Monday, April 20, 2009

Savari Film Review

When does a man understands meaning of life? When does he realize his goal for life? Well, Savari, a Kannada film released last week tries to find answers for these eternal questions haunting mankind. Janaki(Kamalini Mukherjee) is a doctor who finds meaning for her life in serving the needy whereas Abhiram(Raghu Mukherjee) lives in his own world seeking comfort for himself only. Wait, does it sound similar like numerous love stories you had watched before. Well, its not the same story here; it touches the viewers by telling the message of universal love in a very simple way.Savari Film Poster Kannada
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Though Abhi is aware of Janaki's service for the soceity, he does not appreciate it and does not understand why one has to do so. Whenever he does help someone, it would be only to impress her. Our hero proposes Janaki many a times without any success. When Janaki does intend to share her feelings for him, they break off and Janaki deserts him. Abhi goes in search of her accompanied by Seenu(Srinagar Kitti). His journey for getting back his love is rest of Savari. In his journey to find her, he finds his purpose for life. When he sees both life and death closely, he is moved. His thoughts about the world and people evolve. He comes to know exactly why Janaki left him. Srinagar Kitti who plays comical counterpart to Raghu is quite a revelation in this film. Sadhu Kokila, Mainavathi too add the comical element. Mukherjee couple make a nice onscreen pair. C R Simha, Karibasavayya, Loknath have done their bit. Its no surprise, if the film stimulates a thought process once you have left the movie hall.

Music composition for the movie is good too. I particularly liked 2 numbers - Ale Ale Ale Aleyo and Marali Mareyaagi. Scenes shot in picturesque Malnad in Karnataka have come out well. A definite watch for all Kannada movie goers.


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