Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pleasant Drive in NH48 Will Be A Reality!

Forget those nightmare journeys travelling via Charmadi Ghat to reach Mangalore/Bangalore. Come June 1, you will be in for a pleasant drive in Shiradi Ghat in NH 48. According to Mr.Sudhir Krishna, Principal secretary, Department of Public Work, the newly laid Shiradi Ghat stretch will be ready by June 1. Finally some relief for the people commuting between Bangalore and Mangalore.

Bus breakdowns, traffic jams in Charmadi Ghat was a common sight when most of the traffic was diverted from Shiradi Ghat. One was always expected to have a lot of time at his disposal, if he is travelling by this route as there was no fixed time to reach the destination. Sampaje ghat route via Madikeri, used by KSRTC volvo service and Kerala state buses(travelling to Kasaragod) was no better. People travelling to Kundapur used to avoid Charmadi ghat route by catching the train to Shivamogga from Bangalore and taking bus route from there. Shiradi Ghat, NH48Well, Mangaloreans did not have this work around to avoid the unpleasant Charmadi Ghat travel. But with the introduction of Mangalore Bangalore train, there might have been some relief if one had booked the train tickets in advance! I have travelled both via nightmarish Charmadi and Sampaje ghat routes and yet to experiment with newly introduced train route! Twice I had to catch the another bus after the bus broke down in Charmadi Ghat and dont ask me the number of over time journeys to Mangalore solely because of the traffic jams in the ghat section because of the slow moving and overloaded trucks.

It may be however remembered that light vehicular movement was allowed some time back in Shiradi ghat and the taxis, tempo owners made quick bucks by alluring travellers with the assurance of 6 hour journey to reach Bangalore. Yesterday, one of my relatives who had come in his vehicle was very happy about the repair work with all those smoothening of curves and widening of the roads in the ghat stretch.

Overloaded trucks and tankers were the prime reasons for this National Highway's pathetic condition. It was not only the ghat section which got damaged but the BC Road to Mangalore stretch was also in the same condition. It is nice to know that the NH48 will be soon converted to four lane with Centre's approval. Atleast now, there should be vigil on overloaded trucks, tankers moving in Shiradi Ghat route, voilating the loading norms and in turn, damaging the roads.



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