Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sunday – Hindi Film Review

“What if one day went missing from your life?” ask the posters of this Hindi movie, Sunday, a suspense thriller. Rightly so, first half of the film puts you into some puzzling situations. But rather dull second half takes the excitement out, though not fully.

Highlights of the movie:
  • Comic relief from the jodi of two best comedians in Bollywood now – Arshad Warsi, whose presence in the entire film arouses laughter and then there is Irfaan Khan, the most versatile actor presently.
  • First half of the movie filled with some good comedy scenes and some mysteries in the story, which remain unsolved.
  • Stuffed with some unnecessary song and fight sequences.
  • Ajay Devagan’s role as a bully, seems he has been stereotyped with such roles after Golmaal.
  • Second half in which answers to your puzzling questions comes quite easily without much twist.
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Plot begins with the murder of a girl in Delhi, with finger of suspicion pointing too many. Rajvir Randhava (Ajay Devagan) is a cop and Seher Thapar (Ayesha Takia) is a dubbing artist in an animation movie company, who lends her voice to some interesting animation characters. Seher keeps forgetting things and this time it is a whole day, Sunday. Arshad Warsi, who plays a taxi driver, keeps asking Seher to pay the rent claiming she had hired his taxi. But Seher fails to recognize him. Irfaan Khan, who is a drama artist, keeps chanting bhoot whenever he sees Seher. She is also frequently attacked by a gang, whose leader has a stop-n-play, girlish voice which is another attempt to arouse laughter. Rajvir, who falls in love with Seher, solves the mystery behind all these happenings, quite expectedly. Ajay Devagan has continued his bullying role in several films now with this role quite similar to the one he played in Masti. Ayesha Takia looks gorgeous throughout the movie. But real highlight of the movie is the duo of Arshad and Irfaan who outdo each other in making the audience laugh.

Though first half of the movie keeps you guessing about what the story is all about, second half reveals the secrets quiet easily. Story is not run of the mill and can be given a watch for the new things it presents.



  1. I don't know why majority of hindi movies are so pathetic..
    its a copy of telugu movie "anukokunda oka roju"..the original is so beautifully crafted which the bollywood version fails to do..
    i would rate ** stars.

  2. Hi Pavan,

    I too came to know about this fact lately that it is a copy of Telugu flick. Anyway thanks for the information.




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