Saturday, February 02, 2008

Aishwarya Rai Speaking in Tulu

Found this video on youtube in which Bollywood/Hindi cinema(whichever you feel appropriate) queen Aishwarya Rai speaks in Tulu, her mother tongue, in Kannada Rajyotsava function in Mumbai held on November 14,2007. Aishwarya Rai, who was born in Mangalore, later moved to Mumbai with her parents. At a time when one forgets his/her roots once he/she attains success in life, Aishwarya Rai is an exception.

Here is the translation of what she spoke in Tulu on that day - "Thank you all for welcoming me with your love and affection. I could not attend this function all these years because of my busy schedules. This year, organizers had informed my father about the function, 4 months in advance. I thought this is the best occasion to attend along with my husband. Definitely this programme would have been recorded. I would carry a cassette / CD of this function and show it to my husband. He was telling how children gave a good cultural programme today, showcasing our culture."

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  1. It's karantaka rajyotsava ... not tulu :)

  2. Exactly its Karnataka Rajyotsava, and Tulu Naadu comprising of Dakshina Kannada, Udupi is part of Karnataka. So speaking in Tulu which has the status of upabhaasha in Karnataka (though Tulu in itself is one of 5 Dravidian languages and developed as a independent language and it was the first language to branch out from proto Dravidian languages), it was right for the occasion.

  3. hmmmmm... yaarO yamma, (doDDa abhinEtri irabahudu, vishwa vikhyaata irabahudu), yaavottO oMdu dina tanna maatru bhaashe maataaDIdralli Enoo vishEshate illaa anta naa andkOteeni. . sumne haage kELteeni.. aa yamma tuLu maataaDidke nimge bahaLa kushi aayta??? ee nimma vyayaktika antarjaaladalli haakida uddEsha Enu??
    athava chalanachitra kshetradalli hesru maaDirO anta vyaktigaLu tamma maatru bhaashElli maataaDidre, adu bhaasheya beLavaNigege Enaadru sahaaya aaguttaa??? bahaLashTu prashnegaLu bartaa ive manasinnaali.. bEjaar maaDkObEDa.. ninna blog gaLalli saamaanyavaagi ondu ghanavaada vastu irutte!! ee blog bEkaagirlilvEno.. (vyayaktika anisike). Ene aadroo vibhooti pooje annOdu hindininda ide.. mundEnu irutte!!!!

  4. Hi Guru,

    These days people tend to forget their roots soon after success in life. But Rai has not gone that way.
    My intention of this post was to promote Tulu language,culture and nothing else. In most languages in India this has happened, relying on a film celebrity to promote pride of the language.




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