Friday, January 25, 2008

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When Sandeep called me this Tuesday night I was in for a pleasant surprise. He was about to tell that my and his reviews of the film Gaalipata has been mentioned in, one of the premier news websites in Kannada. Hurray! I was thrilled. Hurried to my laptop to check the article on the net. For those of you who are not familiar with, it is one of the premier websites in Kannada featuring articles from top Kannada writers like Ravi Belagere, Pratap Simha, Vishweshwara Bhat and others and also covers a wide range of topics like news, cinema, literature, travel, cartoons, jokes etc.

My review on Gaalipata had found its place in an article posted by S K Shama Sundara in his regular column 'Kendasampige : From the Editor's Desk' under the title Blogmandaladalli Gaalipata Chitravimarshe (Gaalipata reviews on blog posts). In the article, author goes on explaining how Kannada film industry is changing for good with Kannadigas sharing a forum in the web, discussing the latest releases and stuff, saying Udaaseenakkintha teekegale melu(It is better to be criticized than to be ignored) and adds off late how Kannada film songs have become popular and how people have started discussing Kannada movies seriously. In the end, along with Ee Prapancha the author has listed down 8 blog reviews(with excerpts from the same) on the latest sensation in the town, Gaalipata. Here are the other 7 blog reviews which were listed on

Karnana Maatu
Iduve Jeevana
Nooraaru Maatu


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