Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Kirik Party : Kaagadada Doniyalli Song English Translation

Kaagadada doniyalli is a popular song from the super hit Kannada movie, Kirik Party. Dejected Karna, the protagonist goes on a bike journey to find answers within. The composition, kaagadada doniyalli is a very touching song in such a situation.

kaagadada doniyalli naa kooruvantha hottaayite
Translation : is it time for me to go on a voyage in a paper boat?
kaaNisada haniyondu kannalle kootu muttaayite
Translation : has a drop of my unshed tears, turned into a pearl?

haguraageetenO nannedeya bhaara, kanditeno tampaada teera
Translation : have I become lighter? have I found a calming shore?
sikkite mundina daari, nannellaa kalpane meeri, innondE vismayakaari
Translation : have I found my next path, beyond my imagination? That's the only wonder...

haadiyali hekkida nenapina putta joLige bennallide
Translation : memories from my past trail are gathered in my backsack
aaDadirO saavira padagaLa mooka setuve kanmundide
Translation : bridge of thousand unspoken words is right in front of me,
ee hejjeya gurutellava aLisittirO maLegaalavE
Translation : O rains, you are washing away my trail, leaving no sign
naa ninnaya maDilallirO barigaalina maguvaaguvE
Translation : am I a barefooted child in your lap?

manasaageetenO innoo udaara, banditenO nannaa biDaara
Translation : have I become bit more generous? is my home visible now?
sikkite mundina daari, nannella kalpane meeri, innondE vismayakaari
Translation : have I found my next path... beyond my imagination? That's the only wonder!

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You can view the song in the following youtube link.

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  1. a million thanks ��

  2. Thanks a lot man. Wonderful lyrics!!

  3. Can you please add nana mele nanageega song by Sonu nigam also

    1. Sachu, That's an awesome song, one of my favourites. Will try to add its translation too :)

  4. Hello people,
    I dont know know this language but u all know therefore i am asking one question that one guy puts this story on Facebook mentioning my girlfriend and she mentioned him back…can u tell me is this a normal song or a love dedication song as i dont know kannada language



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