Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Bring Home Mungaaru Male

If you are an ardent fan of Kannada blockbuster, Mungaaru Male, here is some great news for you. Mungaaru Male, released at the end of the year 2006, is now available as VCDs/DVDs on Anand Video. VCD is priced at Rs.49/-. This is good development since most of the Kannada hit films are never made into VCDs, which indirectly encourages pirated VCDs of the movie. I got the Mungaaru Male VCD today, when are you getting it? This blog post was mentioned in


  1. sure . from where u got ur copy.
    from when it is available ?

  2. I bought it from Sapna Book House. But it should be available in any music store near you in Bangalore. I had seen the ads of this VCD put up in many music stores.

  3. You might be surprised to hear this. Actually you should not be.
    I bought my copy of mungaaru maLe in Kasargod. I was surprised to find it in Kerala. But then I realised that Kasargod was once part of Mysore state. Also they are planning to re-build the KSRTC(Kerala State Road Transport Corporation) bus stand in Kasargod. Guess what is its name.
    it is named KSRTC TuLunadu shopping complex. Will post a post a pick soon and paste the link here :)

  4. Hi Kim,

    Thanks for the info.

    Mungaaru Male in Kasaragod - Thats a great news. Actually, there used to be few theatres in Kasaragod (Geetha talkies if I remember correctly is one of them) which used to screen Kannada movies. Nowadays only after they become blockbuster they arrive in Kasaragod.

    And the KSRTC bus stand being named as Tulunadu shopping complex is good populist move from Kerala Government.



    But sadly Google maps mentions it as Karnataka SRTC. It is actually Kerala SRTC.

  6. Hey..i am a malayalee in karnataka and heard a lot abt this wonderful film...i wanna buy its vcd...but i dont know kannada...will the cd have english subtitles??

  7. Hi Kiran

    I have a VCD of Mungaaru Male. That does not contain English subtitles. You can check with DVD version of the movie for the same.



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