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How to replace the BESCOM meter, which stopped working?

BESCOM meter of my house stopped showing no reading on display screen. It showed a blank screen. So, I had to replace it. Here are the detailed steps, I followed to get it replaced.

Note : If the BESCOM meter stopped working within 5 years of installation, then it will be replaced free of cost by BESCOM, as it comes under warranty. If not, one has to purchase a new one and install it.
  1. Visit to the Soujanya Counter : 
    • On enquiring in the Soujanya Counter in BESCOM office, I was asked to meet the JEE (Junior Engineer Electrical). He asked me to get the form for granting permission to purchase the BESCOM meter.
  2. Getting the Form for granting permission to purchase BESCOM meter :
    • Above is the form you should get.
    • The form would be available in Karnataka State Licensed Electrical Contractors Association office, which would generally be near to BESCOM office.
    • This form would be filled by the JEE indicating he has granted permission to procure the BESCOM meter.
  3. Get the above form filled and signed by JEE :
    • JEE will fill and sign the form and will tell where the meters are available. 
  4. Procure the meter :
    • In my case, local BESCOM office did not have stock of single phase meters. So, I had to go to AEE BESCOM office in Rajaji Nagar. It has the retail outlet for procuring electricity meters. Following is the address of the same : 
      • AEE BESCOM Office, 41st Cross Rd, Rajaji Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560010
    • Hand over the form filled by JEE and procure the meter. It would be good keep a photocopy of the letter, as the original letter will have to be submitted.
    • Get the purchase bill and check the carton box containing the meter has Test certificate issued by BESCOM and warranty certificate.
    • Cost of the single phase meter was Rs.740/-
  5. Register the meter in the BESCOM office :
    • Come back to local BESCOM office and get the meter registered by JEE.
    • JEE will ask a lineman to install the new meter and ask you to pay him Rs.100/-
  6. Get the meter installed by lineman :
    • Get the lineman to your location to install the new meter.
    • Old meter has to be handed over to the lineman.
Important Notes :
  • You don't have to pay any bribe to get your BESCOM meter replaced.
  • It takes a bit of patience and diligence to get the thing done. JEE may not be available in  his office all the time. So, you may have to wait and but do not loose patience!
  • Even if it is a Saturday, office will be open till 5 30 pm. 
  • Keep the original receipt of purchase of meter, as it would be required to claim warranty later.
  • Keep copy of grant letter and original test and warranty certificates with you.
  • Following were my expenses :
    • Cost of BESCOM single phase meter : Rs. 740/-
    • Installation fees for line man : Rs.100/- 
    • Fuel expenses : Rs.100/-
    • Time Spent : Around 6 hours


  1. I am not understanding why we have to pay for replacement meter? Isn't it BESCOM property and they have to replace it free of cost? Installation fee is with receipt or .... ?

    1. Yes, that was puzzling me too, but I noticed on the meter it was written "Property of BESCOM, purchased by consumer"

    2. Sir even my meter display lcd is functioning but ony the reading is not coming what would be the problem who has replace this and how to deal this matter

  2. My single phase digital meter has stopped working and its under warranty. So, can you help me with the process to get this fixed?

    1. I don't know the exact process. Please visit Soujanya counter of BESCOM office of your area with warranty/purchase bill and inquire there

  3. 3phase meter cost is 1740 as of 31st Jan, 2018

  4. they are asking 4000 for the meter installation and giving receipt for 1800 only.

  5. yes they are asking 4000 for replacing my 3 phase meter. My worry is that this guy is the one who comes to take the reading every month & if I don't agree to his demand will he tweak the meter later & cause me more loss..?

    1. Don't pay any amount to the person who comes for reading better visit nearby bescom office fill the form and get it. Since the person who comes for meter reading will take the money and they don't even install it.

  6. process and form and cost for 3 phase meter replacement

  7. Hi Raveesh,
    Thanks for sharing the information.
    Can you please let me know if the bill provided is a printed copy or hand written.

