipata, with the graphics of the film alone costing 50 lakhs!

Cinematography :
Mungaaru Male set new standards in cinematography in Kannada film industry and it was one major aspect which made the film, a blockbuster. Now one can see how it has become prime aspect of any film released; just to give an example look at the way ee sanje yaakaagide from Geleya is filmed. Now, in Gaalipata cinematography is talk of the town, with one of the top cinematographers in India, R. Rathnavelu shooting some exotic locations in the film. Nadeem dheem thana song which was shot with some 200 Yakshagana artists and that too in misty Kodachaadri should provide ample evidence to this claim.

Locations :
Mungaaru Male was shot entirely in Karnataka with most part shot in Malnad region of Karnataka. It showed the world famous Jog falls in entirely different perspective. One could hardly believe it was our own Jog. Now in Gaalipata we are not seeing in foreign locales. Here too we are seeing some exotic locations like Kodachaadri which otherwise went unnoticed, in a truly different view. This is a good development at a time when most in industry think songs can only be shot in foreign locales and nowhere else. It is just that we should get to know about our own land first and give some work to our creative mind.
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Lyrics :Before the dawn of Mungaaru Male lyrics hardly mattered in Kannada films but of course some good music would do the trick to make music of the film a hit. Kanglish dominated the lines. But with Jayanth Kaykini providing some awesome lines in Kannada, people have realized what good film music is all about. Look at the songs which became hits last year – Ninnindale, Ee Sanje Yaakaagide. Lyrics speak for themselves. Now in Gaalipata lyrics has become integral part of the film, with songs – Gaalipata, Minchaagi Neenu Baralu, Bedaru Gombe, Nadheem Dheem Thana - filled with some very good lines in Kannada. Just look at the lines from Minchaagi Neenu Baralu – Naa Ninna Kanasige Chandaadaaranu, Chandaa Baaki Needalu Bande Baruvenu(I am a subscriber to your dreams and to pay in return I shall come) or Heli Keli Modale Chooru Kalla Naanu.(as such, I have been a little thief from the beginning)!! These are enough to strike the right chord in listeners’ hearts.
Young Turks :Mungaaru Male introduced young blood in the main stream cinema with Ganesh and Sanjanaa/Pooja Gandhi making their fortunes. After Mungaaru Male, there was a series of films which introduced some new young faces. Most of which fared miserably at the box office. But here is where the future of the industry is. And that is why still the experiment is on. The list of films which are due for release this year goes on like this – Moggina Manassu, Honganasu, Hani Hani, Vaayuputra,Yuga Yugagale Saagali. In Gaalipata, only Ganesh is the one who has already earned a larger than life image in the industry! But as in Mungaaru Male, Gaalipata too has its share of newcomers – Diganth (though acted in 3-4 films, better known as the charming guy in Mungaaru Male in climax), Rajesh Krishnan ( a singer, first time into acting), Daisy Bopanna ( quite some time in films but yet get her hold), Neethu ( acted few films now), Bhavana Rao (new face). Hope this time too, it would prove beneficial to the Yogaraj Bhat!!

Publicity/Marketing :
Ads, reviews, opinions surrounded Mungaaru Male only after a month after its release, most precisely in the first week of February 2007. Interesting to note here that when Kannada weekly Sudha started series: Making of Mungaaru Male in March 2007(2 months after the movie release), written by director Yogaraj Bhat its sales went to a all time high! But as far as Gaalipata is concerned it made news on the first day of shooting itself. Marketing of the movie has been good and hype surrounding it shows how it has worked positively. Now there are film magazine issues dedicated mainly to this film, tv shows interviewing film crew. Great times ahead!

Internet :
After the Mungaaru Male became hit videos of songs of the film made their way to Youtube, Orkut profiles and other networking, video websites. Also wikipedia entered it on its pages. Now Wiki already has a page entry for Gaalipata. Videos of songs and trailers can be found in Youtube, Blogs and Orkut, Facebook profiles. Way to go! Mungaaru Male changed the way world looks at Kannada industry and let that changed outlook remain and get enhanced with Gaalipata.

Hope all these aspects provide the much needed boost for the Kannada film industry and as audience we receive some really good films. To conclude my wish is: Eththareththarake Haarali Gaalipata ( let the kite fly higher and higher).


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