Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Financial Expert by R K Narayan

Financial Expert, a novel by well known writer R K Narayan is a good read. Like most of his novels, R K Narayan tells the story with homorous touch.

Plot: Story revolves around Margayya, who helps and advises poor villagers in getting loans from a Cooperative society. Before people getting loans allocated from the Cooperative society, he gives an advance amount for which he charges interest. These financial deeds are maintained in an accounts book by Margayya. Balu, Margayya's son is always upto some mischief. One fine day, in one of his playful acts, he dumps Margayya's accounts book into the gutter. Margayya is now unable to recover money from his clients as they insist on records in the accounts book. But Margayya earns wealth after various incidents like meeting up with Temple priest and Dr.Pal, a Socialogist. The events leading upto this is sure to tickle your funny bone. Dr.Pal is chiefly responsible for Margayya's success. Ironically, he along with Balu become responsible for Margayya's fall in the end.

Film Adaptation : There are few films which do justice to a popular book. This book's film adaptation in Kannada - Banker Margayya is one of those few. Though one cannot fully depict what the character is thinking in a film as in a book, I am sure even if you had read the book, you will equally enjoy the movie. Director T S Nagabharana has given attention to the details provided in the book, which makes you like the movie. With Lokesh, one of the finest actors in Kannada cinema, as Margayya you are in for a visual treat.


  1. I have this book, yet to finish reading... didn't know movie was made out of this. need to watch

  2. Its a good book to read, if you like RK Narayan's style of writing. simple and wry humour.

  3. @Shrinidhi,
    You must watch the movie once you finish the book. Nice feeling when your imagination coincides with movie scenes.

    It is a nice book indeed.



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