Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Aptharakshaka - Movie Review

Nagavalli is back again in Aptharakshaka. Psychiatrist Dr.Vijay (Dr.Vishnuvardhan) tries to cure the person who considers herself as Nagavalli. Of course, Ramachandra Acharya(Avinash) helps Dr.Vijay in this task. Well, on the whole Aptharakshaka is an apt sequel to Apthamitra(2004).

Like in Apthamitra, a family is devasted by the strage things happening in their house after the painting of Nagavalli is brought home. To solve this mystery, Ramachandra Acharya is called upon. Then Acharya calls upon Dr.Vijay after realizing that the problem is similar what he had seen in Ramesh's house(in Apthamitra). Dr.Vijay and Ramachandra Acharya, both had thought that the problems created by Nagavalli had ended in Ramesh's house. Then they discuss on this aspect several times but fail to come to a conclusion on any matter. Well, the story takes curious twist in the second half. Probably those who had seen Apthamitra also may not have guessed this part of the story. This is what makes the movie interesting to watch.Vishnuvardhan and Avinash in Aptharakshaka
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What I liked about the movie - Story which is in line with Apthamitra and sequences which are well connected to the old story, attention to minor details in the movie, science and myth which come face to face in the discussions of Dr.Vijay and Acharya, proofs provided in support of the surprising elements in the movie. Sequences in the movie which show why Nagavalli is after King Vijaya Rajendra Bahaddur is well depicted. Well, Vishnuvardhan also plays the role of King Vijaya Rajendra Bahaddur with ease. Though in some scenes, if graphic elements were not used, they would have been more natural. Also, the climax of the movie could have been shot in a better way. Inspite of these, Aptharakshaka is a good watch and surely go for it.


  1. Raveesh saar,
    Nimma review chanaagi idhe. Now I am motivated to watch Aptharakshaka.

  2. as you said the climax could have been better, it's not as comprehensive as that of predecessor.

  3. Hi Ee Prapancha,

    Im just going thru your Tulu lessons and I feel they are so essential and simple. Thanks a million. I love tulu being a malayalee.

  4. Thanks Shande and others for the comments and compliments

  5. Channagide Ravishankar Saar..! Aadre kelavondu tulu bhashe artha aglilla..swalpa time agutte ansutte artha aglikke.. anyway overall its nice to learn this language..

  6. Hi Sowmya,

    My name is Raveesh and not Ravishankar! :) Are you referring to Learn Tulu series post? Let me know what phrases/words in the post requires more explanation.



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