Tuesday, May 30, 2017

My Funny Take On Hair Loss Treatment Products

Hair loss is a constant worry for men and women alike! To cash in on this problem, an entire industry has been set up. Many products are sold, promising prevention of hair loss and renewed hair growth. But do they really work? Here, is my humorous talk on these products. I gave this talk in my Toastmasters club, ORA*TORS. It is part of Competent Communicator certification offered by Toastmasters. Hope you enjoy it.
Disclaimer : This post is intended for entertainment purpose only. Product names used here are just for evoking humor! I am not for or against any of these products!


  1. I was searching about this topic for my CC2 for quite sometime. Glad that I heard your speech. You were up to the point and flawless in delivery! Thank yoU!



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