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Prithvi(Kannada) Movie Review

That Prithvi is a film, based on the current political scenario in Karnataka(involving mining lords) is now well known. But how well it has managed to keep this theme throughout the film without being too filmy, is the question to be asked. According to me, Prithvi manages to be out of the ordinary. But then it is far from being a cult movie.

Prithvi(Puneeth Rajkumar) faces political pressures, right from the first day of being appointed as the Deputy Commissioner(DC) of Bellary. But he refuses to yield to politicians/mining lobby's demands. First half of the movie depicts the working of DC offices pretty well. Full marks to Jacob Varghese for that. Puneeth Rajkumar and Parvati Menon in Prithvi Kannada Film
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But taking up a realistic subject and being commercial in movie making is a tough balancing act. That's what you feel when you see 5 duets being stuffed in the movie. Well, songs could have been reduced to 2 or 3. Then you have female lead, Parvati Menon limited to dancing in those 5 songs. Also, less scope for veteran actor, Avinash in a villainous role. Though the film's first half is a subject of recent times, the climax in the second half is a cliche. It seems like a repeat of those from action films of the 80s and 90s. Film fails miserably here because sequences being too melodramatic.

Barring the cliches in the film, dialogues are the highlight. Dialogues taking a dig at celebrity worshipping in India and on the current political setup invokes laughter. Also there are dialogues relating to one's ideals and being practical. One ridiculous thing in the film is the disclaimer shown at the beginning, that the film being not related any real incidents/persons. But after hearing few sarcastic dialogues, anyone can make out that Karnataka politicians and Kannada media is at the receiving end. If not, do you think former prime minister Mr.H D Deve Gowda would have watched the film, taking time out of his 'busy' schedule?

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