    1. You mean purchase bill for the meter - I don't remember exactly, but I believe it was printed.

  8. Recently i checked for the amount of meter change i was told the amount of 6000/- for 3 phase meter

  9. I live in an apartment complex in Bangalore and recently I got a chit from my Block Security with the message that the Electricity Meter of my Flat is not working (MNR: Meter Not Reading). When I checked my electricity bill for last two months, it showed that the current and previous readings under Consumption Details, were the same in both the bills. The chit came with the name and Mobile number of the person who comes over to read the meter every month. When I called him about the matter, he said that he will get the new meter installed and quoted a flat charge of Rs. 4,500. He said that I have to give my recent BESCOM Bill and ID proof. He said that the new meter will be installed, as and when it became available, as it was currently out of stock due to COVID. On querying as to why I had to pay Rs. 4,500, he said that it was needed to purchase a new 3Phase meter (Rs. 1800 and I would get a receipt for the same) and rest of the amount was needed to create a case file (Rs. 800), fixing a contractor to carry out the work, and money to be paid to different BESCOM persons (did not name them).

    The Block Security told me that similar chits were given to 7 other flats in my Block on the same day. Further enquiries with the previous Block security revealed that, a few months back, chits were sent to 5 more Flats in my Block and two years back one of the residents in my Block had paid Rs. 4000 for replacing a Meter, under similar situation. We have 16 Apartment Blocks in the complex with little over 1320 Flats.

    I decided not to go through him to get the new meter installed, but called BESCOM Helpline: 1912.

    This is the Process I followed:

     I got a print-out of the blank Permission Form required to purchase of the Electrical Meter, available on the Internet (
     As directed by BESCOM Helpline, I went to the local BESCOM Sub-station Office and contacted the person whose Mobile No. was given to me by the Helpline, who helped me fill-up the above Form and attached the most recent BESCOM Electricity Bill (original required).
     It was also required for me to give a request letter for a new 3 Phase Electrical Meter, addressed to the Junior Engineer (Electrical) (JEE), of the Sub-station, giving the reason for the request (e.g., MNR, in my case) and furnishing the RR Number (found on the BESCOM Electricity Bill) as reference, From address, dated and duly signed on a plain paper.
     Went to the desk of the Junior Engineer (Electrical) (JEE), who approved the purchase of 3 Phase Meter and signed the filled Permission Form and put his official seal.
     Later, I went to the Electricity Meter Sale Counter, in the next building, as directed by the Helpline Contact Person.
     Unfortunately, the 3Phase Meter was out of stock, and I went again three days later, when the 3Phase Meter was available. Paid Rs. 1730, got a Tax Invoice receipt with a carbon copy (duplicate) and a Meter Test Certificate Form.
     Gave the duplicate carbon copy of the receipt to JEE, who asked me to contact the BESCOM Line Man (whose name and contact details were given to me by JEE), to get the New Meter installed.
     To my good fortune, the Line Man was in my complex when I arrived. I showed him the Tax Invoice receipt and gave him the Meter Test Certificate Form. He duly installed the New Meter with the help of a BESCOM electrician who was with him and took the old Meter with him. It took 15 minutes. When asked, if I had to pay any visitation charges (Fuel expenses+ installation charges), he said that there was no need to pay any money, as he was only doing his duty.
     I was happy to note that the contact person indicated by the Helpline, the JEE and the Line Man were kind hearted persons and treated me with respect and kindness.
     I was also told that Complaints to BESCOM can be lodged at or can also be called-in at: 080-4455 4455.

    1. It was your good fortune as accepted by that work was done without any bribe n hassles.
      But reality is that no papers moves in BBMP BESCOM BWSSB n many other public utility service offices.

  10. This is how mislead agents.I don't say everyone will not as expected by u, for this lot's of reasons are there, from official side

  11. Hello Raveesh, Can you please tell, when your display on meter was blank...were you still getting power supply in your house..i.e switch on the mains of the house?
    Because in my case, the meter display is blank and there is no power supply in house(switched main supply on and off)? So how do I identify if there is faulty meter or there is something wrong with power supply to my house...connection between the meter and the mains?
    IN such a case will BESCOM send someone to check where the problem is first?

