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How to change the name in BESCOM electricity bill?

Ok, you have completed the registration of your newly bought house/apartment in Bengaluru. What next? Changing the names in BESCOM electricity bill and BWSSB water bill must be your priority, which once done, would immediately serve as a address proof to your new residence. Explained here is the detailed procedure to change the name in BESCOM electricity bill or transfer of BESCOM electricity connection.
Documents required for change of name in BESCOM electricity bill :
  • Application from present owner : You can get the application from BESCOM website(print first 2 pages). 
  • NOC from previous owner : (NOC - No objection certficate, this is required for the transfer of deposits which would be in previous owner's name). You can get the NOC form from BESCOM website again.(Form IV - print page 8)
  • Photocopy of Sale Deed
  • Photocopy of Khata certificate
  • Photocopy of Tax Paid Receipt for the current financial year
  • Field Report From JE O & M (This has to be prepared and signed by Junior Engineer, process of which is explained below)
  • Indemnity Bond (for transfer of installation)
  • Power Supply Agreement
  • Blank File
  • Original Verified/Bank Letter
Following are the steps to follow for the change of name in BESCOM electricity bill :
  1. Procure the required documents :
    • For Application from present owner(1st two pages) and NOC from previous owner(8th page) - print the documents from BESCOM website and fill in the details. In case of an apartment, get the NOC from the builder.
    • Get the photocopies of Sale deed, Khata certificate and Tax Paid Receipt for the current financial year
    • Indemnity Bond Transfer(for transfer of installation), Power Supply Agreement will not be available in BESCOM office. They will be available in Karnataka State Licensed Electrical Contractors Association office, which would generally be near to BESCOM office. These documents along with the blank file would be provided by their office. You need to pay around Rs.400 for these documents.
    • If you have taken home loan for the property, get the letter stating 'originals verified' from your bank.
    • You should also put the photocopy of the latest BESCOM bill.
    • Place all the documents in the blank file
  2. Verify the documents in Soujanya Counter :
    • There will be a Soujanya counter in the BESCOM office set up for public enquiries. Here, the person attending would generally be soft spoken. Soujanya means courtesy in Kannada. Verify your documents with the person, who would also guide you on subsequent steps - meeting JE and submitting to the person in charge attending change of name requests. 
    • Note : This verification is just to avoid obvious mistakes which would result in multiple trips to BESCOM office, wasting your time. Actual verification would be done by the official in charge of change of name requests.
  3. Get Field Report from JE :
    • With the required documents approach the JE of your BESCOM subdivision, who will check the documents and prepare the field report. He would require details of the installed BESCOM meter in your house like Make, Serial Number, Capacity, Present Reading. You can note down these details before hand and provide to him, as most of the times, for change transfer, there would be no inspection. Otherwise, you can take a photo of the meter to identify the details of the meter. But if he insists on inspection, it would be done by the line man.
    • Verification by the BESCOM lineman : JE may ask BESCOM lineman to visit the premises and note the required details.
    • Once the details are recorded in the sheet(2nd page of application), JE would sign with his official seal. Attach this to the file already containing other documents.
  4. Verification by BESCOM official :
    • Ask the person in Soujanya counter, which BESCOM official would handle the change of name request. He would check the documents and if found proper, would generate the service request for the application.
    • Once the service request id(SR) is generated, the BESCOM official would instruct you to pay the transfer fees, which would be around Rs.100
  5. Pay the fees for change of name : 
    • Pay the fees in the cash counter and get the receipt. Attach the receipt to the file. 
    • Note : Payment of fees may take time if the queue is long. If BESCOM would allow the applicant to pay the fees for change of name online, it would reduce the waiting time.
  6. Submit the documents : 
    • Once you pay the fees for transfer, you are almost done. Submit the file to the BESCOM official who had generated service request id for your request and you are done!
  7. Track your application in BESCOM website : 
    • You can track your request status in BESCOM bill payment site. You need to create a user id for this. 
    • Usually the official would say it would take 10 days to finish the transfer process. But it would be much faster and change of name would reflect in the next month billing cycle.
Important Notes :
  • You don't have to pay any bribe to change the name in your BESCOM bill.
  • It takes a bit of patience and diligence to get the thing done. So, don't give up. Don't approach any agent. JE and BESCOM official may not be in his seat all the time. So, you may have to wait and but do not loose patience!
  • If it is a Saturday, you should submit the documents to BESCOM official, handling change of name requests before 1 pm. 
  • To give you an idea of what the agents would charge for change in name, here is my experience. I got contact details of a person on the net, who would do the process. He quoted Rs.4500. It is understandable that agents would be charging for their service. But Rs.4000 for the service with documents costing around Rs.500 with a day's effort is too much. 
  • I could do the transfer with following expenses.
    • Purchase of Bond and Agreement : Rs. 400/-
    • Transfer fees : Rs.100/- 
    • Time Spent : Around 5 hours
    • Fuel expenses : Negligible 
  • So, I believe it is worth the effort saving Rs.4000/- which would be handy in paying BESCOM bills for the next four months!


  1. So, there are still services which don't require bribe to get it done!! Thanks for sharing it...

    As you mentioned, patience & diligence is the key... We all are in such hurry that we don't even want to get to the details of what it takes to get the service done...

