Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Maleyali Jotheyali Film Review

Hearthrob of Karnataka, Ganesh is back with his latest flick Maleyali Jotheyali. And this time, he looks to pass behind him, the poor box office records of his recent films.

Plot : Preetham(Ganesh) comes to Sakaleshpur to escape from his father who wants him to get married soon. On the way to Sakaleshpur, he meets two girls Anjali(Yuvika Choudhary) and Sandhya(Anjana Sukhani). Anjali is an introvert and Sandhya, the opposite. In order to impress Sandhya, he takes the help of Anjali. In the process, both Sandhya and Anjali start liking Preetham. Equations change when Preetham realizes that he is in love with Anjali.Maleyali Jotheyali film poster
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Though there is nothing new in the sript and it is a plain triangular love story, there are many reasons for you to like the movie. Ganesh impresses with his spontaneous dialogue delivery and is touchy in emotional scenes. Another impressing act is of little girl Lucky, who befriends Preetham and both share their sorrows and happiness. Though you might have scene some of the best locations in Western Ghats in Mungaaru Male, there are some more for offer here.

Comedy combo of Ganesh and Sharan makes you laugh loud. The same jodi had proved their worth in Krishna. Ganesh has sung a song in this movie - HaaLaad HaaLaad Heartali Hosa Hudgeer HaavaLi - mocking his act of Devdas in Mungaaru Male. There are few glitches in the movie like that of stereotyped role of father for Rangayana Raghu. Colonel Thammaya(Dattatreya) reminds you of Colonel Subbayya in Mungaaru Male. But a fast paced script covers up these glitches. Even then, I thought climax of the movie could have been different. Anyway I give thumbs up for this Preetham Gubbi venture. Rain and greenary are once again a treat to the eyes. Have a enjoyable time watching Maleyali Jotheyali.

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