Friday, February 22, 2008

Changing Times, Changing Tunes

‘Akasha Ishte Yaakideyo’, the song with western tunes, set the tone for the first hit of the year in Sandalwood, ‘Gaalipata’. Last year, it was raining songs with western tunes in Gandhinagar. If ‘Onde ondu saari kanmunde baare’ of Mungaaru Male renewed this trend off late, Hudugata with Jessie Gift’s music continued it to a larger extent with many songs with western tunes – Ommomme heegu aaguvudu (sung by Alisha Chinai), Mandakiniye Nee Sidilina kidiye(sung by Jessie Gift himself, original tune of Malayalam song Lajjavathiye from '4 The People'), Stylo Stylo, Eno Onthara... and then came the Krishna highlight – Satyabhame baramma(sung by Gurukiran), which was a unique blend of western and classical tunes, composed by none other than the guru of music here, Gurukiran.
Jassie Gift
Guru started or rather renewed the interest for these tunes/music with films like ‘A’, Upendra. How can one forget the famous song – Idu one day matchu kano from ‘A’. Here, Upendra’s lyrics too played its part in making the song popular. Well, the song was not fully western. It is the song where you have cricket commentary too as a background score! Sachin Tendulkar’s heroics in the field in commentator’s words filled the song with all the ‘josh’! Guru even sung a song in that film which was completely westernized – 2000 AD lady ye ultra modern! Khushi for which film he composed music continued this trend.
Going back further, Shankar Nag’s Santhoshakke haadu santhoshakke (sung by SPB) even today forms one of those party numbers. Then, we have our own crazy star, Ravichandran with his versions like ‘yaare neenu roja hoove, yaare neenu mallige hoove’. Usually Kanglish lyrics forms an integral part of this type of music like – Stylo stylo, and most songs written by Upendra. But Jayanth Kaykini’s Akasha Ishte yaakidiyo, Mungaaru Male’s Onde ondu saari are exceptions for this rule.

And now we have this rap album coming up in Kannada from a band called 'Urban Lads', based in Basavanagudi, Bengaluru/Bangalore. Found this article on Karnatique, a blog by Banavasi balaga. Click here for more details. So, we have now, the best of both worlds – humming soft tunes like Minchaagi Neenu Baralu and also josh filled Akash Iste yaakideyo and that too in the same film!


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