    1. I have submitted all the details and file by paying 100 Rs at S8 subdivision Hosa gate they said that 10 days it will take. But it is 20 days over still not yet name change done. 3 times i went there one day Due to minister death they left office at 2:30 pm on 4th. one day he(officer) is on leave that is after 15 days not yet done. Hence I sent mail helpdesk of bescom.

    2. Sad to know that BK! Did you receive any reply from BESCOM?

  2. Sir,if it is two meters it require to give two application separetly...

    1. Yes, you need to Submit two applications separately

    2. What about NOC. Also submit 2 copies or what

    3. If there are two meters, NOCs for both (2 NOCs) are required.

  3. Ee Prapancha -- thanks for the information, very helpful,
    just a question regarding
    Power Supply Agreement -- if we have two meters, will Power Supply Agreement also be two?

    1. Yes Krishna! You need to have two Power Supply Agreements!

      All the documents mentioned above should be presented for each BESCOM meter.

  4. thank you..wish i had read it before.. i am paying 2500 for the name change and bugger is asking for another 1000 for getting the NOC from builder..

  5. Is this process same for online name change application as well? Why do we need to submit an NoC from previous owner when we have the sale deed with us. I am unable to understand the logic here. I think that step should be removed from the process.

    1. Hi Jeo, I am not sure about the online name change process of BESCOM. But as you felt, I also felt the same about NOC - NOC requirement should be removed. But BESCOM's logic is that Additional Security Deposit(ASD) would be in previous owner's name. To transfer that one would need NOC from previous owner.

  6. Hi,
    Is Khata/OC is mandatory for name transfer, my builder still didn't received OC and individual khata
    Please suggest

    1. YES, Khata is mandatory for BESCOM name transfer and not Occupation Certificate(assuming that is what you meant by OC). So, I would suggest you to wait till Khata is transferred to your name.

  7. How many days bescom takes for name transfer. I have submitted my application on 26th dec and paid 100rs fees as well. Still portal is showing previous owner name. I don't have sr id no. Do i need to visit bescom office again or shall i wait for few more days. Pls suggest. Thanks.

    1. It usually reflects in next billing cycle. I would suggest to wait for a few days.

  8. Hi Raveesh Kumar. Thanks for the informative write-up. I already got the name change done in the BESCOM electricity bill. This was done by the estate agent and the brokerage for the deal of flat was including this BESCOM transfer. Now, I would like to get my wife's name added in the electricity bill for the purpose of address proof for AADHAR card. Can you guide how to get this done? As the flat is in my name (single owner), the present bill is in my name only. Thanks & Regards, Manoj

    1. Hi Manoj,

      I believe unless the person is the owner of the property, name change cannot be done in BESCOM bill.

  9. Hi Raveesh you have provided a nice information, one query if the previous owner is expired like grandfather or so then whats need to be submitted.

    1. You Have to pay the new deposits then there will no matter of NOC

  10. Yes sir u can add ur wife name to ur BESCOM Bill But her name should Be mention on ur Seal Deed . If His name as Be in Seal Deed you can visit ur BESCOM Sub Division with requesting letter .

  11. Hi Raveesh,

    Thanks for the detailed write-up. Would like to check, if you can share the filled samples of Indemnity Bond and Power Supply Agreement. Also, if I understand correctly JE signs only the 2nd page of application where he filled the information based on the installed meter. Is it mandatory to notarised the documents like sales deed etc.

    1. Hi Vishal, I dont have the filled samples of indemnity bond and power supply agreement now. It will be usually available in some Xerox shop near BESCOM office or in Karnataka State Licensed Electrical Contractors Association office nearby. Yes, JE signs the document based on information from installed meter. Which page, I am not sure.
      No need to get notarize the sale deed and other documents. Just the photocopy is enough. If you have taken home loan, get originals verified letter from bank. BESCOM office puts the list of documents required for transfer in their reception.

  12. hi Raveesh,
    Thanks for the information, this is really helpful.
    I have bought a resale flat and have still to transfer khata under my name.
    Will the khata certificate under the previous owner do as I guess sale deed should be enough.


    1. Gautham,

      I believe you need to get the Khata transferred to your name, to proceed with name change in BESCOM bill. Also, do get your name in property tax paid receipt. This is not done during Khata transfer which is manual entry in the registry. For Property Tax paid receipt your name needs to be entered in the Database. Though it is logical to get it reflected in Tax paid receipt, after Khata transfer, there is no coherent process in this regard.

  13. Hi Raveesh,
    Thanks for sharing the info. 1 Question: My sub-division is also S11. Do I have to go to Bellandur first for JE signature OR I can get JE signature in HSR office itself?


    1. In my opinion, you should approach the BESCOM office of your area.

  14. I want to change mobile number what needs to do

  15. You have to visit Ur Besom sub divison

  16. Dear Sir ,
    We have 6 meters in my house in that we have correct House No 17 but in rest all meters its say No 12 . we have given compliment and given all details but no use .. what do next because we face problem in give id proof and address proof

    1. Please check with BESCOM officials of your area regarding the same.

  17. 5 meters are there in my building i need to submit 5 NOC copies to BESCOM please confirm this query.

  18. Yes you need to submit 5 NOC copies to BESCOM



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