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Ee Dane Mulu, Yeregavuye Kirikiri?

Modest Tulu film industry is coming of age. Though the Tulu cinema has a history of 45 years with 60 films, close to 30 films got released in the last 5-6 years! Major boost to this boom was the success of the movie Oriyardori Asal in 2011, which was based on the popular Tulu comedy drama of the 90's of the same name. Previously any Tulu movie released in Mangalore region, used to be screened in Bangalore too, which has a sizeable Tulu population. Nowadays, a Tulu film is released only in Dakshina Kannada, Udupi and Kasaragod districts and sometimes in the United Arab Emirates to cater the immigrant population - makers clearly noting the profitable markets!

Success of many Tulu films in the last few years has brought mannerisms and dialogues in the Tulu movies into popular culture. One popular dialogue which is doing rounds these days in Whatsapp and Facebook groups is Ee Dane Mulu? (Why are you here?) Yeregavuye Kirikiri? (Who would want that nuisance/trouble?)
Origin of Ee Dane Mulu,  Yeregavuye Kirikiri : This dialogue is from the hit movie, Ekka Saka released in 2015. It is a conversation between two comedians - Naveen D Padil and Satish Bandale in the movie.

Naveen D Padil is a popular comedian in Tulu dramas, who rose to fame from comedy dramas - Aatada Ulayi Aata(as Banta Kori) and Oriyardori Asal(as Bhajane Master Basappanna). His popularity has continued with Tulu films off late.

Satish Bandale is a theatre artist too, who has acted in movies - Rang(2014) and Rickshaw Driver(2013). His lean frame is tailor made for a comedian. Though he evokes laughter by his mere presence onscreen, his facial expressions add essence to his craft! One more name which comes to my mind with similar traits is Bhojaraj Vamanjoor! 

The Conversation : In the movie, Satish Bandale, as a hawker, tries to sell Ayurvedic medicines to Naveen D Padil, who is already worried. Padil chases Bandale away telling he does not need anything. In the subsequent scenes, Sathish appears in different roles as a seller of tender coconuts, a waiter in a coffee shop, a farmer, a timekeeper in school, an auto driver,  a waiter in a bar and as a street food vendor - indicating his switch between different jobs. Every time, the conversion between the two would follow the below pattern.

Naveen : Ee Dane Mulu (Why are you here?)
Satish : Yaan Mule (I am here only!)
Naveen : Buka Avu (Then what about that?)
Satish : Avu Budiye (I left that) 
               Yeregavuye Kirikiri(Who would want that nuisance/trouble). 
               Undu Ragale Ijji (This is not a problem! [This job is very easy])

Then Satish would go on explaining how easy and good the job is! When Satish is shown as a street food vendor, he is shown with his dominating wife! In the last comedy scene involving the duo in the film, Satish is shown with his second wife! Now, Satish asks Naveen to ask her name. When Naveen asks her name, it is revealed that she is dumb! So, at the end to avoid all troubles Satish leaves his wife too - which makes the audience burst into ultimate laughter!

In Popular Culture : Smartphones of Tulu speaking people are now filled with messages from modified versions and memes of this dialogue from the movie Ekka Saka. Memes have involved politicians, movie stars and even cricketers! 
  • When Indian cricket team lost the ODI series to Australia, a meme came up with Indian cricketers saying : 50 overs yeregavuye, T20 ragale ijji (who would want nuisance of 50 overs, T20 is not a problem!)
  • When the helmet rule was imposed in Karnataka for pillion riders too, a meme depicted a bus conductor asking a passenger Eer Dane Mulu. For which, the passenger replies - yeregavuye a helmetda kirikiri(who wants that trouble with helmets). undu  ragale ijji (this is not a problem! [This job is very easy]), kullunu jeppunu(Just sit and sleep).
  • Recently, when Freedom251 smartphone was up for sale online, following joke was doing rounds. You can buy almost 365 phones for the cost of iPhone 6 plus! Each for a day of the year. Yeregavuye kirikiri, Undu ragale ijji... Call Malpuni... Dakkuni... (Who would want the trouble, This is not a problem[This job is very easy] Make a call and throw it off(Freedom251 smartphone))

Video of Ee Dane Mulu, Yeregavuye Kirikiri : You can watch the compiled scenes involving conversations between Naveen D Padil and Sathish Bandale below :

Reference: - Yeer Dane Mulu



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