Tuesday, December 22, 2009

raveeshkumar.com in KODIPU - Commemorative volume of Vishwa Tulu Sammelano 2009

KODIPU is a Commemorative Volume of Vishwa Tulu Sammelano - 2009 held at Ujire, Dakshina Kannada comprising of articles on Tulu language, literature and culture. I am very happy to note in KODIPU, my blog www.raveeshkumar.com gets mentioned in the article - Namma Tulu on the Global Platform written by Yogitha Shetty, Mysore. Check out page No.219 of the KODIPU for details.Cover page of KODIPU - Commemorative Volume of Vishwa Tulu Sammelano 2009This is what the article has to say about the blog - "Amidst innumerable issues which have beeen spurred for debate, a post on the forum of the website http://www.raveeshkumar.com which dwells on 'Learn Tulu Online: Talking to your Tulu Speaking friend' very interestingly provides a list of sentences in Tulu and Kannada. The feedback that it has received not only pats on the back of the blogger who has posted those sentences but also expresses the desire to read more of them thereby giving a glimpse of the pulse of the readers."raveeshkumar.com in KODIPU - Commemorative Volume of Vishwa Tulu Sammelana 2009
Here are the posts I had written about learning Tulu on the net
Learn Tulu Online : Part 1 - Commonly Used Phrases
Learn Tulu Online : Part 2 - Talking In a Restaurant, Conversing with a vendor
Learn Tulu Online : Part 3 - Talking to your Tulu Speaking friend


  1. Good collection of Articles related to TULUNADU

  2. Hi.. This is Yogitha Shetty who wrote the article you mentioned here. Needless to say, & as I already wrote, good work! Thanks to you for this great initiative! Keep on...

  3. Thanks Yogitha for the encouraging words and the article



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