Sunday, June 21, 2009

Freedom Park near Sheshadri Road, Bangalore

Freedom park near Sheshadri Road is one more addition to the list of parks in garden city of Bangalore. Here are some of the snaps I took when I visited the place.Freedom Park Entrance, Sheshadri Road, Bangalore
Freedom Park Entrance, Sheshadri Road, Bangalore
Bangalore Central Jail which is now converted into Freedom park was built in 1866 by the British. It occupied a site of approximately 21 acres. The jail has housed many illustrious leaders who fought for the freedom of our nation and for restoration of democracy during the emergency regime post independence. The jail compound included a watch tower in the center, barracks and other buildings like the hospitals, workshops etc.

Freedom Park, Sheshadri Road, Bangalore
Bird's view of Freedom Park

Watch tower at Freedom Park, Sheshadri Road, Bangalore
Watch tower at Freedom Park, Bangalore

Open Air Theatre, Freedom Park, Sheshadri Road, Bangalore
Open Air Theatre at Freedom Park

Freedom Park, Sheshadri Road, Bangalore
Sculpture Court, Freedom Park, Bangalore
Sculpture Court, Freedom Park

Cells in Freedom Park, Sheshadri Road, Bangalore
Cells at Freedom Park

Freedom Park, Sheshadri Road, Bangalore


  1. At least they dint turn this one into a commercial space. The park has weird timings by the way.

  2. pls give a brief description of some of the photographs if possible.

    Some details like visitor timing etc will add value.

    I'm yet to visit this place..

  3. what an irony!
    jail replaced by freedom park!
    btw, who wants to take stroll in that busy area? I thought they would have a commercial complex since it's so close to majestic.
    good in one way as commercial complex would've increased already high traffic there...also park would be good for pollution..

    although i have seen the area many times (since our college was so near), i vividly remember the first time i saw the area closely -during our CET counseling which was held in some nearby kalyana mantapa.

    thanks for the pics

  4. Hi Shande,
    Added timings and entry f(r)ee!

    Hi Nidhi,
    Added the details

  5. Hi Raghavendra,

    Its an irony indeed! Jail being converted into a Freedom park!

  6. Do they have a parking area somewhere?

  7. Hi Arun,

    They do have parking area near the park entrance, though it was not a proper concreted one. This was when I visited in the month of June.


  8. Looks like this place is good for morning and evening walkers ! Doesn't look like a tourist place...

  9. Pls. give timings & entrance fee for this park I am yet to visit this place.

  10. Hi Satish,

    I am not sure of the timings now, as I had visited almost a year ago. And entry was free then.

  11. Timings are 6am-9am and 4.30pm-7.30pm. There is no entry fee



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