Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Satya Harishchandra in Colour

Yugadi wishes to all.

This post is a translated version my earlier post in Kannada about the film Satya Harishchandra being released in colour version.

To all the Kannada movie buffs, there is something to cheer about. On April 24, 2008, much awaited colour version of Kannada classic ‘Satya Harishchandra’ starring Kannada matinee idol Dr.Rajkumar is going to be released. Incidentally, April 24 is the birth day of the veteran actor Dr.Raj.

This one is for the records too – for the first time in the history of South Indian cinema, a black and white movie is being colorized. It may be noted here that ‘Mughal-e-Azam’, a Hindi classic was the first Indian film to be enriched in colour. Kudos to Mr.KCN Gowda who has put in efforts to bring this phenomenon of colourizing old classics in Kannada too. KCN Gowda has produced numerous films starring Dr.Raj – ‘Bangarada Manushya’, ‘Babruvaahana’, ‘Huliya Haalina Mevu’, ‘Kasturi Nivasa’, ‘Daari Thappida Maga’, to name a few.Sathya Harishchandra Kannada film ad in Udayavani1965 classic, ‘Satya Harishchandra’ set new standards in Kannada film industry. Almost every time this film got released in Bangalore, it went on to run for over 100 days. Film cast was impressive with some of the finest actors in the industry giving their exemplary performances. The roles which are still remembered by the fans are – King of Ayodhya, Harishchandra (Dr.Rajkumar), Maharshi Vishwamitra (Uday Kumar), Nakshatrika(Narasimharaaju), Veerabaahu( MP Shankar). Well, songs of the film were also popular. Undoubtedly film’s evergreen song is – ‘Kuladalli keelyaavudo huchchappa, matadalli melyaavudo, Huttu saayuva aalu, manushya manushyana madhye melyaavudu keelyaavudo’. Such is the impact of this song that it is the last song sung in every Kannada archestra organized in Bangalore. The song has some wonderful lyrics and upholds the spirit of humanity.

Well, this success story has only accelerated the process of colourizing the other black and white ones. Colourizing of film - ‘Maya Bazaar’ is in process. This seems like a good development in the film industry. Also, to present the old classics to the new generation it is one of the ways out. What say?


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  1. thanks for the sharing news ...
    coloring of old b/w classics is a good initiative.

  2. Hi Raveesh,
    Reached here in my hunt for more information on the 2 Harishchandra movies produced in Kannada. Would you know of any details about the the first production in 1943,directed by Nagendra Rao. Would also appreciate if you could direct me in where I could buy a legal copy of the film.. Thanks so much..Ebenezer.

  3. Hi Ebenezer,

    Good to know your interest. Regarding the details you asked
    1.I don't have any details about the first production in 1943
    2.You can buy the VCD of the 1965 film from Sapna Book House, Gandhinagar, Bangalore or any popular VCD/DVD store in Bangalore. You can also order the VCD online from kannadastore.com - http://www.kannadastore.com/kannada-video-cd-satya-harishchandra-1965-video-cd-color-p-2763.html

  4. Hi Raveesh,
    Thanks so much for that prompt reply.I do have the DVD of the 1965 version by Annavaru and intend to pickup the colored and digitally enhanced version of the same very soon.The 1943 version is said to be the best among all the versions of the story produced in Hindi,Kannada,Malayalam,Tamil,Telugu and Oriya. Most of the scenes in the latter productions are scene-by-scene copies of this wonderful little production in 1943! If you come across anything (and I'm sure you will :) ), would appreciate if you could share through your blog. Thanks so much, Ebenezer.

  5. Hi Ebenezer,

    I will definitely update in my blog about 1943 release if I get the info on the same.



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