Friday, May 23, 2008

Accident - Film Review

Sandeep was back from Paris and was keen on watching Accident, a Kannada flick by Ramesh Aravind as it had received rave reviews from the critics. Sensing we would not get tickets in Triveni on weekends, he had opted for PVR, the only other option left to watch it. Unable to book tickets for the PVR show online, he had bought the tickets from the counter the day before, Friday, May 16. Initial plan was to watch the movie me giving company to Sandeep and vice versa. Later, Deviprasad and Pavan joined in. So we were four of us for the afternoon show. Well, PVR afternoon show begins somewhat at odd timings, like in our case at 1 40 PM. Ok, enough, now the movie talk begins.

Suspense thrillers have been a rarity in recent times in Kannada film industry. But here comes the exception, Ramesh Aravid directed 'Accident'. Ramesh has already earned a name for himself with his directorial ventures like Rama Bhama Shama and Satyavan Savithri though latter did not find much success as the former. Well, in this he explores his detective side both as an actor and a director. Sawanth(Ramesh) is working as RJ in Radio Mirchi! He is heart-broken when he comes to know that his wife died under mysterious circumstances, which in fact is depicted as accident. He seeks the help of police for solving the mystery. But as any film would have it, they are against him and eliminate any evidence on his way. Not only the law protectors but a whole network is behind him, Sawanth soon realizes. Ramesh does a Sherlock Holmes in solving the mystery. Accident Kannada film posterFilm as a whole is refreshing and full credits to Ramesh for choosing a good cast and crew for the film. Cinematography by G S Bhaskar is simply awesome and at times you enjoy the cinematographic aspect more than the scene intself! List of films Bhaskar worked tells a lot about his skill - 'Tabarana Kathe', 'Ondanondu Kaladalli', 'Tabbaliyu Neenaade Magane', 'Bannada Vesha', 'Nagamandala', 'Hoomale'. Well, he also worked as an associate in Academy award winner, Richard Attenborough directed 'Gandhi'. Yes, climax would have been done better avoiding all those shoot outs among bad men to kill themselves. But Ramesh, the director keeps the audience guessing till the end as to who the ultimate villain was.

Songs are good too, especially Baa Maleye Baa... Astu Birusaagi Baaradiru Nanna Nalle Baralaagadanthe, Avalilli Bandodane Bidade Birusaagi Suri... Hinthiruge Hogadanthe(Dont rain so heavily so that my lover is unable to come here. But once she is here, rain so heavily that she is unable to return back) and Ellinda Banthu Ee Thangali Hele Nanna Sakhi(From where this breeze has come, O my friend). Lyrics for Baa Maleye Baa is the poem written by well known Kannada poet B R Lakshman Rao. Is it a sign of literature and films coming close in Kannada?. But the other songs seemed like they had been stuffed as suspense films like this do not need an overdose of songs.

Techie aspect of the film need a mention too. Well, filmmakers finally have realized the need to show technogical advances in day to day life in their film too. Like here, USB stick becomes the sole evidence for Sawanth to prove his case. Use of laptops and applications like Windows Media Player would have made a film going techie proud!



  1. Ramesh doing as Sherlock Holmes .. lol :)

    movie was nice but 2-3 songs were not necessary.

    good to see that movie was technically correct from many perspective. The director displayed the use appropriate gadgets. Unlike some old movies like Aapthamitra where the protagonist reads an e-mail in a MS-word document !!

  2. Yes that is right, filmmakers take audience for granted while depicting technical aspects. I had once seen some important info, of course large chunk of data, being loaded in floppy in a hollywood movie.:) Apthamithra does the similar mistake. But to give some benefit of doubt to the director(though he may never thought that), it may be that Ramesh is reading an attachment in e-mai using MS word, LoL. How is that ? :)

  3. surprised to see simple words like accident are not yet taken by anyone and was available as movie title...

    Instead of USB he could have used the idea of blogs-his wife writes a blog post saying she is in trouble... that would have been latest...

  4. Btb I have a story on blogs-anyone want to make a movie out of it?

  5. Hi Nidhi,

    Actually, Accident - this title has been used by Shankar Nag and Ananth Nag starrer in 1985, which is acclaimed as one of the best movies made in Kannada.

    Using blogs by the victim, that is pretty good idea. And the story on blogs should be interesting. Do you plan to publish it in your blog or present it only to the producer? :D

  6. Nice review Raveesh.
    Very good movie with nice picturization and performances.



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