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Learn Tulu Kannada Online : Part 6 - Tulu Kannada Idioms, Sayings with Translations

Idioms form integral part of any language and add spice to the speech. In this part of Learn Tulu series, I am making an effort to put down idioms I know in Tulu language. There are few now and I hope to add more in the future. You can use these phrases in your speech to surprise your Tulu speaking friends :) More importantly, do let me know your opinion on this write up! Also, find the audio guide for this lesson below.
Tulu : bittilda dai yepala mardatt ge.
Kannada : hittala gida maddalla.
English : Literal translation - herb in your backyard is not the medicine. This idiom refers to the attitude of people who ignore the solutions which they already have(like their own ideas or ideas suggested by people at home) and seek external advice.

Tulu : dasme popunavule muchchune, kumbuDa popunavule budpune.
Kannada : saasive nashTa taDedrante, kumbalakaayina hange biTTrante.
English : Literal translation - stopping the mustard wastage leaving aside the wastage of pumpkin! Penny wise, pound foolish.

Tulu : mooleD ittna maDu nu kaar g paaDlekane.
Kannada : moolelidda koDalina kaal mele haakkonDrante.
English : Literal translation - hurting one's leg with the axe at the corner. This explains us how people knowingly invite trouble.

Tulu : notna peTT maaju, panDi paatera maajand.
Kannada : hodeda etannu mareyabahudu, helida maatannu mareyalaagadu.
English : Literal translation - physical wounds will heal but not the scars made by harsh words.

Tulu : pagel guDDeD paterre balli, irl illal paterre balli.
Kannada : hagalu beTTadalli maataaDbaardu, iruLu maneli maataaDbaardu.
English : Literal translation - Don't speak in the hills in day time and in the night, don't speak at home. This conveys that people will always be around to overhear your conversations.

Tulu : konDeda baayi muchcholi, anDeda baayi muchchere balli.
Kannada : loTada baayi muchchabahudu, doDDa handeya baayi muchchalaagadu.
English : Literal translation - you can close the bowl with a lid but cannot shut the mouth of the big cylinder. This conveys one cannot stop the spread of rumors amoung people.

Tulu : neendere teerandinaaye kedukku laayti leka.
Kannada : eeju baaradava kerege haarida haage.
English : Literal translation - like the one who jumps to the river without knowing how to swim. This refers to people who jump to something without knowing the basics.


  1. Could u make an audio available for all the parts from part 2 to part 7 as I have no idea about how the words are pronounced.. The way I pronounce and the way it is actually is way too different. Please it would be of great help . On YouTube also no videos on pronunciation are available.. In any language the pronunciations should be right! So please help me out with it. Thank you!

  2. Thanks Pooja for following the blog. After the audio guide for the first part, I had left it at that since I did not get any significant positive feedbacks on the new initiative. Good to know that you appreciate that. I will put audio guides one by one for the remaining parts and it may take some time.

    1. No problem.. Till then I will perfect myself in part 1.. Thank you so much for the help you are providing sir.. Your help means a lot to me.. Thank you again. God bless you.

    2. Hi Pooja,

      I have made audio guides for all the parts in Learn Tulu Series, You can check the same.

  3. Thanks for this series Raveesh! This has turned out to be quite helpful actually! The idioms page was the most difficult one for me.

  4. Great site for learning TULU

  5. I want to learn complete language...
    How can I contact u?

  6. Hello raveesha!
    For more words translation how can I contact u?

  7. Hi Anonymous,

    You can put the comments here and let me know what aspects of the language you want to learn!

  8. Raveesh Good Job! keep it up

    I am trying to download the audio but finding some difficulty

    1. Thanks, there is a download button in the audio clip (icon with downarrow). You can click on that to download the audio.

  9. Hi Raveesh, I love Tulu language very much, but to learn from others I found very very difficult, your notes has brought me confidence in myself to speak with the localities in kudla, I am here since March 2017, searched online,discussed with others,went to many book stalls,but now you are a teacher for me like people.

    1. It's heartening to see your comment today morning! I am elated. Great to know you found my Tulu Language lessons practical and easy to follow.

  10. Hi Raveesh,

    Could you please let me know if you are conducting online / direct tulu learning classes (on fast track). Please man.

  11. do you have these lessons on youtube?

  12. What is the meanings of below proverbs and in which context it uses

  13. what are the meanings of below proverbs and which context it uses?
    1. Enku panmboor poyi leka aand
    2. Labadanthe beary bolladu poralaye



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