Sunday, July 27, 2008

Aa Dinagalu - Film Review

Numerous movies have come in Kannada based on Bangalore underworld and very few have depicted the real face of it. Most of the underworld movies have glorified violence but Aa Dinagalu is an exception. K M Chaitanya, the director of the movie has handled the story based on real incidents well.

Film is based on the book ‘Dadagiriya Dinagalu’ by Agni Shridhar based on real life incidents in the year 1986 in Bangalore. Movie revolves around the love story on the back drop of underworld. Chetan and Mallika are in love but Chetan’s father, a business man do not approve of it. He takes the help of the then underworld don, Kotwal Ramachandra to separate the love birds. Chetan then befriends Shridhar and Bachchan and goes to Kotwal’s rival Jairaj to counter Kotwal. How a businessman’s son brings an end to Kotwal’s reign in Bangalore is rest of the story.
Atul Kulkarni, Chetan in Aa DinagaluThe things which capture the viewers’ attention are the brilliant screenplay, excellent narration and crisp dialogues. H C Venu’s camera work adds to the film’s highlights too. Also, brilliant performances by Sharath Lohitashwa(as Kotwal), Ashish Vidyarthi(as Jairaj), Atul Kulkarni – yes, the same Ramaprasad Bismil of Rang De Basanthi (as Shridhar). All in all this film is worth watching. Don’t get dismayed by the fact that the film is based on underworld. Though based on underworld, there is no glorification of violence and rowdies. On the contrary, this film explores the fears, superstitions, thoughts of underworld dons. There is a scene in the movie when Shridhar says the violence should not go into one’s heart. Kotwal, who is a terrifying figure to the outside world, has his own superstitions of bad omens when leaving from house. Underworld dons in this movie think of the consequences before taking any drastic step. It seems like there was conscious effort by the team to bring the Bangalore of the 80s in the movie. No cell phones, No posh cars – Chaithanya has taken the details into account. Heroine of the movie, Archana is a new face in Gandhinagar and has the refreshing look. Chetan’s debut into Kannada films promises much more for the Kannada cinema in the future. Jnaan Peetha Awardee, Girish Karnad has played the role of Chetan’s father.

There is no second talk about the background score by Ilayaraja, the genius. Film contains 2 songs – Sihi Gaali and Aa Dinagalu, for both lyrics and music are superb. One of the songs Sihi Gaali is sung by Ilayaraja himself! Film had a good box office run and was featured in the top 10 Indian movies by the weekly, The Week.


  1. Completely agree with you. Very good movie. I liked Atul Kulkarni's character.
    The dialouge's were high class. eg: "Anger should be a positive emotion".
    No comments about the music. Simply Ilayaraaja at his best.
    BTW the album also contains two theme songs.

  2. Hi Manoj,

    Even I liked soft spoken character of Shridhar, played by Atul Kulkarni. Ya, I forgot to mention the 2 theme songs. They are good too.


  3. Beautiful movie. I never preferred to watch the movie, assuming the rowdism and violence are not my type, accidentally clicked the downloaded movie and wow! its a treat from the very first scene.
    Atul Kulkarni at his usual best and Lohitashwa has done a fine job.
    Girl is a beauty and a neat actress.



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