Saturday, July 19, 2008

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na - Film Review

A boy and a girl, best friends and they are not in love but only till they realize the other way. Simple story but fresh treatment has given the newcomer movie the fillip to success. Love story of Aditi and Jai is told by their friends to their new friend, making it a third person narration. Bits and pieces of story told by them keeps the movie in good pace.

Plot: Aditi (Genelia) and Jai(Imran Khan) are best friends in college. Whereas Aditi is known for her fights with almost everyone for the silliest of reasons, Jai is someone who strictly follows Gandhian principles, no ladai no pitai with anybody. Jai is always with Aditi in her craziest hobbies like performing last rites for her dead cat! Even the parents at both sides think Aditi and Jai are in love and ask them to marry which both turn down outrightly. Also, both Aditi and Jai owe each other to find a right match for them. Jai finds Meghna first and Aditi finds Sushanth next. In the company of Meghna, Jai’s number of calls to Aditi drop. Aditi senses Jai is not always with her now and once Sushanth comes into picture, Jai realizes the same. How the non violent Jai becomes warrior Jai Singh Rathore, true to his name typical of a man which Aditi always dreamt and of course how both realize their love for each other and confess it is rest of the story.Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na film posterWhat to look out for: Genelia is back in her ‘Boys’ film Harini look, typical of a teenager. Imran and Genelia make cute new couple in the tinsel town. Simple yet punch dialogues makes the film lot more closer to the heart. One instance would be of Amit, Aditi’s brother, with whom Aditi always quarrel with. Aditi asks why he started hating her and her friends. To convince her that she was all the time busy with her friends ignoring him, which made him hate her, he asks her to name her friends at different times for which she lists many but when asked about his own friends she remembers none. Then he tells he was always there only her friends were closer to her than him. Cameos by Arbaaz Khan, Sohail Khan tickle your funny bone whenever they are on screen! Jai’s punch on the face of Sushanth in return to his slapping Aditi becomes the wish of film audience, considering the earlier seedha saadha Jai. Well, in the climax when Jai had to stop Aditi from flying to US, he breaches security norms at the Mumbai Airport to enter the waiting hall, alarm is raised and police try to catch hold of the ‘terrorist’ unlike in the old movies where lovers ignore all the norms in world at the end of the film!

What could have been done better:
Amar Singh Rathore’s(Naseeruddin Shah) portrait talking to Savitri Rathore, Jai’s mother to make ‘his son’ the real Rathore, the warrior appears funny for one or two times but after that it becomes boring. Some of the sequences for best friendship seems clichés. Depicting the third guy as bad in a love triangle or quadrilateral as it has been done in most of the films earlier continues here too. Aditi’s boy friend Sushanth is depicted so, which eventually breaks their engagement.

Striking the right chord:
Good lyrics and equally good music. Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Zindagi Me Yunhi Koi Achcha Lagtha Hai has some simple yet powerful words to touch your heart and Pappu Can't Dance Saala is definitely for the party numbers. Of course, these are the two songs which will be in your mind when you come out of the movie hall.

This and That: Long forgotten, Kitu Gidwani as mother of Meghna, Jai’s girlfriend appears for a brief moment in the film. Had last seen her as Geeta Biswas in Shaktimaan, serial in Doordarshan. In his dreams, Jai finds one warrior, riding a horse, resembling Zorro whom he discovers in the end. Mera tujhse hai pehle ka naata koi…Yunhi nahi dil lubhaatha koi… Jaane tu ya jaane na… Maane tu ya maane na… is a song from the film Aa Gale Lag Ja, from which this film derives its title from and it is also the song which Jai says he would be singing for his dream girl. Needless to say that he ultimately sings that one for Aditi.



  1. I liked that character in the mirror the most... he was looking more like chacha chowdry (a comin character)...

  2. Hi Nidhi,

    Thanks for the comments. Oh, cool you are finding similarities between Naseeruddin Shah's character and Chacha Chowdhry. Chacha Chowdhry and Sabu (the Giant)comics was a good read. In the film, I found Naseeruddin Shah's picture talking to his wife like a fairy tale after sometime.


  3. As per JNV mythology some people had different meaning for Sabu right?

  4. pathetic be frank, how can anyone make such a silly movie.. tried watching as my friend asked me to.. just 20 mins and i was almost furious with the jokes they cracked.
    how can such a good song(kabhi kabhi aditi) be picturised on a demise of a cat. isnt it just horrific. grow up bollywood!!!!!!!
    anyway everyone have got their own view on things. They should learn making romantic movies from hollywood.

  5. Hi Pavan,

    'Pathetic' would be too harsh on the movie. But I dont know why media creates so much hype on an average movie. Ya, that kabhi kabhi aditi song picturized on the demise of a cat may seem silly. But there are other sillier things too - 3 conditions to become the real Rathore, Naseeruddin Shah's portrait talking to his wife...


  6. Kitu Gidwani as Geeta Vishwas?

    Am I missing something here? It was Vaishnavi who portrayed Geeta Vishwas in Shaktimaan...

  7. Hi Harish,

    Kitu Gidwani did the role of Geeta Biswas for most of the episodes initially in Shaktimaan and later she was replaced by Vaishnavi.




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