    1. Hi Saiyeda,

      In my case, I was getting power supply even though meter was showing blank. So in your case, better call BESCOM to rectify the issue.

  12. Hi Raveesh
    My Bescom meter display has stopped working yesterday, it is not showing any reading in display plus no backlight on display, some text is continously blinking in the meter and text read as " UC 4c 8.67 " (Its a Landis Gyr LTD company meter). Wherein I am getting power supply in my home properly.
    Kindly suggest what i need to do in this case.


  13. I am not aware of this, You can contact BESCOM helpline number 1912

  14. Hi Raveesh, did you have to pay any fines for the period you meter wasn't working?

  15. Hi Raveesh, the form link you have given says it's for single phase meter change. I need to change to 3phase meter and increase load but the lineman says since I stay in an apartment it will cost around 50k including deposit around 3500 for each kw increase. Is this valid since you also stay in apartment.

  16. Thanks Raveesh Kumar. This Blog of yours helped us not to fall into the trap of bribe of Rs.3000.

    • The Lineman said it would charge 3000, when we asked for proper bills he asked us to go to Junior Engineer
    • Junior Engineer said he would get the work done in 2000 without bill.
    • We called BESCOM helpline , they asked us to contact senior officer.
    • Senior officer demanded 1,500 Rs. We realized that whole system is filled with bribe
    • and hence we started looking for online solutions.
    • Found your blog and followed all the steps.
    • We got meter from BESCOM office within 30min for 650rs(With bill).
    • We handed it over to the same Junior Engineer.
    • He sent the same line man to fit the meter.
    Feeling good for not allowing corruption and also for saving the money.

  17. Hi Raveesh, I have gone through the steps mentioned and purchased the meter.

    Did you get a receipt for 100 rupees payment to the lineman ?

    Just confirming whether it’s required as per BESCOM rules legally.

  18. That's great but only thing we have some one to guide us

  19. Hi Raveesh,

    I have got the letter from JEE, Can you help me from where I can buy the new 3phase meter?

    I'm staying at Ramamurty Nagar.


    1. Check in Soujanya counter in BESCOM office. They will guide you where to get 3 phase meter

  20. Sir
    I am the Secretary of flat owners association.Common electricity meter is reported by the meter reader as "faulty n need replacement". Accordingly JE, BESCOM S18 sub division was contacted. He quoted the charges of ₹ 35000/- n ₹ 5500/- for ETV n L&T meter for replacement of meter. Allotted load for our apartment is 20 KW.
    Could u please tell us the merits n demerits of ETV mater.

  21. My house electric meter working but House lights are blinking local electrician said meter problem kindly request you to inform me what we have to do

  22. My meter display is gon how much is cost

  23. How does one understand if we need single phase or 3 phase meter

  24. How much cost of single phase meter now

  25. Line man taking 2500 so please tel me

  26. Has anyone tried Battery Replacement. My meter shows " Lo Batt " In Display and No Readings. It's a Landis Gyr meter and the online procedure shows Li-on Battery replacement. But as it is sealed, I may need to contact Bescom to get seals removed and replace battery.

  27. Hi Raveesh, Very useful article. Thank you.
    I followed the same to get the 3 phase meter replaced.

    1. May I know how much it costed for you to complete the replacement?

  28. Thank you for your information, it helped me replace the BESCOM meter of my house without paying bribe

  29. Hi Raveesh, I was told an hour ago by the meter reading man that the meter has stopped working and he is going to generate the bill anyways for last month but told me to pay him 1500/- to get the meter replaced. I am staying at a rented place so technically it is the responsibility of my owner to pay for the meter. But, the meter reading guy told me that if i have to get the meter changed through BESCOM then I will no longer be eligible for the Gruha Jyoti scheme (scheme that allows usage under >200 units to be free) until it is opened again next year for registration and due to some internal departmental change my current months bill will be clubbed with next months which will technically read beyond 200+ units and I will have to pay 2.5k towards the bill. So, I wanted to verify with you if, after your meter replacement was there any issue in receiving/generating the bill for the following month?

    1. Not remembering clearly but yes there was some delay in generating the subsequent bill generation after the meter is installed.



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